Motrichko misses the chances

Motrichko misses the chances

In the 3rd and 4th rounds of Rapid tournament of IMSA Masters championship one of the leaders of Women's tournament Victoria Motrichko missed important chance to run away from the concurrence.

3rd round[@SL]f_2115/2_14_17

This position is not for computer but for the human being.

Computer doesn't show here anything special.
White played here 44.32-27 and after 12-17 45.27-21 the game soon ended in draw.

Also other moves are for computer using the end game database are just draw.
But I'm pretty sure that if white would play here 44.32-28 and after 12-17 45.16-11 17x6 46.28-23 18-22 23-18 we could see the difference between machine and human : for human (and with very limited time) this position is lost while computer still find some unrealistic escape with 13-19, 20-24.

4th round[@SL]f_2115/3_3_14

Being in difficult position young Chinese player choose for extraordinary and surprising move 35.32-27.
Victoria captured 23x32 and after 36.27x18 21-27 couldn't win the piece 18. Though she kept some advantage it wasn't enough for win.

But she could capture different: 35.22x31 36.36x27 23x32 White win the piece back after 37.27-22 17x28 38.26x17 but...

38...32-37!! 39.42x31 20-24 40.33x22 24-30 41.35x13 8x36 42.48-42 2-8 and after 8-12 black slowly but sure breaking through.
Also here computer probably can escape. And also here we know that humans aren't computers (Hallelujah)


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