Mixed Metaphors II

Mixed Metaphors II


Mixed Metaphors II

The group all went into the house. Mrs. Davis said, Coffee anyone?

I would love a cup of your coffee Mrs. Davis, said Tony.

Cream and sugar?

No mam… black would be fine.

Please sit here Tony.

Thank you sir.

Call me Bill. Sir always makes me feel old.

I understand Si… sorry Bill. Some people at work call me Sir also, and somehow it just doesnt feel right.

What do you do Tony?

Uh … Janitor.

Thats a good job. Are you in the union?

Becky had just come out from the kitchen carrying a pot of coffee, some cups and cream and sugar.

Daddy… Tony is not quite telling the truth. That is a little running joke between us. He is actually the head of graphics at, ‘Smith, Travis, Miller and Johnson.

Hey being a janitor in New York is nothing to be ashamed of baby, said her father, What do you have to do as the head of graphics Tony?

I take a few photos, see that the ads are laid out correctly, tell people if I like their art work or not, write and edit a few words about our clients products. Not really a lot actually. I believe being a janitor would be more glamorous sometimes, but honestly I dont know one end of a mop from the other, he said with a smile.

Is it good money?

Bill! said his wife, that is none of our business. Honestly … sometimes Bill …

I was just asking …because of Becky … thats all.

It pays the rent and brings in the groceries, said Tony. I dont mind Mrs. Davis. He is just looking out for his little girl and I understand. Were she my daughter I believe I would ask also.

See …. Said Mr. Davis to his wife, looking at Tony as though he left something out.

I dont actually get what you would call a salary, but it works out with stock options and bonuses to about a million… uh…three hundred thousand a year. I also have some stocks and bonds, but Im not sure what there worth right now, as they are more for pension purposes and old age. There are a few little extras like free limousine service, free tickets to Broadway shows, although I have never used any of the tickets, because I usually give them away.

We have one client who has hotels all over the world, so when it is necessary to do a campaign and write copy for them, they usually give us a week or two in their hotels, but the firm pays for the airfare… first class of course.

Mr. Davis looked at Tony without blinking and almost whispered, of course, at the same time, Mrs. Davis dropped her coffee cup on the floor, splashing coffee on Mr. Davis leg, and their faded oriental rug.

Tell me, asked Tony, in mundane voice, Has the family ever been to Hawaii? Becky and I are going to Maui for two weeks around the first of December. Would you care to join us? All expenses paid. It should be fun.

Where are we going? ask Becky.

Maui … baby. Didnt I tell you? I guess it slipped my mind.

Wont it be cold in December? asked Mrs. Davis.

No … Its usually eighty degrees all year around. Sometimes in the summer it gets a little warmer, but not much. On Kauai it rains about ten times a day, but just for a minute or two. Then the sun comes out again. The annual rainfall is over four hundred inches a year at the summit of Mt. Waialeale. I hope I pronounced that correctly. Its one of the wettest spots in the United States. Do you think you would like to go?

I … I dont know if I can get off work, said Mr. Davis, but Ill let you know.

Tony … Bill hasnt had a vacation in about five years. Ill see that he gets off. We will be happy to join you. What about Beckys little brother … Peter?

I was including him when I asked about the family. Do you think he would like it? He wont be bored … trust me.

He is just fourteen, and you know how they get at that age, said Beckys mom.

Tony wrinkled his nose and nodded in agreement. Becky scowled at him and he smiled back at her. Becky just shook her head. Just then they heard a horn honk once. Peter came running in to the house,

Hey! That guy in the big black car is back, he said giggling like a small boy.

Peter, are any of your friends at home? asked Tony.

Naw … Theyre all in front looking at that long car.

Ask the driver to come in, will you Pete?

Yah … sure.

Peter ran outside with the speed and noise with which he had entered. When the driver came in with Peter, Tony asked,

Peter how many of your buddies are outside?

Three sir.

Mrs. Davis was so proud of her little boy when he said sir to Tony.

Mrs. Davis, would you mind calling the parents of the boys and getting permission so they can take a ride in the limo? Jake is a great driver so they will be ok. You mind …Jake?

The boss said anything you want Mr. Miller … so its anything you want.

Becky smiled at Tony with her, youre something else look on her face, shaking her head at him.

He looked back at her and said,


You know what.

I would have loved to have taken a ride in a limo when I was their age. Jake let them play with all the knobs, the stereo, and the television. Give them some sodas, but keep the booze in front …ok? Ill pay for any damages, said Tony laughing.

