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Here are some my my favorite pictures of my daughter. Can't wait to see yours!

She HAD to have her basket of toys every night.

She fell asleep "reading" an empty photo album.

She started making messes and getting out all of her toys. We have since moved her toys out of the room.

She's done this a few other times. How does she breath like that let alone sleep??

This is my favorite. She crawled into a laundry bag. Seriously???

For some reason she prefers to sleep anywhere but her bed.

At grandma's house she emptied out their bookshelf. 

We walked in and couldn't see her anywhere. Then we spotted her zebra legs poking out from under the crib. Also notice she put all of the stuffed animals in baby brother's crib.

We walked this the next night and noticed a big pile of stuff shoved in front of the crib. I moved the blankets and next ran into a barrier of the pack-n-play package after moving that to the side I found her like this:

We couldn't open the door all the way because her feet were in the way. She had gotten some little chairs, tipped them over and fallen asleep under the metal frame.

As you can see....she's a bit crazy when it comes to sleeping. It's always an adventure with her ha. Make sure to send in your pictures so I can post them next week!

This is what your seasoning will look like:

Try it out and let me know what you think!

Like in the morning? No don't do that! Sleep as long as you possibly can! You'll need every ounce of energy to get through the day. What I mean is I use an alarm as a way to get my daughter to stop asking for things constantly. If you know my daughter, you know she LOVES to eat and would pretty much eat all day long if I let her. So rather than having her yank on my pants and beg INCESSANTLY, I tell her she can have a snack when the alarm goes off. 

I use the alarm trick with many other things as well like clean-up time, bed time, when we get to go outside, etc. It really works. My daughter will ask to do something and then will say "Set an alarm." Then she won't ask again. Or if she does, I just remind her that we have to wait for the alarm to go off. It kind of turns it into a game. Maybe it won't work for your kids, but it's been amazing for us!

I had the wonderful opportunity of taking pictures of Anthony's family just before Christmas. Anthony is 16 years old and is in need of a heart transplant. His friends and family are putting together a Princess Party Fundraiser to help earn money to cover the cost of the surgery. 

If you and your daughter go to the party it will only cost you $25. That's such a great deal and they are even serving lunch! If you are looking for a fun activity to do with your daughter(s) (and live in Utah) please consider helping out this family and register for the Princess Party.

Today's Mommapproved product is one of my very favorites:

We got this as a baby shower gift when I was pregnant with my daughter and it was one of the best gifts we've ever received. The legs are removable, so we started off with it on the ground while my daughter crawled around. Then when she started to stand, we put the legs on the table. She still loves this toy and she's nearly three. She'll sometimes request her "big computer" to play with during nap time. My son also loves the table. He stands and does a little jig to the music the table plays. It's so cute! 

The tables are a bit expensive. I've seen them range anywhere from $30-$50, but they are seriously worth the money. They don't brake easily like so many other toys out there and they are great for the different stages children go through. I'v seen them at yard sales, so watch out for them there. If you don't find a deal, just fork over the money. You won't regret it.

Yesterday I made a little "Tube Drop" game for my son. 

You put tape a paper towel roll up and put a basket underneath the tube. 

Put a ball (or some other object) in the top of the tube.

The ball magically drops into the basket.

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