Multiple url opener for Firefox – There is no Blacker SEO! The General Concept of Cloaking

Multiple url opener for Firefox – There is no Blacker SEO! The General Concept of Cloaking

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I've already told you on the pages of my blog about doorways multiple url opener for firefox, now it's time for another fairly popular method of black seo - cloaking.

Cloaking is deliberately changing the content of a page for different visitors.

Mainly, this method is used by webmasters to deceive search engine robots. That is, when a regular user comes to the site, he sees normal readable content and continues to surf with pleasure.

But, when the domain on which cloaking is applied is visited by a search engine indexer robot the page content changes to a very highly optimized one

Such content cannot be shown to real people multiple url opener for firefox, they will simply close the browser page and go to another resource, since the text with a huge number of keywords causes, perhaps, disgust.

Also, the cloaking method is often used by link merchants, because it is known that the presence of seo links on a site can have an extremely negative effect, both on the site's position in the crescent and on its indexing

Therefore, many webmasters and multiple url opener for firefox

For example, who have added their resources in glanders, do not want to show sales links to Yandex. And cloaking is used. The sapa robot is shown pages with exchange links, and the Yandex robot is shown clean and white pages.

If the exchange moderators find out about the use of such cloaking, the site will be deleted, and your account on the exchange will be blocked.

I am not going to describe the technical implementation of the cloaking method.

This can be done in various programming languages and is based on either the HTTP referrer, or the user's IP, or the user-agent of his browser

Based on these values, the content on a specific page is changed.

Please do not confuse you with cloaking sites that provide interfaces in different languages, depending on which country the visitor came from. There is a REDIRECTION to another page or regional domain, rather than replacing the content on the same URL.

More black-box optimization techniques will be presented in future posts, so welcome to my RSS!