Mothers and Daughters Ch. 02

Mothers and Daughters Ch. 02

This is the second chapter in a series of postings about a young woman, Melissa, who returns from college with her new boyfriend, Jamie, for a visit to her home, a ranch in a remote corner of Southeastern Oregon, and discovers that her parents, Lisa and Luke, have drastically changed their sex lives. It will work better if you have read the prior Chapter.

By the time breakfast was done and cleaned up, a lunch packed for the saddlebags, horses saddled, and Luke and Jamie dispatched to their chore of splitting and stacking firewood, it was nearing 10:00 o'clock. Chores done, Lisa and Melissa saddled up and rode through the gate at the upper end of the pasture and then up the trail that ran along the ridge towards the big peak to the South.

The morning was warm and clear, as most summer days are in the Owyhee country. They rode along in silence, each woman lost in her own thoughts. Lisa struggling to decide just how much to tell her daughter about how she and her father, Luke had changed their personal lives since Melissa had gone away to college, Melissa puzzling over just what it was that Lisa was going to tell her that would explain why she had been fondling her father's cock during dinner last night. Neither was yet ready to ask questions or offer explanations.

An hour later they were high on the ridge approaching the point where the trail would take horses no further toward the peak looming before them. Lisa turned her mount to the left and followed the trail down a steep hill toward a clump of aspen growing in a cirque at the base of the sheer cliffs of the peak. In the center of the aspen grove there was a spring and a small lake, more a shallow pond, but it was clear and cool. This was the headwaters of Antelope creek, the water source for the irrigated bottom land that had made the AA Ranch viable for over a century. Melissa had been here more times than she could count. As a teenager it was the place she had gone to get away from her parents when she was in conflict with them during the summers.

They swung out of the saddle and stretched. Melissa hadn't done any riding for months and she knew she was going to be sore. Besides she was already a bit sore from the fucking Jamie had given her last night while they watched her parents from the haymow of the barn. As soon as Lisa had pulled the lunch from the saddle bags Melissa led the horses to a patch of grass twenty or thirty yards away and hobbled them. While the women ate and talked, the horses could graze and keep their flies to themselves. She walked back through the trees and found her mother sitting with her bare feet in the lake, the lunch spread out beside her. Lisa had shed the blue work shirt she was wearing and was naked from the waist up.

"Come join me," Lisa said looking over her shoulder at Melissa and patting the soft grass beside her.

"Do I have to strip down?" Melissa asked.

"Only if you wish too," Lisa responded. "The water is cool on my feet and the breeze feels lovely on my breasts. It's so nice up here because it's still green. I swear summer comes earlier each year.

"You know," she continued, "your Father and I often ride up here and make love these days. At least when there isn't anyone else around and sometimes when there are others with us, depending on who they are."

"You have sex with other people up here?" Melissa asked, shocked again.

"Yes. Sometimes there are three or four other couples up here with us. The partnering gets pretty . . . shall I say 'casual,' with a group that size." She smiled thinking of a time when she had been fucked by four different men here on the banks of this little lake and been eaten by their partners. Each of them had driven her to a climax, although by the time they finished with her she wasn't sure she had the energy for the ride back down the ridge to the ranch. It was a birthday celebration for her. Much better than a cake with too many candles, she thought with a secret little smile.

"Sit down Melissa, and let me tell you about it. Your father and I have changed." On the ride up Lisa had decided that she was going to tell her daughter everything about her and Luke's new life. There was just no way to tell only part of it. But where to start, that was the challenge.

Melissa sat down and pulled her boots and socks off. The cool water felt delicious. She looked at her mother, leaning back with her eyes closed, her head back and her hands holding her breasts out to the warm sun.

"God, I love it up here," Lisa said. She looked over at her daughter and said, "You know sometimes when Luke's not around and I have this place to myself, I ride up here, strip down so I'm naked and masturbate." She giggled. "I pack a vibrator along with the lunch. I can make all the noise I want when I climax. The horse doesn't seem to mind. He's always busy grazing over there where you hobbled them today."

