Municipal Chamber Choir "Galician bells" Repertoire

Municipal Chamber Choir "Galician bells" Repertoire

Ukranian Choral Society named after Mykola Leontovych

Ukrainian spiritual choir music

1. Wedel, choral concerto № 25 “Lord, my God, I have trusted in You”;

2. Bortnyansky, choral concert № 34 “May God be resurrected”;

3. Arkhangelskiy, choral concert "I think a terrible day";

4. Arkhangelskiy, choral concert "Lord, hear my prayer";

5. Dichko "Holy God";

6. Shiptur "Through the field of Ukraine";

7. Shiptur, T. Shevchenko "Prayer to the Mother of God";

8. Verbytsky "Our Father";

9. Leontovych "Oh, the star has risen"; 10. Ukr. party concert nev. author "Do not shut Your door, Lord";

11. Vatashchuk, I. Demyanets "Under Your Mercy";

12. Kosice "God is great, one";

13. Tylyk, choral concert "Repentance, open the door for me, Life-giver";

14. Verkhovynets “Trisvyate”;

15. Carpenter, arrangement. B. Derevyanka "Irmos Ascension";

16. Tom Fettke's "Prayer";

17. Lysenko "Where will I go from Your face, Lord";

18. Shiptur "Saint Basil the Great";

19. Datsko "Blessed Jehoshaphat";

20. Hnatyshyn "Joy from heaven";

21. Steh "The Savior is risen."

Foreign spiritual music

1. Claudio Monteverdi “Zefiro torna”;                                                                            

2. Jozef Swider “Pater noster”;                                                                                        

3. Jozef Swider “Ave Maria”;                                                                                          

4. Arvo Pärt “Bogoroditse Djevo”;                                                                                  

5. Edvard Grieg “Ave, maris stella”;                                                                               

6. Romuald Twardowski “Allelluja”;                                                                               

7. G.P.Palestrina “Regina Coeli”;

8. Ivan Hrusovsky “Gloria”;

9. Dominigue Gesseney Rappo “Benedic, anima mea, Domino”;                                  

10. John Ward “Out from the vale”;                                                                                

11. Javier Busto “Pater noster”;

12. Javier Busto “Ave Maria”;

13. Jozef Swider “Cantus gloriosus”;

14. Michal Gozdek “Kyrie eleison”;

15. Robert Schuman,  “Dreams”;

 Ukrainian composers choir music

1.     Bezkorovainy, B. Lepky “The sun is in the sky”;

2.     Bezkorovainy, O. Oles "People's Knights";

3.     Sichinsky,  "Above the mountains to the clouds";

4.    Kos-Anatolsky,  "Oh you, girl, from the grain nut";

5.    D. Sichinsky, "My song";

6.    Fitsalovych,  "My land, all-fertile mother";

7.     Zubytsky, choral concert "My mountains", parts: "Wind blows", "Drymba";

8.      Kos-Anatolsky, Pavlychko “My Ukrainian land”;

9.    Harm. I. Demyanets, vol. L. Glibova “There is a high mountain”;

10.   Anthem of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army "We were born";

11.    Sichinsky, I Franko "It's not time";

12.   Shamo,  "Don't fog, fog";

13.   Kikta "Choral Prelude";

14.   Stankovych "Final dome" from the folk opera "Fern Flower";

15.   Words by M. Ustiyanovych, music by A. Kos-Anatolsky “Hey, opryshki brothers”


Works in the words of Taras Shevchenko

1. Sichynsky, "Why, why, why, my land?"

2. Lysenko, choir from the opera "Drowned" "The fog falls in waves";

3. Lyatoshynsky,  "Water flows into the blue sea"; 4.20

4. Kokhanovsky,  "The Lonely Boat";

5. Shkilnyk, "In the grove, grove";

6. Shkilnyk,  "From village to village";

7. Shkilnyk,  "If I, mother, necklace";

8. Gladky,  "My evening dawn";

9. Borisyuk, "My thoughts";

10. Gladky, arr. L. Revutsky,"Testament";

11. Davydovsky- Kotko,  “Learn, my brothers”;

12.  Kryzhanivsky, arr. A. Avdievskyy "The wide Dnieper roars and groans";

13.  Kosenko,   “The wide Dnieper roars and groans”;

14. B. Shiptur,   "Prayer to the Mother of God";

15. B. Shiptur,   “Dawn, the edge of the sky burns…”;

16. B. Shiptur,   "Both dead and alive“ ".


1.  Rakov “Oh oak, oak”;

2. Babynsky “High willow”;

3.  Lyatoshonsky "At the end of the dam willows rustle";

4.  Yatsynevych “Neighbor”;

5.  Bondarenko “She cut her finger”;

6.  Kozak "Neither sleeps nor sleeps";

7. Gordiychuk, translated by I. Demyanets “Cows went from the dark oak grove”;

8. "Oh my dear did something";

9. "Oh over the waters";

10.  Gavrylets “I will light a candle”;

11. Skoryk, translated by M. Hobdych “Noisy Hazel”;

12. Nekrasov "Gray cuckoo, do not fly early";

13.  Cholovsky "My dear Shudre-Dudre";

14.  Cherlenyuk "Kolomiyki",

15.  Kozak, wreath Ukr. born songs "It was better not to walk"; 6.00

16.  Derevyanko "Oh, gilya, gilya", 3.20

17.  Shiptur "Give, girl, a hand in farewell";

18.  Derevyanko "Mowers mow";

19.  Koposov "Gandia";

20.  Davydovsky "Kobza";

21. Kolessa "Oh in the field well";

22. Hrytsyshyn "Do not stand, willow, over the water";

23.  Savchuk "Yes, on the mountain of ginger";

24.  Fedorenko "Flights of birds";

25.  Kolomiets "Blooming thorns";

26. Rifleman's song arranged by R. Savyak, "Don't ask";

27.  Stetsenko, arr. O. Tokara "Oh, the snow on the mountain is white";

28. Bidak "The sun did not rise in the morning";

29.  Chmut "Oh, two sticks on the mountain";

30.  Gushchak “Oh, there from the edge of the log house”;

31.  Cholovsky "Gray Grasshopper";

32.  Shiptur "Steppe wind blew";

32. Yakymets "Floating duck";

33. Kozak "Hutsulka Ksenia";

34.  Marton “Mowing the hay mower”;

35. Hobdych "Oh you, donkeys";

36.  Koshyts “Willows rustle at the end of the dam”;

37. Koshyts, “Violin plays on the street”;

38.  Zubytsky, II part of the folk symphony "Ukraine" "Chardash";

39.  Stelmashchuk "Moon in the sky";

40. Chmut "A Cossack rode, rode through the city";

41.  Tokar "If I had the wings of an eagle";

42.  Kushnirenko "Whose valley is it";


1. K. Loomer “Soon ah will be done”; 4.00

2. L. Dawson “Soon ah will be done”;

3. L. Jerhart "Dry bones";

4. H. Johnson “Ain’t Got time to die”;

5. Henry Smith “Ride the Chariot”;

6. Moses Hogan “Old Time Religion”;

7. Robert Shaw “If I got my ticket, can I ride”.

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