MobileGo - Metamask Gateway

MobileGo - Metamask Gateway


Good news everyone! Our team is working to provide you with the highest quality service. And we have always paid great attention to comfort, swiftness and security. That is why we are so proud to introduce to you a splendid app! Using the open-sourced code, our team has developed an application that uses the similar method like MetaMask and My Ether Wallet. For those that don’t know - Metamask is a plugin for the Chrome browser for quick payments and transfers in the Ethereum network.

Why do we need such an app?

It is an app/gateway that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today… The plugin is intended to serve as an intermediary between your Metamask/MEW wallet and partnering websites that are going to be connected in the future. The first among the many (on which integration we are working right now) is going to be Xsolla. You transfer the MGO tokens you want to spend to your Metamask account, but since Metamask doesn’t show the MGO balance by default, you can use the mnemonic that is used for importing the account, in order to login to our gateway. The gateway will show you only your MGO balance, without cluttering your interface with other tokens. Of course you may add the smart contract of MGO into Metamask as well, but we have created this application to relieve you of that pain.

Since you can have multiple accounts on Metamask with one mnemonic for different purposes and keep them on different computers, all of the addresses will be shown in the application. For example, you may have several debit plastic cards that perform different tasks. You can top up your balance from one Bank account, but if suddenly the data of any card will get to the scammers, they will not be able to get to your savings on the main account.

Right now, it is only possible to receive the funds via the Wallet - send function is not yet implemented, but we are working on the transactions feature that will soon make this a full-fledged MGO Wallet that can be used to see your MGO balance, in case you have account(s) on Metamask and My Ether Wallet.

After that, very soon, comes the introduction of this undoubtedly convenient wallet in Xsolla. Just to sum up what are the benefits it will open for users?

  • Instead of users utilizing many different wallets, the MGO paystation will provide a way to pay with MobileGo almost instantly - in just two clicks!
  • With both users and Xsolla destination address, these crypto transactions will be potentially much faster.
  • Another big benefit is that with this payment method via Xsolla, users no longer need to handle GAS (fees required for paying in the Ethereum network). The only necessary thing will be to have some MGO in the account of this plugin!

Many other integrations with additional partners and games are on the way, which means that this app will see constant iterations of upgrades - we will keep you posted!

To try this undoubtedly convenient wallet just follow the link!

Of course for users who still wish to manually pay - no worries, we have you covered, manual payment will still remain in Xsolla.