Melissa was no stranger to using this aspen glade as a place to masturbate. She had done it frequently in the summer before she left for college. But it was this business of swingers that she needed to know about. She stripped off her shirt and then, thinking, "in for a penny, in for a pound," she shucked off her jeans and her panties and sat naked next to her mother, her feet in the water. It was far from the first time she had been naked here.

"Okay Mom," she said. "Tell me what's been going on."

"Sure, but I think we need a beer first." She rose and walked a few feet to where she had left a six pack cooling in the pond, returning with a can of reasonably cold beer for each of them. "I guess I better catch up with you too," she said, handing Melissa both beers and then stripping off the rest of her clothes before she sat down.

The only sound beyond the rustling of the aspens in the light breeze was the popping of the snap tabs on the two beers as Melissa sat waiting for her mother to begin and Lisa struggled with how to go about telling her daughter how things had changed.

"Hmmm. Where to start?" she said. She thought for a minute and then said "I have to go all the way back to the beginning for this to make sense. It'll work best if you let me tell the whole story. Then you can ask questions and pass judgement if you will."

Melissa responded with silence and Lisa began to talk:

"Our problems began even before you went off to college, but you were a teenager, so there was no reason to expect you to notice. Besides, our problems revolved around our sex life, or really our lack of sex life, and we weren't exactly open about such things with our children in those days, or even with each other for that matter, which turned out to be the core of the problem.

"Luke was spending a lot of time in Salem politicking and when he wasn't there he was obsessed with trying to run three ranches on his own. And I was. . . how do I put it?. . .I was bored, lonely, and feeling sorry for myself. Yes all of those, and oh yeah, I was horny too. The summer before you left, I just about wore out a vibrator up here. She laughed. But the vibrator just wasn't the same as Luke. We weren't in a good place. Even worse we weren't talking about it.

"Now I don't want you to get the idea that we weren't still in love. I loved your father passionately, right from the day I met him, and I still loved him then, despite our troubles. I still love him today, even though we both have sex with others. We've just learned how to separate love and lust. Love is exclusive and mutual, but not lust.

"I would learn later that Luke wasn't a happy man either. He was sick of politics, the rain in Salem was depressing, and he missed his wife and lover.

"It all came to a head when I learned that he was having an affair with a woman over in Salem. We had a huge fight and I threatened to divorce him, even though that was the last thing in the world I wanted. I wanted my lover back, but I had this idea that having my lover back meant it had to be exclusive. I thought he wouldn't be back, if he was still fucking Sally when he was in Salem.

"But the things Luke was trying to do in Salem, the political things, frustrating as they were to him, were still things he thought he should be treating as important. And Sally? I think she just helped take the edge off his frustration, or at least that is how their affair had started.

"It was your brother Sam that saved us. He sat us down one night and tried to talk sense to us. We weren't prepared to share our troubles with him, but he made a great suggestion. He sent us to see a minister over in Boise who did marriage counseling. Sam and his wife Gina had seen him when they were having marital difficulties. He didn't tell us anything about his and Gina's problems or about Reverend Christensen's counseling methods, which are unique to say the least.He just got us to agree to meet with the Reverend, made a call, and got us an appointment. It changed our lives, but it was pretty crazy at first.

"Our first meeting with the Rev, as we call him, was in his office in Boise. The Rev is a tall handsome fellow in . . .oh, I would guess his late thirties. He is leaner than Luke. There is something about him that just radiates sex, even when he is not talking about it. God, he even looks sexy when he is standing in the pulpit preaching." Lisa shook her head at the thought.

"I guess it's his eyes. Sexy men always have that look about their eyes. I don't know how to describe it, but I sure know it when I see it. Your new friend Jamie is like that. So is Luke.

"The Rev was sitting behind a desk dressed in the black shirt and slacks and the ecclesiastical collar of a minister. We were sitting in chairs before his desk. He asked a few questions and slowly drew us into describing our problems without either of us losing our tempers or shutting down. He's a good interviewer.

