My Nieghbour Hot Bomb

My Nieghbour Hot Bomb


My Neighbourtravels quite frequently on business and leaves her wife home alone. I dont know if things just happen to break while dad is gone, or she waits until then to call me. Sometimes he will call me in advance to go fix something at their house, telling me how long he will be out of town. Is all this coincidental?

I arrived early Saturday morning. I had chores of my own to tend to, so I wanted to get an early start. It was about 90 degrees already at 8 am, so loose shorts and a tank top was my choice of attire.

The problem she was having was a leak around her garbage disposer. When I arrived and brought my tools in, she was dressed in shorts and a tank top as well. Her top was fairly snug around her tits, and I could not tell for sure if she was sporting a bra or not. We exchanged our usual kiss and hug hello and she offered me a drink before starting. I wasnt sure if I imagined it or not, but I could have sworn her kiss had a bit of passion in it, and did I feel her run her hand down my back and caress my ass?

She immediately began to empty the cabinet under the sink, making room for me to work. From where I was sitting, her ass was pointing straight at me, and her top was hanging down exposing the lower half of her tits to me. I knew for sure then that she wasnt wearing a bra. She wiggled back and forth, removing the items. Her ass was wrapped in a nice pair of light material shorts, being drawn tight by her position. She was on her hands and knees, doggie style and showing me everything I had always imagined seeing. Unless she had on a thong, there were no panties visible and soon I found that out as well.

My cock had began to swell watching her ass wiggle and looking at her exposed tits, almost to an uncomfortable state. It would be hard to conceal in my loose shorts, as I did not wear anything under them. She finished removing things and as she stood up, she hopped to her feet, legs parted shoulder width and she straightened her legs, hands still on the floor. Her top fell exposing her tits to me in clear view. She stood quickly, feigning embarrassment and turned to me. All done she exclaimed, as I saw her eyes linger on my crotch. My cock was about to bust through my shorts and I stalled before starting, to ease the swelling.

I crawled under the cabinet and lay on my back, examining the disposer to find the leak. I asked her to turn on the water and run the disposer. When she approached me, she straddled my legs about at my knees and leaned into the sink to turn it on. Well, turn it on she did and I am not only talking about the water. My cock again rose to the sight I was beholding and made a nice tent in my shorts. After spotting the leak, she turned things off and knelt down to look for her self. Her knees came into my armpits and she leaned into the cabinet to look. As she did, her tits pressed into my chest, only adding to my arousal. She moved her hips down so as to get a better look and her crotch pressed into my throbbing member. She looked down at me and smiled. I had better let you get to work, or nothing will get done, she said.

I reached for her and wrapped my hand behind her head and pulled her to me. We kissed as passionately as young teens full of lust. Our hands began roaming and exploring each others bodies. She pushed her self down, her head above my crotch and reached up inside each leg of my shorts and massaged my now rigid cock and swollen balls. She whispered in a seductive voice you dont know how long I have wanted this. Effortlessly, she pulled my shorts off and dove directly onto my cock, coating it with her saliva and working more and more into her mouth and tickling her throat. I caressed the back of her head as she sucked me with such passion. The excitement and immense pleasure had me close to orgasm in record time.

I told her I was close to cumming and that just added fuel to her fire. Her head bobbed up and down faster, squeezing my balls and occasionally touching a finger to my anus. Bucking my hips up into her, I braced myself for an explosion of cum into her hot mouth. I pulled her head down on me, feeling my cock at the back of her throat and released my spunk, stream after stream. Her gulping and slurping sounds told me that she did not want to lose a drop. MMMMMM, she moaned, very tasty, licking her lips.

I slid out from the cabinet and got up. I took her by the hand and led her to her bedroom. Wasting no time, I removed her clothes and began my oral assault on her now nude body. Sucking, licking, and twisting her firm tits. My free hand moved to her hot and swollen labia. Her juices from her cunt had oozed out and drenched her outer areas. Using the natural lubrication, I began to fuck her with my fingers, occasionally teasing her asshole. Her breathing was becoming heavy and her hips began to convulse. Sensing her sexual high, I took my mouth directly to her swollen clit and sucked her to orgasm. I could hardly keep my mouth on her as her hips were thrashing about violently.

My cock had regained its stiffness and I immediately went between her legs, pulling them up onto my shoulders and plunged deep into her. Again, her hips began to buck wildly, meeting my thrusts. Deeper and deeper I drove into her. She screamed out that she was cumming again and that made my desire to get her off rise further. Fucking her like there was no tomorrow, we both reached orgasm together. Our breathing coming in pants and as we came down from our high, we kissed passionately.

I did get the leak fixed, but not before getting another mind blowing blow job. We both spoke the silent words that our spouses shouldnt know.

As I was leaving, she told me that next week she might have a broken washing machine.

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