Model Call? 5 Tips To Look Good On A Video Call

Model Call? 5 Tips To Look Good On A Video Call

1. Dress appropriately

You need to dress for a video call as you would for an in-person meeting – or as close as possible. We may be working at home, but first impressions still matter. What you wear is nearly as important as what you say. As you are at home, it may be ok to take it down a notch, but not too far. More cashmere sweater than varsity sweatshirt.

If you are in any doubt, always dress up, never down. Know that if you are talking with the CEO of a bank, and they expect a tie at all times, you will still need to wear a tie! Dress appropriately professional for the type of video call you are on.

2. Fill your face with light

In an ideal world, the best room in your house to conduct a video call will also have exceptional lighting. Failing that, cheat.

Get two lamps and position them on either side of your desk. That way, your face will be illuminated from both sides, and you will avoid unnatural shadows. Video quality is not always the best, so every trick will help you make a good impression.


3. Raise your camera

Position your webcam at eye level or higher. This way, you will look directly into the camera, not down, and look more natural.

If this means you need to stack your laptop or screen on some books, do it. Just make sure it isn’t balanced precariously. You wouldn’t want it to fall over mid-video call.

Make sure to look at the camera as much as possible or at the screen close to where the camera is. It will appear as direct eye contact. Avoid looking at yourself in the small frame of the corner of your screen.

4. Find a quiet place (and use your best headphones)

While we don’t have much control over audio quality in a video call, you will sound better in a quiet room.

Keep in mind that headphones can help you cut ambient noise and ensure you hear what is being said. Remember that if you can’t hear the discussion, you will likely answer incorrectly when called on.

Make sure your headphone mic is working correctly too. You may need to try a couple of headphones to find the one that has the clearest sound.


5. Choose a neutral background

Look at the background that will be in your video interviews. Is it a direct eyeline to your hamster cage or your bathroom?

Both of those are distracting in different ways and will look unprofessional. Avoid that by making sure your background is a plain wall or a more professional looking space.

Don’t have that option available? If you are on a Zoom call, you can set up a virtual background to display an image as your background during the call. Shutterstock also has several free virtual backgrounds you can download and use.