Ill take care of it sir.

All the parents are OK with it, said Beckys mom. Peter tell the boys to come in and wash up first.

OK … mom! He turned on his heals and ran out the front door. They all heard Peter as he yelled at his buddies, and twenty seconds later they all came running back in. It was more like a stampede than four fourteen-year-old boys. From the bathroom, it sounded like smack-down night on the World Wrestling Channel, then everything became quiet again and the boys walked out with their hands in front of them, fingers pointing toward the ceiling like four very short surgeons waiting for rubber gloves.

Tony looked at Jake and said, About a half hour?

I think I can handle that sir.

Its Tony, Jake.

Yes sir.

Tony looked at Mr. Davis and shrugged his shoulders. Mr. Davis just nodded in agreement.

Then Jake said, Ok … Guys … lets go.

Another stampede and they were gone out the door. Mr. Davis then began asking Tony questions about advertising, like how do they know which products to run on television.

The manufactures come to us and talk about a campaign when their sales are running low on a particular product. Just look at the ads on TV. The ones that run the most are the ones that arent selling.

Like the car commercials?

Exactly … especially the SUVs, due to the high gas prices. Both GM and Ford are laying off a lot of people right now. Tell me Bill when was the last time you saw Crest, Ipana or Pepsodent toothpaste advertised?

I didnt even know they still made Ipana. I dont recall any of them being advertised.

Crest is the top seller in the States right now, said Tony. Ipana and Pepsodent are in the top twenty. When the sales are up, they dont really need to advertise. Do you know what toothpaste is in thirty-second place?

No …what?


Ive never heard of that.

Not many people have, but they apparently sell enough without advertising that they are happy.

Tell me … how do you get to someones intellect, to talk them into buying something?

You dont. That is the last thing you want to do. When you want to sell something, you first appeal to their emotions. Most products are either sold at an emotional level, like Mothers day cards, flowers and stuff like that, or through humor. If you can make them laugh, they will feel good because the laughter releases natural tranquilizers, pain relievers and endorphins. When you are feeling good, someone can sell you almost anything.

Wow ,,, that makes a lot of sense. How long has this been going on?

Hundreds of years. Remember the old snake oil salesmen. Their product was about eighty percent alcohol. When they drank that stuff they all felt good, but it didnt cure anything. Maybe thats why we in the industry, are called Snake oil salesmen, Tony smiled. You know words are important. Back in the late 1960s, when the big housing boom began, the builders were having a difficult time selling homes at the end of the block, so they called that section by a French word, Cul de Sac.

What does Cul de Sac mean?

Dead end street.


Tony nodded, and the half hour went by fast. Bill couldnt hear enough about Tonys job and hoe everything worked. Peter came running back into the house, talking about everything from the chauffeurs hat to the shinny black car, and the DVD player in the back seat. When his mother told him to settle down, he said,

Aw mom. Thanks Mr. Miller that was assume.

Do me a favor Pete, and call me Tony … OK?

Peter looked at his mother and raised his eyebrows. She nodded her head just a little. Pete said,

Thanks again Tony.

Your welcome guy.

When Becky looked at Tony and tilted her head to the side in the direction of New York, then raised her eyebrows, Tony said,

I think we had better get going. Becky will want to be fresh for her interview tomorrow.

Becky … you didnt tell me that you had an interview tomorrow, said her mother.

Mom I have an interview tomorrow … in the morning.

Dont you kids want some dinner?

We had a big brunch Mom. Well probably grab a bite later, maybe one of those big giant hot dogs, she said glancing at Tonys crotch.

Well when will we see you again, asked her mom.

Why dont we get together, next weekend at my place? said Tony.

I hate driving in New York, said Bill.

Ill take care of that. said Tony, Well call you by Thursday night … OK?

Tony and Becky walked down to the limo hand in hand. She waved to the family and said to Tony, See I told you they would like you.

As the limo pulled away Beckys mom was still waiving when they turned the corner. Peter was in the front yard with his buddies. He was the new hero on the block for getting them a ride in a stretch Mercedes. Something they may never do again in their lifetimes.

As the big car moved onto the Expressway, Tony lowered the center panel smoked window and asked,

Jake if we turn the music up would it bother you?

No sir … with the center panel up I cant hear anything or see anything either. Its Sunday night and the Expressway is going to be slow. I can take the Holland Tunnel if you are in a hurry, but it will probably be backed up also. We wont be at your place for about forty minutes. If you want to take a … nap, Ill buzz when we get there.

