Morning After the Halloween Party Pt. 02

Morning After the Halloween Party Pt. 02

This story is a continuation of the story "Morning After the Halloween Party" in which our protagonist (Ryan) awakens to what he believed was a blowjob from his girlfriend (Stacy) only to find out that it was actually his girlfriend's younger sister (Alice). Hijinks ensue as Ryan allows her to continue her oral attentions until eventually Stacy wakes up to find the two in the precarious of position of Alice rimming Ryan and to Ryan's surprise Stacy opts to join in the fun rather than storm out. Our previous installment ended with Stacy dropping the bombshell that Ryan would love to cum in her ass, causing him to lose control and paint both of the sisters' faces with his seed, and thats where we will pick this up.

This story will contain: FFM, Anal, Cumplay, Name-Calling, Squirting, and Incest.

Everyone knows that a man never has a clearer head than immediately after an orgasm. I generally am my most productive self after having experienced my sexual release and can often make a detailed to do list as I come down from my euphoric high. Those few seconds are also when the guilt creeps in over whatever depraved sexual act I had previously been engaging in and this morning was no different.

I looked down below me at my gorgeous girlfriend and her devillish younger sister. They still had on their lingerie from the night before and their faces were dripping in the cum that I had just blasted them with. At the beginning of a sexual experience this sight would've made me rock hard, but at the end of one I began to question if we had gone too far.

Before I could open my mouth to apologize Alice opened hers. She looked at her sister and said "Hey! No fair, you got way more than me!" 

She then leaned over her sister, opened her mouth and ran her tongue over Stacy's cheek, scooping up my cum as she went. Once she had a decent-sized mouthful she looked up at me, made intense eye-contact, and swallowed. 

My guilt had begun to subside and my cock had begun to stir again, but I wasnt completely sure of the situation until Stacy looked up at me and then over to her sister. In Alice's haste to get my seed off of Stacy's face some of the cum that had been on her own face had dripped down her neck and onto her chest. 

Stacy looked at me and said "I think we will have to get her out of this babe... get it washed for her so that when she goes home it's not completely ruined."

"I can try to get the stain out now..." She said as she lowered her face to her sister's lingerie and sucked my cum from the fabric, "but I still think it might stain if we dont wash it." She finished with her mouth full, not swallowing and instead tilting Alice's head back to spit my cum into her sister's mouth.

"I think you're right Stace," Alice said after hungrily swallowing every drop. "This is my favorite set of lingerie and I cant have it ruined after so few uses!" She exclaimed as she stood up and pushed me back onto the bed.

Alice proceeded to perform a striptease that I would never forget. She began by removing the cum-soaked corsette and tossing it to her sister saying "why don't you clean this off for me before putting it in the wash." 

I couldnt decide what to watch. The perfect tits of my soon-to-be sister-in-law swaying tantalizingly in front of my face, or my usually-buttoned-up girlfriend on her knees still coated in my seed eating my cum off of her sister's lingerie like it was her last meal. 

Regardless, my guilt was gone and my throbbing erection had returned as Alice stood directly in front of me. She let me get a good look at her chest before turning around and slowly bending over until her perfect ass was the only thing I could see, still barely (and frustratingly) covered by the tiniest red thong ever devised by man.

I was so entranced that I hadn't even noticed Stacy had gotten up and was beside me as I watched her sister undress. I didnt acknowledge her existence until I felt her fingers in my hair as she shoved my face into her sister's ass with enough force that I almost sent Alice toppling over. 

She regained her balance quickly and turned around to see that this decision was endorsed by her sister before grinding her ass back against my face. I couldn't believe my luck, but I still decided to press it as I opened my mouth and slid my tongue against her asshole through her panties, elicitng a moan from Alice. "Mmm... your boyfriend is dirty Stace..." she moaned again holding still for a second allowing me to slide my tongue under her thong and make contact with her tight little rosebud.

"Oh fuck... he has his tongue in my ass..." She moaned as Stacy let go of my head and got off of the bed. Soon I felt her bebeath me but instead of going for my cock I heard Alice exclaim again.

"God damn that is incredible!" she yelled. I pulled away for a brief moment before Alice grabbed my head an forced it back between her ass cheeks, but in that time I saw my girlfriend between her sister's legs, inches from me, as she licked at her bald pussy.

After everything Alice had already done for me this morning it would only be fair for Stacy and I to repay the favor by applying our oral talents to each of her pleasure centers so I continued to eat her ass with renewed vigor. Before too long I heard Alice begin to pant more heavily and I could feel her tight little asshole squeezing my tongue as her orgasm approached.

"Get on the floor with Stacy!" She said to me as she pulled my hair away from her ass and pulled me to the ground. She lay back on the bed, legs spread wide, as she began to vigorously work her clit with her hand. "Time to repay that facial." Stacy said with a wicked grin as she held my face inches from her sister's pussy and as I tried to comprehend what she had just said Alice exploded. 

She screamed as it happened but the explosion came from her pussy as it squirted all over my face and our bed like a geyser. I only hesitated for a moment before opening my mouth and savoring every drop of her orgasm.

