Moderation hotfix -,

Moderation hotfix -,


You may have noticed that ACP silenced and, creating a wide discourse on the Fediverse. and were silenced after a user reported their admins saying "stupid and dumb", they considered ableist.

We positioned ourselves too quickly on that issue and silencing those instances wasn't what we should have done. No specific user was targeted on our instance or any instance.

The administrator of then silenced ACP, after reporting toots insulting Elizafox,'s admin.

We decided to ask the user to remove those toots, and to unsilence and

We'd also like to apologize to and for the moderation mistake and insults directed towards them by our user. We'll make sure this never happens again.

We're internally trying to make our moderation more efficient and fair.

We'll continue fighting ableism on our instance, and we're currently discussing about this specific issue we consider to be major in our moderation policy.

We encourage our comrades to use individual block and mutes for personal problems.

We'd also like to bring back calm to our nice Fediverse.

ACP moderation team