Jake you remember where you picked us up yesterday?

610 2nd Ave., in the village, wasnt it?

Thats right Jake. Will you take us there now?

Of course sir.

…and Jake, you dont have to rush.

Yes sir.

Tony pushed the button for the center panel to close. It moved up silently and closed with a soft thud. He lowered the lights and turned toward Becky to kiss her. She grabbed the bottom of her skirt and pulled it up to her waist. She then unbuttoned his pants, pulled them to the floor of the limo and swung a leg over his lap. Reaching down into his briefs, she took hold of his cock and gave it several gentle tugs. When she felt it was hard enough, she reached down pulled her panty crotch to the side and guided his penis into her pussy.

God Tony, Ive been thinking about this all day. Fuck me honey…fuck me hard. Better yet you sit back and Ill fuck you. Im going to give you the ride of your life.

Tony held Becky around her waist as she began to move her hips front to back, faster and faster. His baby was moaning when she told him to suck her titties. As he unhooked her bra and lifted it off her breasts, he pulled a hard nipple into his mouth and sucked it gently. Two minutes later she came, but kept moving her hips front to back.

Now this is what I call a limo ride, she said, Oh Tony Im cuming again… push … up … hard…honey. Oh Tony, oh God!

As the car moved toward Manhattan, people drove along next to it and wondered what was going on inside? Were they having champagne or watching a video or what? If they only really knew.

It was a full half hour before Tony was ready to cum. Becky felt the tremor in his thighs and doubled the speed of her movements, then leaned down and stuck her wet tongue in his ear. That was it. He couldnt hold off any longer and began cuming. Becky laid her head on Tonys shoulder and whispered,

That should hold us … until we get home anyway.

With your … enjoyment, for the need of another word, how did you hold off for all those years after high school?

Because… it wasnt really something I enjoyed then, but it sure is now.

He winced in pain when she bit him on his earlobe, and then turned his face around and began kissing him. When the intercom buzzer went off, Tony took the phone from its cradle and tried to sound serious.

Yes … uh … yes. Jake?

Yes sir, were are at 610 2nd Ave., … uh where you said you wanted to go?

Ok … give us a minute Jake. Uh … we are just waking up. Tony faked a yawn, which caused Becky to yawn also. She straightened her skirt and hooked her bra, then pulled his pants up and began to button them.

Honey, she said, I cant button your pants. It wont go down. Whats wrong with it?

Ill take care of it. Tony pulled his fly together and said, If you dont go down, Ill never let you do that again.

Tony was surprised when his penis began to get limp, allowing him to button his pants. Becky held her hand to the side of her mouth, looked down at his crotch and said,

Dont worry… you can do that any time you want. Mama loves you.

Tonys memory went back to the hooker at Starbucks and the tattoo on her breast. Momma Fucks.

He called on the phone and said, I think we are all together now. Then after thinking about what he said, wished he had put it in another way. They all got out of the car and Jake asked,

Do you want me to wait or will you be staying here tonight?

Miss Rebecca is just going to pick up a few clothes and then we are leaving for my place.

As Tony was talking he removed two crisp one hundred dollar bills from his wallet and handed them to Jake. The driver put a hand up waiving the money off and said,

Thats OK sir … uh …Tony.

Jake take the money or Ill request somebody else next time, Tony said seriously.

Jake took the money and said, Thank you Si … Damn it. Thank you Tony.

Its ok guy. Do you mind waiting just a few minutes more?

No not at all.

Then Tony remembered the staircase, and just after he had a wonderful work out too. Tony slowly trudged up the five flights of stairs, breathing hard, while Becky was giggling and taking them two at a time.

Come on slow polk … the world is waiting, she called down to him from the forth floor. When he got to the girls apartment, the door was slightly ajar. He walked in as Becky was packing some clothes. He heard Sonya asked,

So who is this guy Beck? Where did you meet him?

This guy, he said puffing out of breath, is …me, and we met at work. You must be Sonya. Ive heard a lot about you.

Really? Ive heard nothing about you until right now. Who is this guy Becky? asked her roommate attempting to cover her see through, light green teddy and matching panties, with a paisley throw pillow.

This is Tony and he may be my new employer … tomorrow… or maybe not. It all depends on Mr. Travis.

Sonya nodded in a slight martial arts bow to Tony and asked,

Who the hell is Travis?

So, Tony asked the twenty-eight-year-old in the teddy, Did you have a pleasant day?

