My Fairy Godmother and the Keys to the Kingdom. [The Kennedys: The Next Generation]

My Fairy Godmother and the Keys to the Kingdom. [The Kennedys: The Next Generation]


It was my 18th birthday, and it was Presidents Day, so a holiday, I didnt have school. However, Id gotten up even earlier than usual, as Mom said I could come to work with her (her company didnt have the day off). That might not be so interesting, if your Mom isnt a former porn actress, who runs a porn production house. She was going to introduce me to her stable of starlets. Id never been allowed at her work before, the last thing Mom wanted was trouble with having an underage kid on set, but now I was no longer underage.

Getting to breakfast, Dad was cooking waffles (my favorite), and Mom and Aunt Dee were sitting at the breakfast bar chatting. Mom kissed me on the cheek, and Aunt Dee got up and hugged me, and then kissed me full on the mouth, with tongues, before sitting down again. Shed never done that before; that got me hard. Dee is my favorite Aunt, or maybe that should be Aunt. She wasnt actually related, though she was my godmother. Aunt was the honorific given to any of the women, usually porn stars, whod stay over with Mom and Dad. Dee was an old family friend from way back, she used to be a porn star, ten or twenty years ago. Shes so hot, she could compete with any current porn star if she wanted to. Shes one of my favorite fantasies. She was one of Mom and Dads favorite realities; she stayed over a lot.

There were a couple of envelopes with my name on them, one was a card from Mom and Dad, it was simple, Happy 18th Birthday in large bright neon colors. I guess Dad picked that one out, its his style. The other was from Dee, that had a silhouette of a woman with big boobs, saying Happy Birthday at the top, and Big Boy at the bottom. Inside it just said, Lets Party and was signed by Dee. That was promising.

Mom said, We got you a suite at the Palms for your party. That was also promising, the Palms was the fancy country club hotel that Mom and Dad would go to get away from things (from me I guess, for a little privacy). She also said, I also unlocked all the media for your account. Again, that was promising, the media server held a large collection of porn, the entire output of her company as well as almost all the videos Mom had ever done, and even a few with Dad. Id never been allowed to see them before, that underage thing again. (Not that I actually wanted to watch videos of Mom, and especially not Dad, having sex, but you get curious about these things.) It was Mom who ran the IT in the house, Dads pretty clueless about that.

I just said, Thanks Mom. Then, we had breakfast. After breakfast it was time to get to Moms work, I was going to drive myself in my truck (its manual drive only, I have a license), but Dee insisted I come with her, in her car. Mom and Dad went separately in theirs. Once in her car, I found out what Dees plot was. Shed set full privacy mode and undone a few more buttons on her top. Now, her boobs were no longer threatening to spill out of it, they had escaped.

Her boobs escaping was one of those things I fantasized about. Her boobs, even still in her top, were so distracting. Now they were free, they were even better than Id ever imagined, voluptuous and full. They were much fuller than any of my girlfriends ever had. I set about fondling and licking and nipping them, like chicks dig. Dee digged that, that was obvious when her hands held my head to her boobs to make sure I carried on doing it. But unfortunately, Moms office is only about ten minutes from home, so that didnt last long. Makes me glad wed moved a little further away before middle school though.

As we were arriving, Dee put herself away again, and fastened some of her buttons back up. But she did say, Theres more later. Really promising. Dees voice is sexy at any time, but saying that just then made me want to turn the car around and start the party early. My hard on was threatening to bust out of my pants. Some of my friends think its Dees British accent which makes her voice so sexy, I dont hear that myself, shes just Dee. She just cant help being sexy.

We all got dropped off at the front door of the office, and we went inside. The reception area looked pretty generic, and you wouldnt know it was a porn house, except the sign proclaiming it was a Sex Positive, Body Positive workplace, and that the receptionist was dressed revealingly. Mom and Dee were also dressed revealingly, if you thought about it. That was normal, so I didnt think about it much. Thinking about Mom like that would be weird. The way Dee dressed was just another thing I liked about her. Mom, and other aunts dressing like that are another reason why my friends liked to come over to my place. The receptionist got up to kiss Dad, and then I was introduced. She was Olivia; I was the birthday boy; she kissed me as well.

