Miss Faye

Miss Faye

Miss Faye

I could not believe that I had been stuck with the job of driving the church van. It was already bad enough I was a deacon at my grandfather's church, but now I'm stuck with the job of driving the church van. I hated that because I hated the job of driving old busy bodies back home while they gossiped about everything under the moon. Everything from talking about the pastor's wife which happened to be my grandmother to talking about someone's granddaughter being fast and the one they were talking about in particular happened to be the one that I was supposed to be meeting up with after church. Now I'm on my way to dropping the last lady off from the church.

The last person I was dropping off today happened to be Miss Willie Mae. Miss Willie Mae was an old busy body that was in her late fifties to early sixties. She was dressed to the reds and always had matching outfits on with those giant hats that always covered her shoulders. She had the matching purse and shoes to go with it because she wanted to put on the best show when she came down the aisle to put her money in the tithes basket. In the church she was a saint, outside the church I think that she had a serious wild streak.

She was asking me all kinds of questions about my personal life. She was asking me questions about me getting married and having a girlfriend. She asked me if I had a girl in mind and I refused to go into details. I didn't let anyone know about my personal life and then she started telling me about how she was back in the day. Telling me about dancing and singing in the clubs and came to church after drinking and how she still goes to the bathroom to take a nip of liquor just to get through the service.

I was coasting back to her house at around forty miles per hour. I had never driven so slow out of my life but she had complained about how fast I was going slow I slowed down just to hush her up because she was about to get on my last nerve. I didn't care that she was one of my elders because she was a pain in everywhere I had feeling.

"My house is the first one on the left." She told me as I nodded in agreement and turned onto her street because I was more than relieved to know that I was finally getting rid of her. I see that there is a God in heaven.

I rolled to a stop and put the van in park cut the engine. I stepped out of the driver's side and went ahead and opened the door for her and helped her out of the van. She might have been older, but I bet that back in her day she was a real looker.

She was old and still wearing four inch high heels. She had her black and grey hair in spirals that fell to her shoulders with her red hat covering them. She had a nice light skinned complexion that was complemented with some yellow teeth that looked like from years of smoking.

She was a heavyset lady and her buxom body filled out the outfit she was wearing perfectly. From the looks of the little bit of cleavage she was showing she was probably about a 38DDD in the chest, about a 34 in the waist and about a 52 in the hips because she did have a nice round ass and it still had some movement when she walked. She didn't have on any stockings and as I helped her out of the car, I saw that she had on some black lacy underwear that covered her sweet spot. She had thick thighs and from the look on her face she didn't mind giving me a peak as she slid her glasses on her nose. As I closed the door behind her and got ready to give off, I saw her point to the back.

"Get my box of food for me. That should hold me for the next few weeks." She replied with a smile as I forgot about that. Why the fuck can't people just be happy with food stamps?

I got the box of food from the back just like she asked and took the food inside for her. She followed behind me and I stood in place as she motioned for me drop the box on the kitchen table. I did as she asked me and as I walked out of the kitchen she was standing in her living room and opened her arms to give me a giant hug. I didn't think too much of it and hugged the old lady close to me and felt her hold onto me extra tightly. I could feel her warm body as she kissed me on the cheek and then started running her hands over my lean frame.

"I knew that you had some muscle under that suit." She giggled as she held onto me and ran her hands over my shoulders and put her hands on my waist.

"I bet you got a big ole dick too baby. Let Miss Faye see what you are packing." She replied as she pulled me by my groin and unzipped my slacks and didn't waste any time pulling out my big black ten inch dick before she looked at it in amazement.

"It's been years since I sucked a dick! You got you a big ole piece of meat! I want to see what it taste like!" she exclaimed as she looked up at me with a smile and closed her eyes before she took my head inside of her mouth.

Oh my God! This felt so fucking good! She had suck a tight seal around the head of my dick that I could barely stand it! Her thick lips were so smooth and her wide tongue wrapped around my head a couple of times and each time it felt like she was doing pinwheels with her tongue. With the way she rolled her tongue around my head and up and down my shaft while she bobbed up and down on me. I couldn't believe how good this shit was feeling and I looked down at her while she sucked my dick with her huge hat on. I ran my hands over her shoulders and down the back of her dress and unzipped it for her while she continued to suck my dick. She refused to slow down and continued to keep the right amount of pressure of me while she was still sucking the life out of my big black dick.

I was getting the oral pleasure of my life while I slid her dress off and reached down into her full coverage lacy bra and massaged her massive mammary glands while she continued to please me. I couldn't believe how good this shit was feeling and as I undid her bra, the weight from her breasts made her bra fall off and I kneaded her nipples while she continued to bob up and down on me and give my dick a full examination with her long and wide educated tongue. Her thick lips was gliding up and down my shaft and I knew that this old lady had some tricks up her sleeve but damn! I didn't think she was going to put me to sleep with her tongue!

Once she pulled her tongue away from my dick, she kissed the tip of it and I could feel the pre cum on her lips as she licked the rest of me from the tip of my swollen head.