So…Kay. Who is Travis …Becky?

Sonya, we will be back tomorrow after work and Ill explain everything then. Do you want to meet at Dannys for drinks? Becky looked at Tony. He nodded and said, Sixish?

Sonya nodded her head again and Tony picked up Beckys suitcase. She was carrying a hanger with a business suit on it, and her portfolio of drawings.

We gotta go Sonya the limo is waiting.

Limo? What limo? Sonya looked out of the window facing 2nd Ave and saw the long black car parked at the curb talking up three parking slots.

God damn. she said, shaking her head from side to side. Monneey!

As Tony and Becky descended the stairs, a very tall red headed man passed them on his way up. Becky said,

Sonya is waiting for you Brian.

Oh yah … cool, he said.

That was Brian. I think he is a basketball player. He gets royal treatment. Whenever he is there, her panties are always on the doorknob.

Atta boy Brian. Said Tony with a smile.

Tony and Becky entered the limo and Jake placed her suitcase in the trunk. She said,

Close the center panel sweetie, quick.

Baby take it easy. We will be at my place in about ten to twelve minutes. We just dont have time right now… OK?

Becky nodded her head and thought about something, which had always bothered her. She wondered if swallowing Tonys cum would make her sick. She secretly always wanted to try it.

As the limo disappeared out of site down 2nd Avenue, Brian walked into the girls apartment.

Im so glad you are here, honey. Its been over a week.

Sonya … I tried to call you but the phone has been busy for the last two hours. Sonya confirmed the fact in her mind. When her mother gets on the phone it usually goes on for hours. I cant stay honey we are going on a road trip, said the tall lean young man, They are waiting for me downstairs.

What the fuck are you talking about. You said last week, no more road trips for at least a month.

Sonya was screaming at the top of her lungs. When she was angry, which was reasonably often, due to a minor Bi-Polar condition, she didnt care who knew about it. Brian towered over this five foot, six inch erratic woman, by almost two feet, but he remained quiet, as he wasnt sure what she might do, especially when she was horny. He just shook his head and said,

Sorry babe … Gotta go. Ill call you.

As he looked in her eyes, he saw that they were redder than his hair. It looked as though she had fire in them. Brian backed up toward the front door then turned and ran as he got out into the hallway. He descended the five flights of stairs in less than a minute. Sonya stood on the top landing yelling what appeared to be, the sailors complete book of obscenities.

Sonya sat on the couch and hugged a pillow in her lap. She didnt know if she was more horny than angry or the reverse. Well at least she could take care of one of her problems. Sonya lifted her butt off the couch and pulled her light green panties to the floor, licked the three middle fingers of her hand and placed them on her clit. She began a degree of physical self-abuse that could go into the record books, if they had kept records of such activities.

She knew as the feeling of satisfaction began to flow through her crotch, lower back and thighs, that she could always depend on herself as she had been doing since she was ten. Her fingers were moving at blurring speed, her head back on the couch and her eyes closed. With her face pointed toward the ceiling she heard a mans voice,

That must feel wonderful.

Get the fuck out of here, she groaned not slowing in her temporary quest for satisfaction. Did you hear me? Get the fuck out.

Why … the damage is done. Ive seen what youre doing and… I like it. This is fun and hot isnt it?

When Im done … Ill kill you.

OK then I should really enjoy it, he said as he sat down next to Sonya. The young man then took her fast moving fingers away from her cunt and replaced them with his own. She had been enjoying herself, but she had to admit to herself it felt much better when he did it.

With his thumb on her clitoris, he slid his index finger up into her wet canal, finger fucking her hard. Her arm moved around his neck in a loose headlock and she groaned loudly. As she was at the barrier everyone desires to cross as often as possible, she had lost all rational thought and was ready for a significant orgasm.

Quickly the unidentified man moved off the couch and dropped to his knees in front of her. He looked almost like he was about to pray, however moved his mouth to her saturated labia and clit, and then began to suck. Sonyas eyes opened wide as they might, if she were awakening from a coma. She opened her mouth to scream; however no sound could be heard. As she gushed copious amounts of her cream, it poured out cooling her flaming vagina. Leaning back, Sonya closed her eyes and passed out.

When she awoke her face was on the couch, however something was different. Sonyas knees were on the floor. The unidentified man was behind her with his cock in her pussy, fucking her slowly. She glanced back at him and said,

I hope you had the brains to put on a rubber.

