My Live-in Maid - Indian widow's new life abroad.-09

My Live-in Maid - Indian widow's new life abroad.-09


My Live-in Maid - Indian widows new life abroad.- 9

A Child widow Live in Maid goes abroad - She getsTransformed

You read in part 8

Her hand went up to her ample bosom, feeling her heart ripped into pieces as tears flowing down her cheeks and wet the pillow along with the sheet and blankets. Anu cried and cried, curled into a ball on her bed as loneliness swept through her entire being.

Gently and slowly I sit on her bed and pull her into my arms again, offering her solace and companionship in her hour of need. A flash of devilish smile curled up the corner of my mouth, The ties are severed, the lonely dove now helpless, and alone, with no one else to turn to except to the darkness that engulfs her whole.

That night Anu slept uneasily with me next to her, her hands clinging to me, afraid to let loose.

Looking down at her face as she slept, The wheel of fortune is turning and the wind of destiny awaits you, my slave Anu. I said with a slow paced glacial tone that will chill any living thing to the core of their core.

All except Anu, who sleeps more soundly and feel secure that I was there with her, unaware that she was swallowed into a hole to which she has no hope to the light or climb out ever again.


Now Further

Anu wakes up to the morning sunlight that shone through the windows, she lazily turned a bit and finds me lying next to her on the bed. Her face darkened a bit as she remembered the dread contract I have on my desk. She bit her lips, let her mind wonder what she will do now, then a voice, louder than ever said to her, stay, be his slave, be his lover, mother, elder sister, whatever he wants of you will be better than what awaits you back in India, if you even have a home there to go back to.

Anu gasps, never did she realized that after last night the last line, the last wall crumbled in her, making her heart and mind vulnerable and open for suggestions. And I was here to hold her, to comfort her and now to a degree, I exerted control over her, putting an image, an essence that I dominate and control her in her mind. It is not strong, but it will no doubt affect her thinking and reasoning.

Her mind, now freed from its previous boundaries and restrains, begins to see me as the dominant and central figure in her psyche. I smiled at her and tell Anu it is time to get up, and suggest her to take a shower and get herself freshened up. Anu nodded and after shyly place a kiss on my cheeks, she gets out of the bed and begins to undress herself naked.

Now she felt natural to be naked in my presence, after she got naked, she step into the shower and turn on the water, letting hot water relaxing her muscles as she rinse her hair with shampoo. I grinned and followed into the shower; I stand behind Anu and begin to rub the underside of her huge soft tits, rubbing her large fat nipples hard.

My raging manhood pressing hard against her back as Anu proceeds to finish washing her long hair and turned around, smiled lovingly at me. Her hands reach out and take my cock into her soft supple hands, stroking my shaft up and down.

Then she kneeled in the shower and take my huge shaft into her wet mouth, sucking loudly, bobbing up and down on my cock, and using her tongue to lick all over my dick. I moaned loudly, and pull her face down on my cock, making her sucking me harder.

Hot water splashing on our bodies as I enjoy her new found submission. She begin to slurp very loudly as I feel my balls tighten and ready to burst, Anu looks up and her eyes speaks loudly, Please feed your loyal devoted maid your precious cum.

I thrust my hips back and forth a bit, fucking her mouth as I groaned loudly, and erupted all I have in her wet sucking mouth as Anu eagerly and hungrily swallow all of my hot cum.

I groaned loudly as I cum hard, Anu sucked and licked my cock vigorously then let go of my cock and stand up, shaking, asking in a small trembling voice, Master, did I please you? Did I do well as your maid? Am I your good devoted Indian woman?

Her sense of being and family was lost all in one crucial blow last, her upbringings taught her that woman should be a part of the family, to be loyal and devoted for it is their purpose in life, traditionally.

What the contract designed to do, I grinned to myself, is to deal a fatal blow to her sense of belonging, making her feel alone, unwanted, betrayed, shamed…etc.

To make her extremely vulnerable for my plan, to force her mind into a state of confusion and shock so I can begin to control her, to make her psyche recognize me as the dominant man, the man in her mind for her to put her devotion to.