We carried on, and went through a door labelled Green Room, but inside it was painted purple. I stopped worrying about that when I was introduced to the two girls who were in there. They were the talent (that is the porn actresses) for todays production. Xavier (which they pronounced, Ex-a-vier) and Zeena. They were really hot. They also kissed me.

That was when Dad said he had to go do his job, I left him to it, and tagged along with Mom and Dee. Dads regular job is as a professor in theoretical Physics research, but he has a part time job at Moms production house. At Moms his job is to have sex with the talent. Like, my Mom pays my Dad to have sex with porn stars. Thats seriously weird, and I wonder how I turned out as normal as I did. I didnt need to watch my Dad do that, but I did wonder if Mom needed an intern.

We got to the studio, and there were a lot of people milling about. There was lighting, and camera, and set dressers, and whatever, there were also a lot of extra people there, in my honor. I was introduced to the crew and the hangers on. There was a bunch of past and current porn stars, like my aunts, Ava, Bea, Hatti, Iya, Enya, Aria, and Una. Aunt Jade was also there, she looks after the companys money; she was looking serious and businesslike today (which was pretty much as usual).

Then, it was down to business, Xavier and Zeena emerged from the green room, they were all smiles and giggles. I didnt think too hard about what put them in such a good mood. They were shooting one of Moms Naked Notes series, where the girls gave a serious lecture, this one was about semiconductors. I know about semiconductors, so I could tell the content was for real. Mom only takes the hottest straight A students to star in those videos, so they knew their stuff. That pairs illustrations were distracting though. Id never have thought of illustrating a junction diode by Zeena licking Xaviers pussy. With saliva and pussy juice playing the part of the P and N conduction media. She added a finger to that to illustrate how a transistor worked.

During the shoot various of the crew would disappear, only to reappear a little while later, smiling and grinning. Even Jade disappeared for a while, when she came back she was looking much less business like, more easy going, and disheveled. After she came back it was time for lunch, and cake. Mom had gotten craft services to cater a buffet lunch for everyone. There was sheet cake to follow (nothing totally fancy, black forest cake, with buttercream icing, tasty). I got to blow out my 18 candles, and everyone sang Happy Birthday.

Dad put in an appearance during lunch, he was wearing clothes fortunately. That was unusual while he was working, I hear, I assumed he made that concession for my benefit. I talked to lots of the assembled masses, and got kissed a lot, including by Xavier and Zeena. Theyd come (ha, ha) straight from work, so werent wearing anything. One interesting thing was, Jade said productivity increased measurably on the days Dad worked, so she was happy to pay him to do his thing. I was still trying not to think too hard about what his job was. Then as lunch was ending, Dee asked if there were any of the assembled girls (aside from herself,) who Id particularly like to party with. Xavier and Zeena had an unfair advantage, being naked, so I chose them.

Those two still had to work that afternoon, they had a lot of the production left to shoot. We hung around and again watched for a while. Then Dee said she had a better idea, she led me outside to her car, and we drove off. Again, the car was in privacy mode, this time Dee kissed me, while reaching for my crotch. She didnt say anything, but licked her lips and pulled my zip down. Then, she extracted my dick from its hiding place, and bent down to lick it.

Then, she took me into her mouth, and whoah! She was good; she was better than any of my girlfriends. I didnt have a steady girlfriend currently, or Id have been spending my birthday with her. I had thought I might call on one or other of my more casual acquaintances later, but all thoughts of that left me at that point. All rational thought left me, I just let it wash over me. I was surprised I didnt come instantly; Dee was skillful enough to keep me on edge forever. After I came I did glance at the navigation display, it now said 10 minutes to the destination, where it had started at 20, so 10 minutes of pure bliss.

I just lay there, totally wrecked, while Dee smiled at me, and said, Happy Birthday. Im not sure I said anything, she even made me forget my manners, not thanking her. She hugged me for the rest of the ride to the palms, then we tidied ourselves up for our arrival. Dee was already checked in, so didnt need to stop at the desk, and just lead me up to the room. It was a pretty big room, there was a living room and separate bedroom, and a big balcony with a hot tub. Perfect for a party.

Dee lead me into the bedroom, she sat down on the bed, I stood in front of her, she asked, Did you bring your uniform? It was a strange question, I hadnt brought anything with me; I hadnt thought that Id be ending up here just yet.

So I just said, No.

To which she responded, Pity, the girls love a man in uniform, you look so sexy in it. I didnt respond, what she had in mind sounded disrespectful to the uniform, even if it were only my JROTC uniform. But, she took my mind off that by reaching up and unbuttoning my shirt. After the shirt came off, she started on my jeans. I kicked off my sneakers along with the jeans, and I was naked, and hard of course.

Her hands trailed up my chest hair, over my shoulders, and down my arms, giving my biceps a squeeze. So manly, was Dees comment. I felt like I was being compared, to my Dad Id guess, hes built more for endurance than me (like hes totally scrawny, Id been working on my muscles). It was time for me to act; I held her wrists and gently pushed her back onto the bed. She smiled. I knelt on the floor before her, and gently pushed her knees apart, up and back.

She was wearing a miniskirt which was no hindrance, and under that, I noticed, no panties, no hair, and really turned on. Going down on a girl is a good way to get some in return, so thats what Ill start with. I ran my tongue up her gaping slit and across her clit, she tensed up and her butt came off the bed. Time to finish her off, I kissed her clit, and she jerked again. I drew the clit into my lips and flipped it with my tongue, she went totally rigid, then a spray of something warm and wet washed over my face, I recoiled.

I knelt there, wiped my eyes, and watched Dee relax. Her legs were hanging limply off the end of the bed. I was somewhat nonplussed by the squirting, Id never encountered that before. However, I wiped off my face on the bedspread, and went to lay beside Dee. Her eyes opened and focused on me, then said, Woo, you were very good, Ill give you an A for that, maybe an A-plus as youre only eighteen. I liked her grade, but she also had a suggestion, You could string me along a bit longer though. Again, I got the idea I was being compared to Dad, and I didnt come out on top. Though what she said made sense, girls always came quickly when I went down on them, maybe wed both enjoy it more if I took longer.

She saw my damp face and torso, and said, Oops, you look… well, was that a first? I nodded, she continued, Sorry, I do that. Ive been doing that since I was … well lets not worry about that. Im surprised you havent come across it with all your, erm, experience, but Im glad Aunt Dee could give you something special for today. Then, she looked at my hard on, took off her top, showing me her boobs, scooted up the bed, and opened her legs in an exaggerated manner. That was an invitation. I moved between her legs, and I slipped into her pussy with no problem at all. I wasnt a virgin (when that conversation happened, Dad gave me a high five, and Mom had a talk with me about responsibility), my girlfriends liked what I did to them, so I tried much the same with Dee.

She was totally ready, so I didnt need to start gentle. I set off at a pace I could sustain for a while, that Dee liked. She was moaning immediately, I could get her off quickly like that, so I went for some hard thrusts, and ground my pubic bone into her clit. That set her off, and she went rigid with a guttural moan, like Ngggh! She started to relax, but I didnt let her, I turned her over, pulled up her hips so her face was buried in the covers and went in doggy style. I stepped up the pace, I heard muted moaning/gasping from Dee, I was close, she was close. More strokes, she went rigid, so did I, I shot blast after blast of cum into her pussy. We fell off to the side, so we ended up spooning.

Weakly, she said, Shoot! A-plus, fuck! I didnt get any sense of a comparison there, I took that as a compliment.

We lay there, I hugged Dee while we recovered, she looked happy when she turned round to smile at me, I was real happy about that. But I was thinking about what shed said, so when the fog cleared sufficiently for me to think, and move, I hopped up, grabbed a towel from the bathroom, then crawled onto the bed at her feet, and encouraged her legs to part. They didnt need much encouragement, and Oooh! A-double-plus. Was Dees reaction, I think I was winning that comparison to Dad. Id found that chicks really dig you going down on them after youve come in them. I have no idea why, but it got me a lot of repeat invitations. Its probably the most important thing to know after keeping your mouth shut, and not blabbing about it. So many guys blab about getting pussy, and never get a second chance.

This time, I took her advice, so I wanted to draw out the experience. I avoided the obvious, her clit. It was standing there just begging to be licked. Her pussy was still gaping, and leaking a mixture of both of our juices. I lapped up as much as that as I could, Dee sighed and moaned gently, I frenched her pussy, before going on a recon over the rest of the territory. My tongue took a long lick over her smooth hairless mound, circling her clit, but making sure not to touch it. More emphatic moans now, I went back to the gaping pussy, she relaxed and sighed.

I circled her clit with my tongue again, this time closer in. She quivered, and there were several gasps. That was the right trajectory, so I carried on like that. The gasps turned into moans, and the moans into screams. She tensed up more and more, she was just about totally rigid. Now, it was time to go for the clit directly. I did, she came, her back arched off the bed and there was one last scream, before I got another face-full of cum, and she relaxed. I was ready for the squirt this time, so I didnt let go of her immediately, but gently kissed her pussy and let her down, then wiped my face and went to hug her.

This time her reaction was, Jesus Mark! Now, I know why you have so many girlfriends. A-plus! Definitely a compliment, like shed forgotten about making comparisons. Her hand felt my hard on, going down on a girl will do that to me, going down on Dee was even better. God, I love eighteen-year olds. She said, giving me a squeeze, I know what you can do with that. But just this moment, I need a rest. Why dont you carry me to the hot tub. She unzipped her skirt while saying that, I so I pulled it down her legs and did just as she asked. I picked her up, and she kicked off the skirt. I carried her out onto the balcony, placed her in the hot tub, and started the bubbles before getting in myself.

We floated around for a while, grabbing occasional handfuls of the other, until the bubbles shut off. I was floating on the surface and Dees hand was around my dick, then I felt her mouth. She started blowing me gently. This wasnt going to get me off in a hurry, but it felt great! I just floated there and again let it wash over me.

That was until, splash! Splash! Someone jumped in the hot tub with us. It was Xavier and Zeena, theyd finished the shoot and come to join the party. So now I got kissed, and felt, and squeezed. The girls were in a playful mood. That was when Dee said I should take them to the bedroom and fuck them both, while shed carry on relaxing. She said shed be there when Id finished. She was licking her lips, and staring at my dick the whole time while saying that. All three of them obviously had a plan for me, so I went along with that, though Dees lips were almost as tempting as the two co-eds.

I didnt actually get to fuck them though, they fucked me! Like I said, they had a plan for me. They pushed me onto the bed, I let them. I ended up so I was lying on my back, then they fed me their boobs while feeling my dick. That was pretty intense, and it got even more intense, when one of them climbed on my face, I dont even know which one that was. That was new, none of my girlfriends had ever done that before, but I was thinking I was going to have to introduce them to the idea, just before I stopped thinking entirely. That was when the other one had started blowing me.

That was totally distracting, I got so distracted that the pussy on my face came. I forgot about stringing it out for her. She didnt mind, after a brief pause, she started riding my face. The other one stopped blowing me at that point and started riding my dick. That really was total overload. I came much faster than I expected, or Id want to. I could make excuses, Dee had been blowing me, and you try that with two of the hottest co-eds riding you. But actually I didnt worry about that. They had that effect on me.