"When he was done asking questions he sat in silence thinking. 'You know,' he said. 'you are like a lot of couples I see. Your problem is not that you aren't in love. I can see that's there a lot of love between you. More than most couples I see. Your problems revolve around your sex life.'

"Your father started to speak, but the Rev held up his hand and asked him to wait. He then delivered a pretty lengthy speech about how sex, even with all its kinks and perversions, was really a gift that God had given us and that the normal teachings of the conservative religions had denied and maligned God's intention with this gift. He told us that we needed to re-train ourselves to savor and enjoy God's gift. And . . . this was the important part that I questioned at first . . . we needed to recognize that God had intended sex to be enjoyed separate and apart from love. We could be in love while we were in lust with others and should be to fully enjoy the life he had given us. Being in love didn't mean we owned our partner's sex life.

"I guess we both looked a bit dubious, because he then said, 'No it's really true, and I can teach you how to enjoy sex again without it getting in the way of your love for each other.'

"Luke and I looked at each other for a long moment, but we were both so deeply in love and so unhappy that we were willing to try anything to end our misery. We nodded our heads, and he asked us to come to his house for dinner that night and our first training session.

"The Rev's buxom little wife, Julia, served wine and cheese before dinner. I noticed that every time she poured wine for us she gave both Luke and me a look down the front of her dress at her big tits. Luke, the horndog he has always been, was enjoying her little show, and I . . . well, I was far from offended. At that point in my life I had never made love with a woman, but I have to admit I always noticed attractive women, and frankly that worried me a bit." Lisa laughed." I've gotten over worrying about that. There's nothing wrong with women lusting after and enjoying other women. By the time we moved to dinner, the top two buttons on Julia's dress were opened and a generous amount of cleavage was visible. She has great tits.

"The Rev arranged our seating at dinner so that Luke and I sat opposite each other with the Rev sitting next to me and Julia sitting next to Luke. I noticed that they both sat quite close to us, even though it was a long table. The discussion over dinner was about sex. How people did it, why they did it, why it was fun. The Rev pointed out that there was a lot more to sex than just a quick fuck in the missionary position (as dinner progressed his language become more graphic). The conversation was not clinical, but it was not like watching pornography either. Somehow the Rev could graphically describe aspects of sex in a way that was . . . how do I describe it . . . just a bit naughty and definitely erotic without being smutty like cheap porn. That won't make sense to you. You'll have to meet him some day to understand.

"Above the table was polite, even if it was covering topics not usually discussed at a dinner party, but meanwhile there was another whole program going on beneath the table. As soon as the first course was served (by a tall, lean, attractive young woman named Kat that we would get to know much better later on) I felt the Rev's hand on my thigh. I stiffened and he leaned over and whispered in my ear, 'It's okay. Just enjoy. Luke won't know.' Luke told me later that Julia was doing the same thing and made the same suggestion to him. By the time dinner was over Luke's pants were open and Julia was stroking his erect dick, but I of course couldn't see what was going on. On my side of the table, my dress was hiked up above my hips, and the Rev was rubbing my pussy through my soaked panties. It was letting the Rev molest me while Luke sat calmly across the table from me not seeing a thing. I was incredibly aroused . . . no, just plain horny. It was so nasty and so wrong, and now I know that is why it felt so good. Really good sex needs to feel a little wrong, like others wouldn't approve, if they knew.

"After dinner, our clothing buttoned up, we went downstairs to a basement room the Rev called the 'Play Room.' He asked Julia to follow with more wine. There were large pictures on the walls, all of them pornographic—fucking, sucking, licking in every position and combination of partners you could imagine. There was also a large video screen on the wall and a pair of couches facing each other. A week earlier I would have been embarrassed to walk into a room with such graphic sex hanging on the walls, but after what I had let the Rev do upstairs, it just made me hornier.

"Julia came down the stairs with more wine and glasses and poured each of us a glass. I noticed that her bra had gone missing and her blouse was barely buttoned. Her big tits wobbled lustfully as she came down the stairs. 'As you can see,' the Rev said, 'The focus of this room is sex.'

"Julia laughed and interrupted, 'There is a lot of fucking and sucking that goes on in this room. It's not just dirty pictures.'

