Mom's liberation chapter 4

Mom's liberation chapter 4


She has also made it clear she wants some loving time with you!" Mike relayed some events of the night

"Oh hell yeah! That's fucking awesome! Mike! She actually got you down her throat! Wow! You go girl."

I'm going to have a problem. I can't get to my clothes. What I'm wearing is wet." Ruth stated

"No biggie, you get inside go right to the washer and strip Mike and I go naked all the time. I'll even strip with you." Carol explained. Mike went on giving highlights of the night. He told her about what had been decided for teaching and helping Ruth, Sam, and possibly Tonya.

"baby we might need to get you some of those blue pills! Ruth, me, Sam, and maybe Tonya. You'll be fucking all the time you're home!" Carol was obviously excited.

"I'm concerned about Tonya. I'm afraid it might freak her out . I don't even know how I'll tell her!"

" "Look you've made a decision! Stick to it! You owe you! Tonya is 20 she can either accept it or let you be! She's grown and can choose for herself! You have had a good night right? Enjoyed yourself?" Carol put it plain. They got out of the truck and went to the back porch into the kitchen. Mike had managed to get Sam out of the truck. He carried her inside.

The washer and dryer sat in the corner of the kitchen. Ruth went to the washer and took off her clothes. Tonya watched more than a little shocked. Ruth explained how she had decided to live, act, and be. Carol followed Mike as he took Sam upstairs, she silently mouthed be a bit to Ruth. This allowed Ruth one on one with Tonya.

"Ok you're saying you're going to fuck Mike, Carol, and Sam? You are no longer to be called mom it's Ruth? I get that you was done badly wrong. Can you just tell me why you made this choice?" Tonya was trying to wrap her brain around the new way.

"Simply put, for most of my life I suppressed all my sexual desires. I never was allowed to be sexually involved. Mike said it best I was a cum dumpster! I took Dale's cum when he wanted me to. He never allowed me to have any satisfaction. Look what he did when I began enjoying myself." Ruth explained. Tonya sat quiet for a bit. She was always the quiet one, thinking out every angle and understanding the situation completely before making a decision or move. Ruth sat quietly at the small table in the kitchen. Her breast sagged just slightly. She had the small pooch at her waist in her abdomen. That was her only flaws, and that was minimal. Yes she knew her bush needed attention, that's why she'd ask Mike earlier. She had been mistaken many times before to be Tonya's twin and she could see it!

"Ruth I do understand, I'm willing to try, but this is strange I don't know how to process it. I won't judge you or degrade you. I may have to step back, time to time to process!" Tonya calmly put her thoughts into words

"I appreciate you being honest with me. It is a bit to grasp I know."Ruth stated

"That's actually what you're going for! Sexual freedom and honesty. You openly sit naked in front of me with no shame. I admire you for that." Tonya commented.

"So what's the issues you are having problems with. You obviously get the basis of my sexual choices. If you tell me what it is bothering you, I might be able to help." Ruth answered. Again Tonya was quietly trying to process her response. Minutes pass, Ruth was used to this with her. Tonya wasn't slow, she was actually brilliant thus she over analyzes everything.

"I know intellectually that our human anatomy is nothing to be ashamed of. Mike, Carol, Sam, you, and I are physically fit and unscared. We have no reason to hide our body's yet we were made to feel shame at our nakedness. I'm not saying anything against unfit, scared people, but it's understandable why some would not wish to view them." Tonya made her first point and waited for Ruth.

"Hon the same thought process that you used to understand why unfit, scared, bodies would be unwanted views. Some people don't think the body should be seen. Yes there is a time and place, but common sense can dictate to you about that." Tonya grasp what Ruth was saying.

"I am afraid to say somethings to you! I have been bothered by fear!"

"Tonya that is another reason for me changing. Dale degraded and destroyed our family, I resent him for his actions. I hope to be able to help you, and your sister overcome his abuse. I want you to do me a huge favor, no matter what you think may be said, go ahead and say what you think and feel to us here. No matter what, I'm going to try and make us safe" Ruth knew Dale had damaged the whole family

"I avoided touching myself because dad caught me right after my first period! He….."Tonya trailed off hanging her head. Ruth was completely attentive. Frist Tonya say she's afraid to speak to Ruth on somethings and is fearful now this statement and her struggling to say it.

"Tonya please tell me what happened hon."Ruth feared what she was going to hear

"I had just had my first real period. I was a little weirded out, so I washed myself many times. I'd finally stopped flowing, but I still felt weird and funky. I was washing my cooch and it felt funny. I touched it with my fingers it felt funny. That's when dad caught me. He pulled his belt smacked my hand and cooch. He called me a fucking nasty whore as he hit me with the belt. He drug me to my room. He shoved me down on my bed. He called me a filthy cunt. He took out his penis and said he'd show me what treatment a nasty filthy whore could expect he got on my bed between my legs pushed his penis in me as he shoved in and pulled back he slapped me several times in my face calling me a filthy cunt and a gutter tramp and many other things." Tonya finished talking Ruth was openly crying she hugged Tonya

"I'm so sorry baby! I didn't know! How many times did he do that?" Ruth was hurting and mad,

"You remember I didn't get my first real period till I was 18. I spotted, cramped and all, but my first real full fledged one was mid way through senior year. I didn't give him another chance to try I moved out remember." Tonya explained

"Why didn't you tell me! That's so fucking wrong! I knew he was a fucking asshole, but wouldn't dream he would have touched you girls. I'm sorry baby, so very sorry!" Ruth was mad! She felt she let Tonya down!

