My Misspent College Days!!

My Misspent College Days!!

Another entirely fictional story. I hope you enjoy

I was at university when I first started giving blow jobs. It just sort of happened. I'd better tell you the whole story.

I was always good at most sports and particularly cricket. I had played for the school team and when I got to uni I was soon involved with my college team. At the time it was mainly made up of third years and MA students. I suppose the key point of the story is my confession that I had by that time developed a strange interest in mens' underwear and when I got the opportunity would hover around in the menswear department of department stores looking at the pictures on the packets and the loose briefs. I've no idea where this all came from but when I was with these older guys in the cricket changing rooms I found myself looking at them undressing and dressing. I couldn't help myself and found that my real fascination was to see who was wearing which kind of underwear. In those days most of them wore briefs and just a few had boxers. There were no boxer briefs around then. The boxers were of no interest to me but the different types of briefs, especially tight fitting ones, really got me going and I started getting hard the more I stared at the bulges inside them. I tried to stop telling myself it was ridiculous but it was really difficult not to keep glancing at them. I used to go back to my room and start wanking in my own briefs picturing some of the ones who really turned me on.

There were a couple of really good looking lads, I think they were doing post grad studies. They were always together and both wore the same sort of jockey briefs. They also used to tuck their shirts in their briefs, both in their ordinary clothes and in their cricket kit, sometimes showing a bit of waistband when they were out on the pitch. I had seen others do that too and always thought it looked quite good but I'd never tried it myself. One evening when I got back to my room, I took off my trousers and carefully tucked my shirt in my briefs. I was already semi-hard but that really set me off and I only had to tug on my cock for a few moments before I started to shoot great loads of cum.

After that I would always tuck my shirt in when I was playing cricket and couldn't help looking at the two lads, checking them out and wondering if they noticed me at all. They didn't seem to take any notice until one day after most of the others had gone I looked up to see one of them, his name was Dave, still standing there wearing just his shirt and briefs. He was looking at me and said that he had hung around because he thought I might like a longer look.

I am sure I must have gone very red but he carried on, taunting me and saying that they'd seen me looking and I was clearly an underwear slut! I must have stuttered and made some kind of apology because he said it was fine and I was very welcome to come over and touch his briefs if I wanted. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and I just stood there but he kept beckoning me over. I had never done anything like that before but something made me go over and he took my hand and placed it on his waistband and then pushed it down on to his bulge. The nearer I got to his cock the more his bulge grew till he said: 'Go on, rub it, you know you want to.'

So of course I did and it felt so good. He kept encouraging me to rub harder and then told me to bend over and put my mouth on the outline of his cock. I ran my tongue up and down. This went on for a while and then he said 'Go on, suck it, you little slut.'

And in no time I was bending over this gorgeous guy in the changing rooms sucking his cock through the fabric of his briefs. Suddenly he stopped me and lifted me up. He told me that was enough for today but be ready for more action on Friday after the match. He finished up by telling me to go home and have a good wank, calling me a dirty little pervert. After that he quickly dressed and left the room leaving me bemused but also incredibly hard.

So of course I did as he had instructed and had an amazing wank in front of the mirror, remembering in detail every part of what had happened. When Friday came we lost the match and most of the guys went off fairly quickly. Eventually we were the only two left again and this time he took me into a toilet cubicle and made me sit on the seat. He then dropped his trousers, once again revealing his jockey briefs with his shirt tucked in them, and pulled my face on to them. I was totally smitten and this time I noticed that there was precum oozing through the fabric which made the whole thing even hornier. After a few minutes he said it was time to move on to the next stage and immediately pulled his cock out of the fly of the briefs. It was huge, uncut, and still damp on the end with precum. Again he pushed my head down on it and there I was, for the first time ever, licking and eventually sucking another guy's cock. And I was loving it.

He started taunting me again, calling all kind of names and pushing his cock further into my mouth so that I started gagging on it. He held off pushing then and let me get on with the sucking. It was clear he was enjoying it and getting close to cumming. The he suddenly shouted 'Fuck! Oh yes'.

He pulled out of my mouth just as streams of cum shot out. They almost covered my face and I found myself stretching my tongue to lick and taste his cream. Another first and the sweet taste was beautiful. He told me to lick him clean which I eagerly did and then he said, 'Clean yourself up, get dressed, and fuck off home. See you next time.'

I tried to talk to him about it. I was interested to know if his mate knew about what was happening, but he wasn't in the mood to chat so I went home and once again worked on my cock till I shot my load inside my briefs. When I was living at home I had always tried to avoid that, worrying what my mum might think when she washed them, but this time I couldn't stop myself, and anyway I was sorting out my own washing now. I still couldn't really believe what was happening. Did this mean that I had suddenly turned gay, or was it just an underwear fetish that had got a bit out of control? Either way I was having the time of my life. I think calling me names had made me even more horny. I couldn't wait for the next cricket practice.

This time is was different, though. At the end I was one of the last to finish in the showers and when I got back to the changing room and I saw that everyone had gone except Dave and his mate, Jon. They were both standing there talking wearing just their shirts and briefs. I hurriedly started to get dressed and then they both turned to look at me and Dave said:

'Jon was starting to get jealous so I asked him to join us. I'm sure a slut like you could manage two stiff cocks.'

With that they both started rubbing themselves. He told me to take my trousers off and come on over to them. Of course I did as I was told and they started talking to each other about my rather feeble-looking bulge and how I even tucked my shirt in my briefs like they did.

Dave told me to start on Jon and I eagerly did so, starting to stroke and then lick him through the briefs. He seemed to be enjoying as he began to moan quietly and then he told me to suck his cock, pulling it out of the fly. This was the first time he had really spoken to me and he was much more gentle than Dave, with no reference to sluts or other names. Then Dave said it was his turn so he grabbed my head and pulled it on to him. As soon as I had started sucking through the briefs, which I knew by now was what he liked first, to my amazement Jon knelt down beside me and starting stroking my bulge. He asked if I liked it and I pulled away from Dave for a moment and nodded furiously. I could tell Dave wasn't so sure but I quickly started sucking him hard and that kept him occupied.

That afternoon was full of surprises. Jon stopped playing with my cock and stood up, close to Dave and began to kiss him hard on the lips. I was straining to see while my mouth was still working on Dave's cock but there was no doubt they were both making out and this clearly wasn't the first time. So it looked as though I was in a threesome with a couple of attractive gay guys and one of them, at least, was willing to let me join in. The session ended with both guys shooting on my face after standing together and wanking in front of me. Jon encouraged me to wank as well and I could tell he was enjoying watching me pull my cock out of my briefs and jerk. I didn't have time to cum though before they did and then afterwards they made me lick their cocks clean. Then Jon suddenly pulled me up and licked the spunk from my face. With it resting on his tongue and around his lips he turned back to Dave and they kissed again sharing each other's cum. Finally Jon said that we could all meet up at his house after the match on Saturday. The other people he shared with were out all day.

When I got back I was still trying to take in all that had happened. Was I no longer seen as just a dirty slut (Dave's words)? Dave had been fairly quiet throughout but I hoped Jon had not overstepped the mark. Perhaps they were just sweet talking me and had other plans for me. I suppose I had been rather sheltered at home and was still very naive. Obviously I knew enough to realise that gay guys did more than kiss and suck each other's cock. I knew that they fucked each other. I had looked at pictures in a book shop once -- this was before the internet arrived in a big way and made it so easy. I began to wonder if they would want to fuck me? Did I want that? Would I like it? I had no way of knowing but I what I soon realised was that I was going to go and find out whatever happened. I guess I was a dirty gay slut but all I knew was that I was loving every minute of it.