"We sat on the couches sipping the wine while the Rev talked about each of the pornographic pictures surrounding us, telling us what the people were doing (which was obvious) and why it felt good, even who they were, all friends. The Rev and I were on one couch, our hips pressed together, and Julia and Luke on the other. Julia's skirt was pushed well up her legs. I was getting drunker and hornier.

" 'Now, Luke,' the Rev asked. 'What was Julia doing during dinner?' He had placed his hand on my thigh as he spoke. I could feel the warmth of his flesh through my skirt.

" 'Eating'?" his voice a bit uncertain.

" 'No, I mean below the table.'

" 'Oh she was stroking my cock.' I wasn't surprised given what the Rev had been doing to me, but I was a little surprised Luke would answer quite so openly and honestly. I suspected he was as drunk as me.

" 'And were you enjoying that'?" the Rev asked. His fingers were lightly massaging my thigh.

"Luke nodded. Julia was stroking his cock through his trousers again. He had an obvious erection creating a huge bulge.

" 'And what do you think I was doing with Lisa while we ate, below the table?' Now his fingers had slid to the inside of my thigh. It felt marvelous, but it had to be obvious to Luke.

Luke shrugged.

" 'What was I doing Lisa?'

" 'You were rubbing my pussy.' I said. I was a little shocked at my frank response in front of Luke.

" 'And did it feel good?'

"I nodded.

" 'And did each of you feel like you were getting away with something the other didn't know about?'

"I said, 'Yes.' I was blushing massively.

" 'And you Luke?' the Rev asked forcing him to answer.

" 'Yes.'

" 'Good. But now everyone knows and nothing bad has happened, has it?'

"Luke and I shook our heads. 'Actually I'm just horny as hell,' I said. I could see there was a telltale lump in Luke's trousers. I picked up one leg and hooked my heel on the couch. My dress slid down my thigh so the Rev's fingers were now on my bare flesh.

" 'Good,' the Rev replied. 'That means you are ready for lesson two.'

" 'Lesson two'?" we asked.

" 'Do you masturbate?' he asked us. His hand slid down my thigh, but still short of reaching my sex.

"We both laughed. 'That's about all we do any more,' Luke responded.

" 'In front of each other?'

" 'Uh no, at least not in the last twenty years or so,' Luke responded.

" 'At least that long,' I added.

" 'Well now you're going to, and it's going to be in front of each other and in front of Juli

a and me. First we all have to get naked.'

"When we hesitated, the Rev said, 'Come on. Do you want to improve your sex life or not?'

" 'Okay.' I stood and begin to peel my clothes off. I took my time. Stripping down in front of strangers was very sexy. I hadn't expected that.

"When Luke hesitated. The Rev said, 'Luke we all know you've got a boner. Don't worry about it. We all want to see it, don't we Julia?'

" 'Yes, I want to see him squirt on my tits'."

" 'Yes,' I agreed. 'I want to see that too.'

"That was enough for Luke. He stood and peeled his clothes off. The four of us were soon sitting at opposite corners of the two couches masturbating.

" 'Take your time everyone. The point of this exercise is to enjoy watching and being watched. We call it voyeurism/exhibitionism 101.'

"It felt so nasty. I was leaning back against the corner of the couch, my legs spread as wide as I could get them as I slowly stroked my pussy lips. I had never done anything like this in my life; well I had for Luke, but it was long ago and not with other people in the room.

"My attention moved slowly from Luke's casual stroking of his enraged dick, a weapon I knew so well from almost thirty years of marriage, to Julia's big soft tits, nipples engorged and sticking straight out and her cleanly shaved pussy which she was stroking with the same slow languor as me, to the Rev's erect dick sprouting from an oversize pair of balls which he was slowly stroking as an occasional drop of shinning liquid emerged from the tip. I was surrounded by lust.

"We kept up our slow masturbation for at least 15 minutes, until the Rev asked, 'Who isn't having fun now?'

"Luke and I smiled. 'Not us,' I said. 'This is the most erotic thing we've ever done.'