"I didn't say anything because you'd have challenged him and gotten hurt real bad." Tonya knew her dad did her wrong. She didn't have a relationship because of him. She had some trust issues and several hang ups. She had wanted to have sexual release , but was hung up about it. "Ruth I um I have been thinking um I wanted to try and have sex, but I'm um"

"Dale hurt you on your first time! The no account piece of shit fucked with your head too." Ruth was trying to control herself but it was a struggle. "It makes me mad what he did hon. Would you want me to help you? Is that what you'd like?"

"I don't know. Maybe! If I had a good experience it may help me. I've tried on my own to get past things. I've yet to be able to masturbate because of the mental baggage. I have the intellectual knowledge saying masturbation, and most forms of sex is health. I further have knowledge that most forms of sex is enjoyable acceptable past time entertainment. I have this hang up with dad's bullshit. I haven't been able to do anything sexual. You would be the best choice to help me get past this. If I said stop you'd stop and you know to well how I was treated. Would it be to weird for you though? Not because I'm your daughter but because who broke me"

"No it actually be bad if I didn't help! I feel I failed you. Dale was a monster but he never gave me any sign he do that. No excuse he should never be trusted" Ruth moved behind Tonya kissing her neck as she hugged her from behind. Ruth's right hand was on Tonya flat stomach her left caressed her cheek and touching her hair. Tonya was stiff so Ruth caressed and lightly kissed without being aggressive. Tonya began to loosen up touching Ruth's hand and arms. Ruth took the next step by gripping Tonya's shirt hem lifting up. Tonya hesitated then allowed Ruth to pull her shirt up and off. Dropping it to the floor. Ruth kissed her shoulder as her hands touched her skin. Tonya was pressed against Ruth her ass grinding into Ruth. Tonya unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and guided Ruth's right hand down. Ruth needed no more prompting, she slid her hand down past the waist band of Tonya's panties. Her hand entered a heavy mound of course hair as it slid down between Tonya's legs. As Ruth's fingers slid past the mound of hair to Tonya's puffed womanhood she felt the wet hair to the sides. Her middle finger slid through her slit parting her folds. Ruth stopped her hand when her middle finger touched the bottom of Tonya's slit, then she applied light pressure as she drew her hand back. Ruth's middle finger pushed through the folds, as she drew her hand back across Tonya's wet slit. The finger crossed and pushed in ever so slightly Tonya's entry. Ruth halted her movement circled her middle finger as it pressed lightly at Tonya's entry. Ruth could feel Tonya responding to her touch, and heard her draw air sharply several times. Ruth had been caressing Tonya with her left, sliding it over her smooth skin. Ruth had been deliberately avoiding touching Tonya's breasts just gliding her hand softly on the sides and between. Ruth could feel Tonya's swollen bud against her palm. Ruth decided to make a multiple attack of sensation. She pressed her middle finger into the entry sinking it past the second knuckle, shifting her hand so her thumb pressed firmly on her swollen bud. Her left hand she placed on Tonya's right breast cupping her firm D cup, pinching her erect nipple between her middle and index fingers. She placed her mouth on Tonya's neck halfway between her ear and shoulder kissing and lightly biting. All this at once gave Tonya the desired result.

"Ohhhh HOLY SHITTT!" Tonya wailed. Ruth slid her finger in and out and rubbed Tonya's bud, slid her left hand up so she could pinch and twist Tonya's right nipple. Tonya moaned then began to make a sound like eeeeck high pitched. Tonya pushed against Ruth as her hip thrust, and she placed her left hand on the table for balance. Tonya's legs began to shake and her body began to contract. Ruth held her tight against as Tonya's body jerked. Ruth felt the flood, three huge blast erupted from Tonya as her inner walls contracted on Ruth's finger. Ruth shifted her left hand from Tonya's breast down so her arm crossed her body at the bottom of the rib cage. She slid her hand from inside Tonya's pants pulled out a chair. Tonya was still shaking from her orgasm, and Ruth was holding her up. Ruth helped Tonya in the chair, then pulled her shirt out from the washer dried her hand and put it back. Ruth pulled out a chair at the small table and sat across from Tonya. Tonya sat hunch over, her left forearm on the table head down, obviously still trying to regain herself after the tremendous orgasm.

"Tonya.. Are you ok hon?" Ruth was extremely worried. She felt she had pushed the issue. After what Dale did now her, Tonya my have terrible problems.

" hhhuu My God! I..I I don't know! I.. I can't stop shaking! I'm good! Just ahhhh.." Tonya had lifted her head and had a big smile pasted across her face as she tried to speak. Ruth was relieved at once seeing the smile and the gleam in her eyes. When she had sat in the chair her panties were bunched up slightly and the seam of her jeans pressed against them putting pressure on her clit. Rocking in the chair gave stimulation as she attempted to speak to Ruth. It hit her suddenly almost without warning. She shifted in the chair just as Ruth sat down feeling the tingle as her panties pressed against her clit. Slightly shifting and rocking sent more waves of pleasure! She tried to address Ruth, knowing Ruth was concerned how she felt after what happened. Tonya was still realing from her first orgasm as she stammered to Ruth, then it hit! Not the mind blowing, earth shaking, cataclysmic orgasm she had with Ruth, but still had power to rock Tonya's world!

"I'll take that as you're good with all the changes!" Ruth stated smiling as she watched Tonya hold on to the table and rock in her chair. The orgasm rippled through Tonya and Ruth watched. Her thoughts on many sexually freeing acts to come.

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