Yes of course you are, you are mine! I said in a soft voice to Anu and she immediately relaxed and her expression brightened up as she rubbed her breasts against my chest as her hands trying to take hold of raging huge cock and serve it with her body.

She now turned into the very traditional thinking of Indian women, to serve men and be pregnant with his children, Anu now finds herself safe in the very traditional way, and she needs to be used in the traditional way as her mind wrapped around me in her psyche as the dominating man in order to cope with her loss of sense of belonging.

The betrayal of her family left her mind a huge gapping hole and her mind was desperate in grasping straws in order to keep her from going mad and loses her sanity.

And I was there for her, I laughed to myself as I pull her to me and have Anu raise her leg as I lowered myself and thrust my hips upward till I sank all my fat dick up her hairy mound, Anu signed, moaning as she wiggles her hips slight and trying to hold my cock in her cunt.

I begin to fuck her slowly under the hot water, I can feel the tension build in my cock as I thrust my hips and slamming my manhood deeply into her body and plow her wet field very hard and deep.

We groaned together under the shower till we are both spent. Afterward, Anu dried us with a big towel and murmured that she should get changed and prepare breakfast for me. I nodded, letting her has some time to herself will be quite beneficial for her, after all, I did not go through all these trouble to have her gone mad and insane and ends up needs to be institutionalized.

Watching her slowly walking down the stairs I grinned, Everything is going according to plan, I told myself, now the cloak of darkness will truly engulf her as whole.

As I walk downstairs to begin my daily exercise session, Anu hummed to herself as she begins to make a hearty breakfast. She is happy, a lot happier than last night, the betrayal of her family bit her so hard the specula almost fell from her hand.

Must keep happy thoughts, must keep Mr. Aamir happy, yes, focus on Mr. Aamir, that is more productive, and that is good for you. She repeated to herself several times before go back to her cooking.

Today she decided that she will make some shrimp omelets along with pan fried potatoes. She first heated the pan on the stove, then pour some oil, heat it evenly before she add the already prepared frozen shrimps and pour the scrambled eggs into the large pan.

The egg and shrimp sizzling in the pan as the sweet aroma of food fill the kitchen/dining room once again. After intense exercising, I slowly walk up to the main floor and lazily strode into the kitchen, open the curtains and blinds, letting bright sun light come in through the windows.

Anu said in a cheerful tone, Mr. Aamir, breakfast ready fast very. I nodded and open the fridge, take a jar of milk and pour myself a big glass of it. I drink half of it down thirstily before I take my usual seat by the large dining table.

Then I sip the milk, letting myself loose in the thought, in the moment and not to think of all those mind games, but to simply adore, beauty. Garbed loosely in a creamy yellow sari and a matching blouse, her curves are the gift from god to men.

My eyes traced from her ample large tits down to her slightly plumpish waist, them to her ripe juicy buttocks, not exactly hour glass figure, but more sensual, more womanly mature.

Which is why she was chosen, I reassured myself. I watched her buttocks jingle as she hummed in a rhythm that though is unfamiliar to me, quite pleasant to my ears. I closed my eyes, enjoying and letting myself drunk in this serenity. My mind wondered and relaxed until Anu tapped me on my shoulder and asked with an uncertain voice if I would like to have my breakfast now.

She gets a nod as my reply then I leaned back against the chair and open my eyes; just by inhaling the wonderful scent of her cooking is enough to making my stomach roar with hunger.

I smiled at her and have Anu sits down with me as we enjoy a good morning meal in relatively rare silence, both have much in mind but chose not to speak out at this moment.

Anu ate her share quietly, but her eyes never left me as her mind focused all her attention on me. Then she felt something touching her legs, she looks down and only finds I extend my legs, caressing hers and working my way up toward her creamy smooth thighs.

She smiled and opens her legs wide, inviting me to explore the jungle covering her now moist womanhood. She signed in pleasure as my toes rubbed against her slit, exploring her pussy with my feet. Begging for more she spread her legs wide open and almost throw herself onto my foot as I rubbed her hairy labia hard. OOOOOH OOOOOH GOD…

Anu moaned loudly as her cunt flooded itself in response to her arousal. My toes persistently explore the thick mass of her fur, rubbing hard against her slit and occasionally press into her slippery and hot pussy causing Anu to moan ever so slight and bit her lips.

