My Wife's Best Friend Ch. 02

My Wife's Best Friend Ch. 02

By this time, we had been together quite a while. Pete and Donna had had a baby who was now about 18 months old. We had a child as well... he was about a year old, so both mums had a lot in common.

Donna and the toddler had come up to visit us for a week or so, leaving Pete at their house, with strict instructions to complete a long list of DIY tasks - or else.

Our home was a chalet bungalow, which we were renting in the Herefordshire countryside. It had a nice room upstairs, immediately above our bedroom. So we made up a bed for Donna up there, and put a second cot for her kid in the spare room downstairs, so the two children could sleep together. The house was a cheaply-built '70's construction, so the floors and walls were paper thin - meaning there wasn't a great deal of real privacy.

The thing was, I'd always quite enjoyed teasing Donna. It had always been pretty obvious that Pete was unable or unwilling to really satisfy her highly-sexed womanly needs. She would constantly complain and say things like, 'I've tried dressing up in stockings and suspenders and everything, but nothing works!' 

Conversely, I had acquired something of a reputation for being 'Good in Bed'. There was a time at the nurses' home - I was staying overnight with Laura and was at the sink, cleaning my teeth, wearing nothing more than a pair of skimpy black briefs. If I do say so myself, I was in pretty good shape - years of hard manual work had given me a good physique, well defined muscles and a trim waist. 

Donna came barging in through the door on some pretext, but stopped dead in her tracks, eyeing me up and down. Laura and I had just been fooling around a bit, so I was still sporting a semi hard-on and was packing quite an impressive bulge in those briefs. If Laura hadn't been there, I'm sure Donna would have gone for it, right there and then.

When Donna was staying with us, Laura coincidentally had one of her hormonal horny nights. I was fucking her hard, first missionary, then doggy, on our double bed, right below where Donna was 'sleeping'. Laura could be quite vocal when we were having sex like this and I knew perfectly well that Donna would be able to hear all the passionate noises and groans. I made no effort to be quieter - smiling inwardly, the exhibitionist in me knew that our amorous activities would undoubtedly be turning her on. 'Guess what, I'm getting laid and you're not!' 

A moment later, we could clearly hear a buzzing noise from upstairs... we both realised, Donna was pleasuring herself with a vibrator! I was astonished when Laura came out with, 'D'you know, it would really turn me on to watch you making love to another woman? I'd love to watch your cock sliding in and out of someone else.' 

Gulp. How do you answer that? I gave a rather non-committal reply... 'You do realise that's every bloke's favourite sex fantasy? To have another woman in bed with them and their wife?'

Next, she is saying, 'Do you want me to go up and invite her down here, then?' She gave me a nudge and a sexy grin. 'She's obviously really frustrated.' That was one of those really difficult situations, where you don't know if she actually means it, whether it's some kind of fidelity test, or whether it's just sexy pillow talk. The thought of fucking a frustrated, horny bitch like Donna, while my wife watched, was incredibly erotic. I desperately wanted to say, 'Yes please! Go fetch her and I'll fuck her brains out while you watch! (and hopefully, you join in!)'

But I figured it was just some kind of sexy game, to get me going, and I replied with something really lame, like 'It's a very erotic idea, but we would all have to face each other in the morning. Could be a bit difficult in the cold light of day' and we left it at that, with Donna still buzzing away upstairs. I spent half the rest of the night, kicking myself for turning down what might have been a bloody good opportunity to have some really raunchy fun, and spent most of the next day feeling quite moody. 

That night, Laura was back at work on a night shift, so we had an early meal in the evening. The three of us were just chatting about various things while we ate, when Donna, in her inimitable way, out of the blue came out with: 'I much prefer anal sex to vaginal.' This was typical of Donna... just say it like it is. We were both taken aback, and a bit lost for words, but I gulped and managed a rather lame 'Why's that?', secretly hoping to get a bit more detail. She then went on to explain that 'It feels so much more intense; there's much more feeling!' Pete had apparently 'only got a little one' and 'it didn't really fill her up or satisfy her'. 

Laura and I had only tried anal on a couple of occasions - both entirely at my insistence. I really wanted to fuck her cute little arse, but even after a few drinks, she only ever let me pop the head in for a few moments, before complaining that it hurt, and telling me to take it out. So it definitely wasn't on her sex menu.

