More Into League of Legends: Read My Blogpost

More Into League of Legends: Read My Blogpost

The online game “League of Legends” was released on October 27, 2009, under Riot Games. It has become the second most profitable game in eSports history. It is a competitive team-based game. You can download it on your PC or laptops. Every team has 5 players, versus another team with 5 players too. Each player gets to choose a unique character or champion to play for the match. There are more than 140 champions available now in the game.

The only goal of each team is to defeat the opponent. The game can be played for at least 20 minutes to an hour at most.

Each player will have their own champion- that means there are 10 champions per game. Want to know more? Better read my blogpost, the whole page.

Popular Champions:

·       Tristana (Role: AD Carry)

·       Janna (Role: Support)

·       Ezreal (Role: Ad Carry)

·       Thresh (Roles: Support)

·       Vayne (Role: AD Carry)

·       Lulu (Role: Support)

These Champions are individual units or characters that are directly controlled by online gamers or players. Champions are only one of its kind- yes they are unique from each other, so no character are closely the same. In a standard play between the two teams, there can only be one of each champion- meaning no repetition of champions. To elaborate further, 10 champions picked in one game are all different characters, none of the champions in each team are the same.

So you ask, what makeups’ a champion then? Well, the player himself controls the champion since each of them move independently. They have different abilities as well, some are faster. They auto-attack when the player decides to click the enemy unit. There are “melee” champions, those who attack closely to the target. And the “ranged” champions, those who can immediately begin to auto attack an enemy unit from afar.

Nature of The Game

League of Legends or LOL is commonly liked in spite of its very complex nature. When you want to watch or get involved with League, you need to recognize the basics prior to learning the complicated stuff.

Game Objective

There are two teams with 5 members each, each team, therefore, is tasked to guard their base from their opponents. The two teams are Red Team and Blue Team. Red Team in the upper right part of the map, blue team located in the upper left.

The aim of each team is to protect the “Nexus” because the team who gets to destroy the opponents’ nexus will win the game. Although the Nexus is guarded by two towers known in the game as “turrets”, these two towers shall be destroyed first.

Goal as a Beginner

Your main goal first is, of course, to start with the basics, and then getting to know other major characters or champions and as you progress forward into deep details, read a lot of tips and techniques from top gamers. After doing your own research, you will now have a better perceptive of what game is, and with the basics and the tips you have acquired from other gamers, you are good to go!