Sliding my toe in and out her cunt, her hands now tugging tightly on her sari as her eyes half shut, her body leans back against the chair and her lips would part slight when she moan in ecstasy.

Anu begins to moan louder and louder, she can feel her vaginal muscles clenching so tightly around his toe, and every time he pushes into her womanhood, she can not help but to tighten her body and welcoming his invading advances with her pussy.

Slowly I pull my foot back and leaving Anu flushed and wet, her chest heaved and along with it, her big soft tits, her breath short and hallow as she tries to calm herself down.

Anu flashes me a look then lowered her head as she tries to rearranges her sari to a presentable look, even though her arousal had already wetted it in addition to the big wet spot on the chair she sits on right now.

I smiled then finish the rest of my omelet and potato, inform her that I will be in my room working and am not to be disturbed unless it is of dire emergency. She murmured yes before I head back upstairs into my room and shut the door close and lock it behind me.

I sit on my big comfy chair and turn on the monitoring screen. On it I observed her movements and actions, and can hear her humming, whispering and murmuring. After clean up the plates, forks and cups, Anu heads back upstairs into her room.

Since I am in my own room, therefore she did not think it would be much of a necessity to close the door fully, instead, she only shuts the door half close so in case I called, she can respond faster. She begins to undress after opening the closet door and take a look at herself in the big full length mirror, Anu takes off the wet sari, and carefully using a hairdryer to dry it.

It dried fast under the hot wind of the hairdryer, and Anu looks up, looking at her body, naked from waist down in the mirror, and in the secret of my sound proof room, I laughed as I can see her clearly as well. She looks at her plumpish figure in the mirror; her hands measuring her not so slim waist line then trace the thick jungle that covers her body from navel down to her fat mounds. Her fingers brushing against her clit as her body shivered and a moan escaped from her mouth.

She looks around, and then went to close the door tightly shut, but still so unaware that she can do nothing to escape my eyes. Anu slowly raise her right let up and rest it on her bed, then she use her fingers to spread her fat labia open, exposing her very moist womanhood and engorged clit.

I looked on with great interest, wondering what she is up to now, So what will you do now Anu? What are you going to do? I asked myself. Then on the monitor, Anu walks toward the night stand next to her bed and pull open a drawer, taking out a small calendar book and begin to count the date and fingers, murmuring.

I zoomed in on the calendar and switch angles, boost the sound reception in the tiny spy microphone, what I see made me grin at first and then laugh loudly.

On the small calendar book, Anu circled her menstrual period and is now counting the date and time of her fertility. It is close, so close, should I let Mr. Aamir know? No. No. What will he think of you? It is good to keep it a secret, it is a womanly matter and unworthy of his attention. But…what will happen if I am bred and become pregnant? Pregnancy! Oh gods, will Mr. Aamir be so disgust with me that he will throw me out? No, it can not be, had it not been proved in India that you maybe infertile and that is why you were unable to bear even a girl in all those years of marriage? But…but it could also be that my…my ex was infertile and that is why we had no children. If that is true, then oh god, all those…those fucking Mr. Aamir gave me would have me…me impregnated in no time! Is it such a bad thing to bear his children? Besides, is it not a womanly duty to bear children? And if Mr. Aamir owns you, then what was there to discuss in the first place? You are his are you not? But…But…

Her murmurs were as conflicting as her thoughts, which I played over my speaker quite loudly and clearly. So now you are worried are you not my dear? I grinned, But thinking will do you no good, your mind is mine, and you will no doubt found yourself in a limbo, a circle of thoughts that will never reach a conclusion until I step in…

I open a small hidden fridge and take out a bottle of beer, sipping it as I look at her still counting dates and murmuring conflicting thoughts that reflects the great confusion in her mind…And when I finally do, you will be completely, utterly, all Mine!


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