Slightly embarrassed, we managed to change the subject by clearing the plates and taking things out to the kitchen. Laura busied herself with getting ready for work and Donna went to settle the kids down for the night. I washed up and tidied the kitchen, by which time, Laura was getting her coat on, ready to go out. 

With the prospect of another pretty boring evening, watching dull TV, I gave her the usual kiss and 'have a good night' routine, at which point, she leaned close and whispered in my ear, 'You can fuck Donna if you like.' It was one of those rare occasions when I was totally lost for words, wondering if I'd heard right. I was still standing there rigidly dumbfounded when her car went off down the road.

My mind was scrambled as I tried to reconcile this in my head... Did she actually say what I thought she'd said? Was I hearing things? Did she mean it? Was it just a 'test', with Donna primed to report back about any advances on my part? Apart from anything else, would Donna actually be up for it? I didn't know what to think, but I could feel my pulse racing.

I was still caught in this dilemma when Donna called out to me and said, 'Is it ok if I have a bath?' 

I snapped out of my trance and replied, 'Yes, of course, there's plenty of hot water, go ahead.' 

Now, sometime ago I had noticed, when I was sorting some stuff in the loft, that there was a gap in the bathroom ceiling, just where the coving met the ceiling. It was almost invisible from below, but from a vantage point in the loft, I had discovered that it was possible to see the whole of the bath and the toilet area - something that came in very useful when we had a beautiful 19-year old German au pair staying - but sorry, that's another story.

While the water was running, I crept upstairs and positioned myself in the loft, then kept very still. Before long, I saw Donna enter the bathroom and close the sliding door. She stripped off, then sat on the toilet, obviously having a pee before her bath. I had only ever seen her boobs once before, when she was breast-feeding; now was my chance to have a proper look. 

It did occur to me, that my perving behaviour was probably unnecessary, because if I'd asked her straight out, she would probably have just stripped off for me. But peeking through the crack in the ceiling gave an added voyeuristic thrill - the stolen glimpse of someone naked, knowing they can't see you looking at them.

Her tits were still quite large with pronounced deep brown areolae round her rubbery nipples. She bent over the bath, to stir the water and check the temperature and in the process, gave me a lovely view of the curve of her bottom. As she lowered herself into the bath, I could see the triangle of curly pubic hair round her pussy. I watched with interest and got quite aroused as she washed her body all over. She seemed to be paying particular attention to her breasts and pussy, and I was hoping she might continue on to masturbating properly and give me a proper show.

But she then sat up and started to wash her hair. I reckoned I'd seen the best part, so decided to creep out of the loft while the coast was clear. Heading to the bedroom, I undressed and changed into my dressing gown, to be comfortable for the evening. Then I went back to the lounge, when suddenly there was a cry from the bathroom: 'Ow ow ow! Help!' 

I opened the sliding door a little and asked what was wrong. She was kneeling in the bath, still completely naked, with her eyes screwed up. 'Got bloody shampoo in me eyes, haven't I!' she moaned. I went and fetched a plastic jug from the kitchen and filled it with warm water from the sink. I gently poured it over her eyes to try and wash the shampoo away, but naturally took every opportunity to look her body up and down, while her eyes were shut. 

Not bad, I thought... she had recovered from her pregnancy well and now had quite a trim tummy... thighs looking pretty shapely, her boobs looking as though they were still swollen with milk and slightly veiny, not surprising as she was still feeding her child. I got a second jug of water and rinsed her eyes again. 'Is that better?' I asked, placing a hand on her shoulder. Her skin felt nice and soft. 

She blinked a couple of times, then looked up. 'Oh, yes, thanks darlin'.' Giving my hand a squeeze, she said, grinning, 'You can give me back a scrub if you like.' Which is, as anyone knows, a euphemism for 'You can feel me all over then fuck me.'

Taking the bar of soap, I started to sensuously rub it all over her shoulders and neck, making sure that my fingertips delivered pressure in just the right areas to have the effect I wanted. She was soon relaxing and sighing with pleasure. 

'Tell me something,' I said. 'Did Laura have a little chat with you before she went to work?'

She grinned and said, 'Uh-huh. We've talked a lot about it. Fact is, I'm so horny all the time. I want sex - lots of it. But Pete doesn't do it for me, he doesn't seem interested. I don't want to be 'made love to', I need to be fucked, hard and regularly. 

'I think I scare him to be honest. I'm always frustrated, because I need a real man! Laura has even admitted that we're both with the wrong partner. She said she and Pete should sit on the sofa holding hands and us two should be fucking like rabbits!' 

She looked a bit glum when she was saying all this, because we both realised, that although we both loved - and had had a child with - our respective partners, you can't make someone behave in a way they're not biologically made to. Sexual incompatibility doesn't make for a happy relationship.

She went on, 'Laura told me that it would really turn her on to watch you making love to another woman. She'd hate you to go off and cheat behind her back but said it would be alright with her if we were to have a scene together. In fact, she said it would be a real turn-on.'

I could feel my cock reacting to this sexy conversation and could feel my heart thudding in my chest. I hadn't had any decent sex for several weeks, so my equipment was definitely locked and loaded. But thoughts were racing through my mind... is this some kind of honey pot trap? Was she suddenly going to announce that I'd been busted as a filthy, cheating husband and was going to tell Laura that my dick was ruling my head and that I couldn't be trusted?

But by this time, my higher brain functions were being controlled from much lower down my body. There was no way I could snap out of this and reject her, then retreat from the bathroom. In that moment, I made my decision. Or, should I say, my cock made the decision for me.

'So is that what you'd like?' I asked, in my best, seductive voice.

'You must know I've always fancied you, you daft sod'. 

I slid my soapy hands over her shoulders and headed them down her front, encircling her breasts, rolling the nipples between my thumbs and fingers. Her slight moan was enough to tell me she was enjoying this. Squeezing behind the nipple, I saw a tiny jet of milk squirt out of her teat. 

'Does that feel good?' I asked. 

'Oh yeah, do it harder,' she sighed. I pinched her nipples quite hard and was rewarded by seeing a fan jet of white milk spray out of both of her teats. 

'Oh my god, that's so sexy,' I told her. 

I scooped a handful of bathwater and rinsed her boobs, then leaned forward and took her nearest nipple into my mouth. Swirling the nipple in my mouth and running my tongue over and around it, Donna laid back and was squirming with pleasure. Then I started a pulsing, sucking motion - and before long, I could feel jets of warm milk hitting the back of my mouth. 

'Ohh, that goes right down to my pussy,' she said. 'My nips are so sensitive.'

This was my cue to explore further. Dropping my left hand onto her knee, I drifted it up the inside of her thigh until I felt my fingers brush her pubic curls. I felt her thighs part slightly, as if inviting me to go on. My fingers soon found the cleft between her lips and slid inside, to be greeted by a slick wetness, quite unlike the bath water. Even though she was in the bath, her pussy was wet with her juice! My forefinger slid in easily, allowing my thumb to rub on her swollen clit. 

My right hand was still massaging her left breast, squeezing and pinching the nipple. This woman was now putty in my hands, writhing and moaning quietly. My swollen cock was now sticking out obscenely from the gap in my dressing gown and I could feel precum starting to ooze from the tip.

'I think we need to get you out of there,' I suggested. I handed her a towel as she climbed out, which she used to wrap round her hair, leaving the rest of her body naked. I took the opportunity to grasp her buttocks and pull her pussy to my face... she instinctively leaned back, to angle her pussy towards me.

My pointed tongue traced up and down her puffy pussy lips, slid between them and found her big, swollen clit, poking out from its little hood. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed me in harder. 

'Lick me harder. Lick my cunt. I need it bad! Suck my clit!' she urged me.

I eased her back, so she could support herself on the sink and bend her legs a bit more to give me better access. I used both of my thumbs to pull her lips apart and expose the beautifully smooth, soft, wet flesh in between. 

I was alternating between sucking on her clit, which was now the size of a prawn, and driving my tongue deep inside her pussy, to draw out the flow of fresh, creamy juice. With two fingers inside her and a final, rapidly vibrating left and right movement of my tongue on her clit, she went over the edge into an orgasm, which left her trembling and weak-kneed. 

'Oh my god,' she said, when she got her breath back a bit. 'That was so good, I haven't had anything like that in ages.'

I got another towel and started to dry off her body, making sure I used the opportunity to explore her whole body in the process. Then she dropped down to her knees and took hold of my swollen cock, smearing the precum down its length, using her fist in a firm wanking motion. Then she brought her lips to the tip and ran her tongue round the head, then suddenly plunged the entire length in her warm, wet mouth. It felt as though it was going right down her throat and she started making those wonderful, guttural gagging noises as she plunged it as deep as it would go. 

Then pursing her lips, she applied the most amazing suction as she withdrew, producing the most sublime sensations. Then back down again... I grabbed the back of her head and started really fucking her face. Laura would never suck my cock like this - if she ever did, it would be a token lick and a little suck. She would never even contemplate letting me cum in her mouth.

Donna really knew what she was doing and was clearly loving it. Briefly pulling my cock out of her mouth, she said, 'Give it to me, cum in my mouth' and then continued deep throating me. As my cock went past the back of her tongue, it felt a lot like fucking a pussy, and my thrusts and her head movements were becoming more urgently rhythmic. I could feel my balls tightening and my spunk starting to rise. She grabbed my arse with both hands, urging me to fuck her face. 

Moments later, my cock was spasming and I fired jet after jet of thick spunk down her throat. I could feel her swallowing as she gulped it down. My legs were wobbling, and I was trembling all over. She finally drew my twitching cock out of her mouth and gently sucked the last few drips out of me. I was so sensitive, I had to reluctantly ask her to stop and gently eased her head away.

'Mmm, I love the taste of cum,' she murmured, licking her lips. 

'Oh my god, that was amazing,' I sighed. 'You are the first and only woman who's been able to make me cum, just by using her mouth!' I told her, quite truthfully. 

'Maybe I should give Laura some lessons! What do you think?' she said, giggling.

'Let's adjourn to the bedroom, shall we?' I suggested. 'Tonight, I'm going to fuck you absolutely senseless.'

She wrapped the other towel round her body, and we headed for the stairs. 'Wait a moment,' I said. Standing behind her, I ran my hand up between her legs and wormed my thumb into her wet pussy. 

'Now let's go upstairs' I said, pushing upwards. My thumb was gyrating inside her and my forefinger was rubbing against her clit, as she struggled up the 13 stairs, on the verge of cumming all the while. I slipped my thumb out, licked it clean and then left her in that worked-up state, so she could dry her hair, while I fetched us both a glass of wine. 

When I joined her again, I said, 'You know what I'd really like to do right now... if you are ok with it?' 

'What's that?' she said, eyes sparkling. 

'I'd love to shave your pussy, so you're completely smooth.' 

'Really? You serious? No-one's ever done that for me before; I've only ever trimmed it. That would be so sexy - as long as you're careful!' 

I told her, 'Not to worry, I'm not going to slice any bits off! I have a vested interest after all!' 

So, I went and fetched a bowl of warm water, razor, gel and a dry towel and took them all back upstairs, where Donna was lying on the bed, wearing just a robe. Over the next few minutes, I lathered and carefully shaved her whole pubic area, then thoroughly rinsed it all off with warm water and a flannel, before patting it dry with the towel. 

This operation gave me the opportunity to really look at her pussy properly. In the bathroom, I'd been in too much of a hurry to ram my tongue into her, to really check her out. But now all the hair was gone, I could see everything beautifully. Her pussy was fleshier than Laura's, the skin around her outer lips tinted a little darker. The outer lips were quite pronounced and puffed up, the inner lips projecting outside a little. 

Clearly still aroused, her clit was poking out, big and easy to find. To be able to finish the shaving around the lower end of her pussy and arse, I'd got her to put her knees on her chest and splay her legs wide apart. This afforded a totally unimpeded view of her bum hole. I was enthralled by what I saw... it was perfect! Tinted a light brown colour, the dark colour only extended to the opening itself - she had none of that 'anal shadow' on the surrounding skin, which is all too common. Her anus was perfectly formed and kept twitching and winking as I worked around it. I couldn't wait to stick my cock in it and see how it would feel.

'How's that?' I asked. She ran her fingers over her mound and down the sides of her pussy. 

'Oh, it's so smooth, I love it, it feels so sensual.' 

'I'd better just check with a tongue test!' I said, moving between her thighs. Holding her legs behind her knees, I pushed her legs up and apart, so she was completely exposed, then proceeded to give her another thorough licking, sucking on her flaps and running my tongue up and down its length, from the bridge between her pussy and arse, right up to the top of her clit, until she was gasping with pleasure again.,36277833.html

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