"I know that those thick lips would feel good on my pussy!" she replied as she stripped me out of my blazer and I didn't waste any time getting down to my washboard abs and broad chest before I stepped out of my dress slacks and Stacy Adams until I was down to my black boxer briefs. She stood up just to step out of her dress and stood their wearing a pair of black cheeky cut lacy underwear and didn't waste any time sliding the thin fabric off her huge ass and down her thick juicy thighs and kicked them off while keeping her heels on. She laid back on the sofa and spread her legs for me and showed me her hairy pussy.

I got down on my knees and opened her fat pussy that was covered in hair. I didn't waste any time opening her up and licking her fat pussy. She moaned in pleasure as I ran my tongue up and down her clit. I wrapped my tongue around her clit a couple of times and showed her a couple of tongue tricks of my own that made her groan out in pleasure. I sucked on her pussy lips a couple of times and went down on her a couple of more times and licked her crack to make her tense up as I went back to her clit. She was moaning in delight as she cupped me around the back of my head and refused to give me room to breathe as I continued to give her the pleasure that I know her body had been aching for. I didn't care if she was old enough to be my mother. I might have been in my late twenties, but damn I was going to show her how experienced I was as well.

I grabbed her around the back of her knees and lifted her legs in the air and licked her clit until I felt her tensing up. She was getting the pleasure that she had been asking for and the faster I went the more she was starting to breathe harder. I flicked my tongue so fast that it was like I was speaking Spanish to her clit. She let out a growl in pleasure as she wrapped both of her hands around my head while she grinded her hips against my face while she rode the wave of her orgasm until she got it out of her system. A few seconds later, she finally relaxed and kicked back in the sofa and took a second to catch her breath.

"I need some of that dick baby! Give that big dick to Miss Faye!" she exclaimed as I stroked myself a couple of times and crawled on top of her and pressed my huge head against her sweet opening.

"MMMMM BABY! WORK IT IN ME BABY!" she cried out as I slowly gave her the dick that I knew that she had been wanting. She was so tight that it wasn't funny. I was cringing slightly she was so tight and the more I tried to pound her the more she groaned out in delight. I grabbed her by the ankles and slowly worked it in her until I was almost all the way inside of her.

"OH MY GOD! THAT DICK IS SO BIG BABY! GIVE ME EVERY INCH OF IT BABY!" she yelled as she pulled me close to her and wrapped her arms around my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist. Her massive breasts were flopping against my chest while her huge brown nipples were hard and I couldn't stop sliding my dick in and out of her. Each time I slid myself inside of her, she let out a groan of pleasure and a light sigh each time my dick came almost all the way inside of her.

I was holding onto her and in the heat of the moment I slid my arms under her huge ass and put all my weight behind each thrust. I had this lady screaming so loud that it sounded like she was shouting in church. I didn't care how old she was because this pussy was so tight and wet that I could barely contain myself. She had sweat beating down her face and her hair was starting to get stringy and the harder I pounded her the more she welcomed it and I loved every second of it.

"Oh yes! You got me loving that young dick of yours! You're going to make me want that dick every Sunday and during the week! Give me that dick baby!" she cried out as I continued giving it to her.

As she stopped groaning, I pulled my dick out and watched her catch her breath as I sat down and she straddled me and slowly lowered herself onto me. Her pussy swallowed my pussy juice coated dick as she let out a groan in pleasure and let out a light gasp as I pushed my dick all the way inside of her. She cupped me around the back of the head and slowly started to give me what I wanted from her. She didn't waste any time running her hands over my chest as she slowly started bouncing up and down on my dick. Her walls tensed up on me as she relaxed and quickly found her rhythm. I rested my hands on her huge ass as she continued to ride me. She reached down and put her nipples in my mouth for me to take time to suck on both of them.

Listening to her moans of pleasure made me feel some time of way. I cupped that huge ass of hers and gave her a couple of spankings and pulled her close to me while I fucked her as hard and deep as I could. I slid back out and slammed it back inside of her to make her jerk forward. From her facial expressions I could tell that she was enjoying every second of this dick being inside of her. She was tight like she had not been fucked in the past twenty years but I was enjoying every bit of being inside of her. Her walls gripped my dick and after I slammed it back inside of her a couple of times and pulled out almost all the way and did it a couple of more times to watch her grimace in pain from getting use to the size of my dick. I was making her old pussy grip my dick to the point I thought she was going to take the skin off my dick. She was rolling her lips like she was my age and I was enjoying everything that she was doing for me. I couldn't believe how good it felt and her huge ass was bouncing all over the place I was I couldn't stop myself from spanking it a couple of times. She let out a loud groan of pleasure held onto me as I fucked her as hard and deep as I could from the bottom while she rode her wave of pleasure. I felt her coating my balls until they were drenched in her liquid. She couldn't hold back her pleasure. She let me know that she was enjoying my stroke as she threw her hips towards me violently and she let me know that she was enjoying every bit of it. She was clenching her teeth and I couldn't believe how good she was in the bedroom and she was going to have me aching to get some of this old pussy.

"You like my old pussy? You like the way it grips that big dick of yours? You like the way this pussy squirts on your dick baby! MMMMM! Yes baby! