Mountaintop Ultimatum Pt. 02

Mountaintop Ultimatum Pt. 02

Mountaintop Ultimatum Part - 2

This a true story of a husband and wife. Like every relationship there are lots of twists and turns (some unexpected) but its 100% non-fiction. This is the second part of the series and there will be more parts to follow that span several years, so if you enjoy it I hope you look for my other submissions in the near future.

- The Stranger in the room

The following morning it was Saturday and we were greeted with sunshine through the draped windows. Outside I caught a glimpse of the fogged blanketed mountaintops. They are called the "Smokey Mountains" for a reason. I quickly got out of bed and put on a t-shirt and shorts. I found the coffeepot in the kitchen and started to brew a fresh pot of coffee.

My wife who was still sleeping began to stir a little as the smell of coffee filled the air of our small cabin. I poured us both a cup. She likes her coffee with just Hazelnut creamer, and A LOT of it. I like mine with just a little creamer, but with sugar also. My wife got out of bed and wrapped herself in the blanket and entered the main living room. We went out outside and sat in the Adirondack chairs that were in the yard, and just took in the gorgeous views in front of us.

In the distance I could see the foggy blanket rolling around in the valleys as the light breeze blew. It was mid-August, but in the mountains the air still has a slight crispness to it. We both wished was a little bit chillier though. After our coffee, went back in the cabin and got dressed for the day ahead. We had a train ride to catch in just a few hours, and we were both really excited about it.

We left the cabin and did some sightseeing in the area around where we were staying. The town was a small mountain town with just a few thousand people. Like most other towns, it had a small and very old downtown area filled with antique shops and locally owned eateries and boutiques. We decided to save exploring town for after the train ride. So, we just drove around looking at the mountains, and streams, and even found a few small waterfalls that always seem to have cold mountain water flowing over them.

Before we knew it, it was time to board the train. We rushed into town, and found our way to the small train depot to retrieve our boarding passes. This train is a real steam driven locomotive. It's strictly for tourism since the rail line doesn't really go anywhere as it was abandoned long ago. Soon we were on our way, and the rail line followed along side a large lake. As it winded through the terrain we crossed several bridges, and through a few tunnels.

We were treated with a light box lunch that I pre-selected when I made the reservations over a month prior. It was a little under 2hrs to our destination at a rafting and adventure center that was tucked away deep in the mountains. This in the end of the rail line also, and as the groups of people toured the grounds, the train left the depot and went to a turnaround area for our return trip back to town. We had about an hour to enjoy the layover stop which is filled with touristy trinkets and souvenirs to buy. We browsed but didn't really buy anything.

Soon the train whistles were blowing signaling us to reboard for the trip back down the mountain. It was a gorgeous ride back but it went by much quicker than expected. I remember just watching my wife's emotions on her face as she peered out and into the wilderness. The sunlight through the trees lit her face up, and for a while she sat with her eyes closed just breathing in the mountain air. I could see a tear well up in her eye just before she opened them again. She was truly at peace for those few peaceful moments. The stress of life had escaped her, and she was one with nature if only for a brief time. She looked happy. She is a beautiful woman, and at that moment I loved her deeper than I ever had before.

Our train ride ended about 4hrs after it began and we explored the small town for a few more hours after. We found a really neat ice cream shop, and each got a scoop of ice cream for while we walked around town. About halfway through the afternoon we decided to return to the cabin to relax. We got back to the cabin, and I was exhausted. I found myself relaxing on the leather couch watching some college football on the TV. My wife made herself a large glass of red wine, and went outside to sit on the porch.

I guess it was about an hour later or so when she silently came through the door, and straight to me. She left the door to the cabin standing wide open. She took the TV remote from me and turned off the TV. She straddled me, and put her arms around my shoulders and she kissed me deeply. She was horny, and wanted sex right then! Come to find out, as I sat in the living room watching football, she was outside drinking her wine, and watching erotic videos on her cell phone. She got herself worked up, and then came inside to get off.

We kissed for a while and she was grinding her crotch on mine, and my cock quickly began to stiffen underneath my blue jeans. She ground her pussy onto me and started to kiss and bite on the right side of my neck. She was already breathing hard, and very turned on. I think she would've came just like that had she continued for a minute or two more.

Suddenly my wife jumped up from my lap and swiftly dropped her khaki shorts to the floor. She doesn't hardly ever wear panties anymore, and today was no exception to that. She unclasped my belt, unbuttoned my blue jeans, and with on motion she pulled them and boxer shorts off of me throwing them aside. My already stiffened cock instantly sprang straight up like a flag pole.

She climbed back on top of me, and immediately onto my cock. She was soaking wet! She plunged down on my cock like a sex craved animal, and began to ride me hard. It was no time and she was cumming hard. Her pussy was like a waterfall and soaked me. She began to slow her motions and soon she was almost stationary for a bit. She was just rocking her hips back and forth, and just like the night prior she was flexing her pelvic muscles on my cock.

She realized that she had left the front door open, and she asked "what if someone walked through the door right now?" I responded with the only thing that came to mind, "they would get to watch my wife get fucked." As soon as I made that statement, she reacted by speeding up her rhythms and was once again fucking herself deep and hard with my cock. I closed my eyes and imagined a stranger standing in the room, watching my cock plunge in and out of my wife's soaking wet cunt.

Scenarios of wild and erotic nature ran through my head. I thought to myself, "Would he just stand there and rub himself?......Would he ask to join in?......or would he be brazen and approach without asking and plunge his cock into my wife's virgin asshole?" She must have had her own erotic thoughts because I felt her muscles tense as an orgasm was building inside her. She began to speed up even more, and the walls of her pussy began to pulse again.

That tingling and tightening sensation began in my groin as the thoughts continued to race through my head. The head of cock stiffened and I knew I was about to cum, and I began to spurt hot streams of cum deep into my wife's cunt as she erupted with another screaming orgasm. Her fingernails dug into my shoulders, and soon her orgasm finally began to subside. She arched her back and took in my cock deep as she collapsed onto my chest breathing heavily and sweating. After a while she stood up from my lap, and I felt a cool sensation on my lap............I was drenched in our juices. We got a few towels from the bathroom and cleaned ourselves up, then got dressed.

I finished watching the football game on the TV and my wife continued reading her book. That night we went to bed kind of early because the next day had a full plate planned. We were going to do more sightseeing and there was going to be lots of driving involved so I wanted plenty of rest beforehand.

- To be continued

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