My Buddy's Sister

My Buddy's Sister


‘Hey bro whats up? My buddy Jake had just texted me. It was Friday night and I was just sitting at home playing Call of Duty. What else would you expect from a College student that didnt have a girlfriend nor was looking for one. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship that lasted two years to long.

‘Playing Cod. You? I replied back as I resumed my termination of the terrible player of Call of Duty. Buzz buzz buzz, I answered the phone.

‘Hey Dick head, whats going on? I said to my buddy.

The reply was one I did not expect. ‘Hey to you to Kyle It was not my buddy Jake, although the voice seemed familiar.‘Who is this? I asked. ‘Its Jess, you coming tonight or what? she asked. I had no clue what to say. What was she talking about? So I asked. She told me about the party her brother was having at his new apartment. Hell yeah I was down, especially if I got to see her. Only a year younger than I, she was easily the prettiest girl in our small town. She had a smile that could cheer up Sarah McLachlin after just seeing a puppy being executed. Blue eyes and brown hair that fell curly to her shoulders. She stood at a petite 5 foot and had curves that turned even the teachers heads. She had amazing tits, d cups easily, as if she wasnt good looking enough, her ass was something guys drooled over. The perfect bubble butt that stretched all of her clothes perfectly. She was very fit, and had nicely tanned body.

‘Yeah ill come, what time? I said trying to hide my excitement.

10 oclock and be ready to party she replied. I told her bye and that was the end of it. I glanced at the clock on my wall, it was 8:44 and God knows that I havent been in the best condition to impress. I had a 4 day old beard and was wearing sweats and a hoodie. I ran to the bathroom and started shaving. I looked at myself and thought I wasnt too bad looking. I had a strong jaw, blue eyes and sandy blonde hair. I wasnt as fit as I was in High School, I put on some weight since my athletic career had ended, but for the most part I was in shape. I jumped in the shower and into jeans and a tee and headed to my buddies apartment.

I called him when I was just a few minutes away and he told me hed buzz me up. I walked into the apartment to a round of applause and slaps on the back.

‘Bout damn time you come party, its been to long you motherfucker. I guess it has been a long time since I went out with my friends and drank. I scanned the room looking for Jessica, and I quickly spotted her sitting on the couch next to some hopeless guy trying to put the moves on her. I walked over after I said my hellos and what not and motioned for the guy to scoot over so I could sit next to her. He wasnt budging one bit.

‘Hey Derek, move over, I havent seen Kyle in a long time. Jessica said, Derek scooted over.

‘Hey, we got next, I told Jake, pointing to Jessica as I said so letting the beer pong table know we had the next game. We caught up with each other and started to talk about her future plans and what not. Before I knew it we had next game. She got up before me and I sat there frozen watching her leave. She was in a white mini dress that hugged her hips with a light pink shirt accentuating her breasts perfectly with just the right amount of cleavage. She was absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

‘Earth to Kyle, lets go. She told me and she waved her hand in front of my face. I got up and followed her to the table.

We were on a roll, 4 straight victories. Crushing every opponent, I credit all of our wins due to her distraction abilities, she was wiggling her ass in front of our opponents, showing more cleavage whenever necessary. We were having fun, we were winning and we were flirting. After one win we celebrated and high fived. I walked to the kitchen to get more beer and she followed. I opened the fridge and felt her come up behind me and wrap her arms around my waste. I then felt her hand snake through my pants to my penis. ‘Hey guys, hurry up we heard her brother call. I walked back into the room with a raging hard on. 3 more wins until we finally lost. It was now midnight and we were almost out of booze, people were leaving and not twenty minutes after we had lost, it was just me, Jess, and Jake. I was in no shape to drive, and didnt feel like walking into my house drunk. Jake showed me the couch, Jessica went to the guest room, and Jake to his own.

I tossed and turned on the couch. I was way to horny to sleep. I decided to jerk off, and did so. It relaxed me just enough, and I began to drift off to sleep. I awoke to Jessica nudging me to scoot over. ‘Scoot over. She told me. I obliged, I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her in closed. Her perfect ass was now directly in front of my growing dick. I knew it before it happened, I was gonna get hard and shed run back to her bed. It was only a matter of time.

My dick was completely hard and nudging against her ass. She shuffled around, getting comfortable, I expected her to freak out when she felt my dick, but instead she nudge back into it. She turned around and we were now face to face.

‘I couldnt get comfortable with the monster attacking my ass. My face was completely red. I had no clue what to say. ‘Uhh, sorry, its just that your so sexy and uhhh. I was like a fish out of water, I had no on how to respond.

She put a finger to my lips to shush me, then leaned in for a kiss. Our lips met and it was passion from then on. Our tongues met in fiery passion. Her hand quickly found the sides of my shorts and pulled them down. I pulled her shirt off and unhooked her bra, letting on her beautiful tits. I quickly latched onto one of her nipples. I snaked my hand through her skirt and began to run my fingers over her pussy. She moaned in acceptance as I inserted a finger into her pussy. ‘oh Kyle. She moaned as I kissed down her stomach to just to where her skirt was. I slid my hands to the side of her waist and pulled her skirt down leaving on her lacy black thong. She scooted herself up to the side of the couch and rested her back onto it so her hips were up in the air.

I grabbed two handfuls of her luscious ass as she pulled her thong to the side. She pulled my face with her free hand into her beautiful pussy. I began my attack, eating her out like it was the only thing I knew how to do.

‘oh Godddddd, Kyle. She moaned. I continued to eat her out and then began to play with her pussy while doing so. ‘ Oh my GOddddd, Im going to cummmmmmm. She said loudly. I hope Jakes a sound sleeper. She then began to grind her hips into my face, I stuck my pinky into her pussy in order for it to get lubed up. I then stuck it up her ass, that was the final straw. My face was flooded with her juices as she started her orgasm.

‘Kyle, that was literally my first orgasm, I think I should repay my debt now. And with that she pushed me onto my back and lowered herself onto my awaiting dick. She began to ride my dick to no avail.I slapped her ass hard, causing her to moan loudly. ‘I want to your slut so bad Kyle. Your dick feels so good in my pussy. She told me.

I pushed her off of me and onto her knees. I lined my dick up to her awaiting pussy and began to thrust in and out of her. ‘Fuck me harder. She demanded. I then began to fuck her faster. ‘ I want it harder, baby, I love the way your dick feels.

‘Im going to cummmm. I told her. She quickly dropped to her back and opened her mouth and said. I want to taste it, so give it to me.

I squatted over her face and began to jerk off. I then began to cum, my first burst shot all over her face, my second one landed directly into her mouth. She then sat up as my third shot hit her directly in her tits, before her mouth could find my dick. She began to suck me dry. She pulled off. I told her, ‘That was amazing Jess. She replied with, ‘ You taste delicious. She then used her finger to scoop the cum off her tits and swallow it. ‘oh yeah, and this is only just the beginning. She told me with a smile.

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