Most asked questions for the Blackview P2

Most asked questions for the Blackview P2

Johannes Mateboer

There are some questions about the Blackview P2 that keep coming. So here's a list with the most common questions and the answers.

Can I root this phone?

Yes, you can! When you activate Developer options (tap Build-number 7 times), a switch appears that allows you to root your device. The code needed for that is: 252258439.

Your phone will reboot and install SuperSU. Now you have a rooted phone!

Does it have a gyroscope?

The chipset used in this phone (the MT6750) does support gyroscopes. However(!) the P2 does not contain the hardware. If you install an app, the app will tell you there's a gyroscope, but there isn't. It's software talking to the chip.

Does it support Android 7?

At the moment of writing there's not an official release yet. However, according to this forum-post a release will become available, by OTA or download, that's not sure yet. For now, you're on 6.0

Can I flash my phone?

Blackview releases ROM's on their forum. Now, how to install it? Click here for a guide for Windows 10.

Is the phone any good?

Yes it is. It's fast, has an amazing battery-life, and just does the job. If and when the upgrade to Android 7 will be released, it will be a powerfull beast for all your heavy work. However, it's a heavy phone. The battery (6000mAh, yes: an actual 6000mAh) makes the device heavy.

The fact that you can root it, install everything you want with an amazing batterylife makes this phone a nice one for the European market.