‘Oh … thats what they are for? Yes Im wearing a condom, even though I dont care for them. I knew to put one on when I saw the bowl filled with them on the table.

He moved faster, fucking Sonya harder his hands leaving an impression in her hips. She thought about the feeling and knew he was the best she had ever had. Even her uncles cock wasnt that thick. She knew that at this point she was required to do nothing except enjoy his assault.

She had never been taken by force before this, but it was kind of nice. As the man fucked her even harder she began to get that fantastic feeling when everything is going well and heading for a giant climax. ‘Oh God she thought dont let me pass out again. She so wanted to be there at the end.

The feeling she had come to know as the best in her world, overtook her at lightening speed and opened the floodgates to her pussy. Screaming again, Sonya bit into her lower lip and allowed the warm feeling to flow through her body, blocking every minor pain and frustration. Brian was a dim memory now, and if he ever called her again she would just hang up on him.

She then began to wonder how long this stud for lack of an actual name would be around. She hoped it would be until she was at least fifty. After what seemed to be a reasonable time, she asked him what gave him the right to rape her. His answer was, when you see someone who needs your help, you dont consider that they may not agree with how you help them.

I heard you yelling at somebody on the first floor and came out of my Aunts apartment. You looked very fetching in your sexy green panties and sleepwear. When I looked through your open door and saw you on the couch masturbating, I believed you to require some assistance, so I joined in. Do you want me to wait while you notify the police, or would you rather introduce yourself and we can have sex again?

You really are sure of yourself arent you?

No not really. I have a feeling that you love sex and would not want me to loose my ability to provide it for you. Face it; playing with yourself was a poor substitute for what we did. What we had was very special. I could tell, when you passed out.

I dont like a smug individual.

Im not smug, Im just dealing with reality as much as I can. If you wish, I will leave. No fluids were exchanged, except those of yours that poured into my mouth. If you, for some reason you didnt enjoy my romantic slightly violent attack, I apologize and will take my leave of you.

Just a second. You had your mouth on my pussy and your cock inside me then fucked me half to death. I believe I should at least know your name, and ask … when we can get together again?

My name is Father John Thomas of Saint Timothys. Im there working for the Archdiocese to close an elementary school that has outlived its usefulness.

I thought all priests were celibate.

We are. Celibate means we cant marry, however we dont all take a vow of chastity. We can have sex if we so choose. Does that bother you?

Not me. Im Episcopalian, not catholic.

So… do you want me to leave, or sleep here?

Yes … about that. Why dont we go to bed and discuss just how much sleep will really be require tonight.

As Becky and Tony were riding up in the elevator, he asked if she was hungry.

No but I am a little nervous.

Why … we have both seen each other naked and know what to expect from each other. There is nothing to be nervous about.

Not nervous about us … about the interview tomorrow.

Oh … the interview. Well that is something we can talk about. First why are you nervous?

I dont know what they are going to ask.

We are going to ask! I found a memo that stated I was to be on the interview panel tomorrow. Make sure you take your portfolio in. Tell you what; Ill give you a product, and you come up with a verbal pitch. OK?


The elevator stopped at their floor and they walked down the hallway to Tonys apartment. She seemed lost in thought about a concept. Her eyes were looking up at the ceiling.

Whatever you do, dont do that tomorrow. There wont be anything written on the ceiling. Uh … Johnson and Johnson. I have stock in the company, so make it good.

You have stock in Johnson and Johnson?

Yes … I bought it at thirty-six and now they are almost up to sixty-five.

They make health care products … right?

Yah, mostly stuff that can be used at home. Bandages, wound care, band aids, stuff like that.

Hmmmm. What about this? The band-aids for kids usually have stars and moons on them dont they?

As I recall… yes.

What is one of the biggest crazes in the country right now? she asked, Even young girls are getting more of them.

Large lips?

Well yes, but I was thinking of something else.



… and … so what?

What if Johnson and Johnson came out with a product line for kids that had tattoo symbols printed on them?

Like dragons and spiders?

For the boys… yes. For the girls unicorns, fairies…kittens and puppies.

Thats not bad. Use that in the interview tomorrow. Would you like to watch television?


I just bought a new television. The screen is six foot wide. You cant beat the clarity.


Its not that late. Do you want to go to bed?


So early?


Becky grabbed Tony by the arm and pulled him into the bedroom. Come on Honey lets get undressed and take a shower.

You sure you dont want to see TV?

Im sure. Maybe in a few years, we can watch it. Come on Honey, lets get wet.