When it finally subsided I turned to Stacy and kissed her deeply letting her taste her sister on my tongue before moving up to Alice's exhausted face and kissing her equally as deeply. 

"What would you beautiful little sluts say to a shower right now?" I asked looking down at the two of them, girlcum still dripping from my beard. 

"Sounds good to me!" said Alice and Stacy nodded her approval as well. 

Soon we were all in our oversized walk-in shower and my erection was even more obvious than it was on the bed. The girls were doing nothing to help eliminate it as they washed each other in the most sensuous way they could without bringing each other to orgasm.

"Alright that's enough. Let's have some fun, shall we?" I said, closing the gap betweene us and they looked at each other excitedly, "we were hoping you'd say that." Stacy said as she reached out for my throbbing cock. 

"Tell us what you want baby..." Alice whispered in my left ear as she dropped to her knees.

"We will do ANYTHING..." Stacy whispered in my right ear as she followed her sister down to her knees.

I took a moment to relish in this situation before making my move. "Stace, I didnt get to see you eating your sister's pussy like a dirty little slut, so I want you to lay down on your back and Alice is going to sit that bald cunt on your face." I said looking at the two of them with confidence.

"And while Alice has her pussy serviced I'm going to be throatfucking her brains out." I finished as I watched my beautiful girlfriend lay down on our shower floor and her sister hover above her before engaging her cunt to her mouth.

As soon as Stacy's tongue met Alice's pussy Alice's eyes closed in ecstasy. I took that moment to assert control over the situation by grabbing her by the back of her head and guiding her to my cock which slid instantly into her mouth. Rather than stopping I continued to push until my cock head hit the back of Alice's throat and I held it there until I felt her nails in my thighs and when I pulled out to allow her to breathe she gasped as my saliva-covered cock dripped down onto Stacy's body below us.

"Your sister is a pretty good little cock-sucker baby." I said to Stacy. "Why don't you do what I was doing earlier and get your tongue deep in her filthy little ass. We need to get it nice and lubed up for what's coming next." I said to both of them before playfully slapping Alice's pretty face with my cock.

Seeing Alice's look of surprise told me that Stacy was good at following orders as her tongue was now exploring her sister's tight little ass to prepare it for the anal attack I'd be launching momentarily.

"You should do your part as well slut," I said looking down at Alice. "Make sure this cock is appropriately lubed to destroy that perfect ass of yours." And without any further prompting my cock disappeared back down Alice's throat as she gagged on it repeatedly.

After what seemed like forever I pulled out of her throat and told her to stay where she was, pinning Stacy to the ground. Then I maneuvered her into a 69 with my girlfriend as I aligned my cock with Alice's pussy directly above my girlfriend's face, my spit-soaked balls pressed against her face as I impaled her sister before her eyes. 

"Just need a bit more lube for this next part, sorry babe." I said, not truly sorry at all and to my delight I felt her tongue slide against the underside of my balls telling me she wasn't sorry either.

"Do it." I heard Stacy's voice say. "Take that big thick cock and fuck my sister's little whore ass with it." With encouragement like that I couldn't help myself as I took my cock out of her pussy and pushed the head slowly against her little rosebud. There was a decent amount of give considering the tonguing and fingering it had taken this morning but I still moved slowly to maintain the possibility of future anal encounters with Alice.

Before long, my entire length was sheathed within the ass of my girlfriend's sister and after a few seconds of no movement she rocked back against me. After a few more seconds she rocked back a little harder. "You dirty little bitch!" Stacy said from under us in shock that her sister had actually managed this.

"He. Is. So. Fucking. BIG!" Alice finally said after a few minutes of silence as she was now rocking back with enough frequency to be defined as fucking herself on my cock. 

"Use my ass baby! Fuck me raw! I fucking need this!" She exclaimed as she had now found her voice and I needed no additional invitation. I grabbed her waist and began to fuck her asshole with reckless abandon, feeling my balls slap against Stacy's face below us as I did so.

"That's it baby, fuck her tight little asshole. Fucking cum in her ass baby you know you want to." I heard Stacy say after a few minutes of filthy talk between her sister and I. She was right. There was nothing I wanted more than to deposit my seed deep insider of Alice's ass. And right when I was about to cum Alice turned her head around to face me and said "Cum in my ass baby! And when you pull that big cock out of my ass you can shove it down my throat while your cum leaks from my ass into your girlfriend's slutty little mouth."

Everything went fuzzy at that point. My moment of clarity would be coming soon because I had lost all control and torrents of semen were now being shot into the bowels of my girlfriend's slut of a sister. After what felt like an hour had passed and a gallon of cum had been shot from my balls I finally went to pull out and I heard stacy say "Don't fucking move Alice, I don't want to miss a single drop." 

I watched as Stacy buried her face between her sister's ass cheeks and licked as hungrily as if there were a delicious popsicle hidden somewhere out of sight. 

"You guys are a little kinkier than I thought..." Alice said. "But there's no way you're ready for round three..."

To be continued?