They werent disappointed, they took it as a compliment, swapped places, and carried on. I found I had a really juicy, cum filled, pussy sitting on my face, and the other took to blowing me, at least until I was hard again, which took almost no time at all. Then, she started riding my dick. Again, with action at both ends, I was totally distracted, but this time I lasted a reasonable time. I have no idea how long I lasted, but it was long enough for both of them to come at least twice.

I had started thinking about which of my girlfriends would get along well enough together, that I could get them to do that with three of us, before I got distracted. So distracted in fact that I can hardly remember what the hell happened. All I know is we ended up in a sweaty heap, my mind was blown almost as thoroughly as Dee had managed. Thinking of Dee, the girls said we should be getting back to her. They helped me off the bed, and hugged me as we walked out of the bedroom. I did notice that Zeena had a trail of fresh cum running down her leg, so I guessed it was her who had sat on my face first, and my dick second.

As we opened the bedroom door, there was a chorus of Surprise! and Happy Birthday! Most of the rest of the girls from the shoot had come to join the party, theyd decorated the place with balloons and banners, and they were all naked. Those two being so distracting was obviously the plan to let the rest fix up the party.

So we had a party, naked girls everywhere, all over the living room, on the balcony, in the hot tub. They left the bedroom to me, I took a few girls in there for a more private party. I went down on about six in total, and fucked three others. Out in the main party, I got to dance with them all and feel them all over, as they were feeling me. That really was the best party ever, thanks Mom, and Dee.

As there was only the one of me to go around, there was a lot of making out among the girls, that was hot. Then, Xavier and Zeena put on a show for all of us. That was so totally hot, I wanted to take them into the bedroom again, but they said I should spread it around among the other girls. It did make me wonder if any of my girlfriends are friendly enough with each other to do that, as well as a threesome.

Unfortunately, the party had to end. It was a school night, so I had to get up early in the morning. I went to bed with Dee, Xavier, and Zeena, we did sleep, after I got them all off. I got to go down on them all, without distractions, so I could concentrate on not making them come too fast. They did try to get me off, but after the party, I couldnt come an eighth time. I did get to fuck them all and come in two of them in the morning, before I had to leave. I left them all on the bed to have their own party.

Dee was still my favorite aunt. Though now wed have our own private parties; shes an amazing fuck, and her blowjobs, wow! She was still partying with Mom and Dad, and I felt I was still being compared to Dad. I never let that worry me, she was plenty satisfied with my performance. I scored big over Dad in that I could fuck her six times in an evening, and then twice the next morning. Dad had never been able to do that. Dees coaching was subtle and only lead me to being a better lover. My girlfriends were happy about that. Also using Dees example, I subtly coached my girlfriends on giving better blowjobs, just never let them know thats what youre doing. Man was it worth the risk though.

Seeing Dee got awkward at times, it would be much too weird for all of us to share her on the same visits. So there was always the question, Me or them? When she visited. She worried that Id get obsessed, so she wanted to know that I was still fucking girls my own age, there was no danger there. My girlfriends really appreciated what I learnt from Dee. I blabbed too much about other girls to her really, but that became less of a problem when I started dating Xavier and Zeena, they told her everything before I could. Xavier and Zeena were freshmen, so not much older than me.

I got some really envious looks at my senior prom, when I turned up with one on each arm. Spring break was great, they worked most of the week at Moms company, and stayed in my bedroom. Porn actresses get so horny after they work, I took keeping them satisfied as a personal challenge. I succeeded. They also helped with my homework, not that I needed much help. But sometimes a fresh explanation is good. Though their explanations could get very distracting.

Though after while, that fizzled. When they went home (to Oklahoma) for summer break, that was about the end of it. I was going off to school for the Autumn Quarter, so itd have been difficult to keep that going. We still get together and party if were in the same city though.

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