Moderation decision -

Moderation decision -

ACP Moderation team

The day after being silenced and then unsilenced due to ableist slurs, the admin of is making more ableist slurs [1], and talking about the impossible concept of "Trans Supremacy" [2], enabling de facto transphobia and systemic oppression we want to fight.

As defined in our Code of Conduct, clearly positions itself as fighting every system of oppression [3]. In the vision that is ours, we cannot accept that such speeches and oppressive discourses appear in our public timelines, even when hidden behind a "controversial opinion" Content Warning. We are silencing this instance, not suspending it, so that we can protect our marginalized members. All members can continue to follow users on, if they wish.

We initially unsilenced the instance with the assumption that there would be a good-faith effort from the admin that the prejudice would not continue. We lost a comrade because of our indecisiveness, and we regret the harm we caused. We were wrong, and we apologize to all comrades at for our initial indecisiveness and allowing this to continue.

Comrades of, this is our community and both your opinions about moderation and your safety in this space are a important. Please message @Emma at any time to help us build our community with ideas and opinions. 

[1] :

[2] :

[3] : "We believe anti-capitalism has to include smashing patriarchy, racism, colonialism, and every other oppression system", in