Tony and Becky went into the Master bath where a giant shower that would fit the New York Jets was located. She was in awe as the shower had at least ten nozzles protruding from every level of the three walls. When the shower was on, there wasnt an inch of their bodies that wasnt struck by water. She looked and saw two commodes right next to each other.

Tony you have two toilets. Do you often have company when going to the bathroom?

No, Tony laughed, one of them is a bidet. You know for cleaning the crotch area. If the shower doesnt get you clean, that will.

Ohhhh … very convenient.

Tony turned on the shower and the water was coming from every direction. Becky felt like a queen. Everything was wonderful, well almost anyway.

Tony … what would you do if I lean over this little seat?

I would sneak up behind you and push my cock into your tight little pussy.

Look, Im bending, said Becky.

…and Im sneaking, said Tony.

Oh … that is so nice and so filling. Now I can tell my mom I had that Hot Dog, I was talking about. Please fuck me sweetie … harder.

Tony shoved into the beautiful little blonde, her pussy squeezing every inch of his cock. The harder he pushed the tighter she seemed to become. The water was pelting them from every angle as they fucked much like people have done ever since they lived in caves fifty thousand years ago. She could imagine a male and a female Neanderthal standing under a waterfall; the male with his penis in her vagina. That was probably where the ritual began. Thank you so much, she thought.

Becky enjoyed Tonys hands on her hips, squeezing to the point that he left white finger impressions in her gorgeous pink butt cheeks. She told herself she would make no loud noises, however when his cock slid up her slippery cunt and bumped her cervix, she was unable to keep herself from moaning. His cock slid out again, and then was shoved back in hard causing a slapping sound when his abdomen struck her rear end. She never realized that she would love being fucked so much. No wonder there are so many prostitutes in the world. She really believed the majority of them loved to fuck.

She recalled Ted, her high school boyfriend and hoped that he had learned something by now. Poor Ted, she thought. Beckys feet began to tingle, her legs tickled and her pussy was on fire. She knew she was going to cum any minute and she yelled,

Fuck me harder baby … Im going to squirt all over your cock.

Tonys hands squeezed her hips even harder until she felt a little pain. He was jamming his thick penis into her as far and as fast as he could without knocking her down. It felt to her like all the blood had run out of her legs and she could no longer stand, until she came, shooting a thick gob of girl cum on to Tonys cock. Seconds later Tony let his own cum squirt to the end of her pussy. It was sucked straight into the little opening in her cervix.

As his penis began to go limp and slide from her opening, he grabbed her around the waist and held her tight. They both felt wonderful, however she had a plan that would make him feel even better. After soaping them both, Tony washed all their parts. They rinsed and then shut off the shower, and got out to stand on the thick shag rug. He opened a bathroom closet door and removed two white terry cloth robes. One he placed on Becky and began drying her off. The other went over his shoulders.

When they were both dry, Becky took him by the hand and almost pulled him into the bedroom. She sat on the side of the bed and pulled him to her. His penis was in her hand and she was stroking it fast. As it began to get hard, she bent down and took the large bulbous head into her mouth. She thought it felt good and wasnt at all invasive or offensive. It was a comfortable feeling and as she began to suck on it she realized what all the talk was about. Most girls who were sexually active, loved to have a nice clean cock in their mouths. As she sucked and saw Tonys eyes revolve up into his head, she knew this was another first for him. It was a first for her also, but it wouldnt be her last.

Suddenly Tony began to hold her head with both hands and fuck her mouth. This is what she had been waiting for. She wanted so much to taste Tonys cum, and then swallow it down. Tony, feeling his impending climax was getting a little panicky, as he was concerned she might not care for a mouth full of his sticky cum. He pulled his cock from her mouth and she said,

Dont do that Honey. I want it in my mouth.

But baby Im going to cum any second.

I know that and I want all your juice in my mouth. Fuck my mouth sweetie, she said as she took the thick member back onto her warm tongue and began to suck him hard again. Although he was afraid of squirting his cum into her mouth, he could hold off no longer.

The first few drops landed on Beckys tongue, causing her to smile. Then suddenly a long strand of it filled her mouth and she was surprised. She swallowed it however, another strand shot in her mouth and she choked a little. After she swallowed the last of it, she continued sucking, cleaning Tonys penis.

Did you like that Baby? Because I sure did. I have never done that before, but I plan to do it as often as you can stand it. Ummmmm good.

As Tonys knees were weak, he got on the bed and lay back wondering what would happen next.

To be Continued …











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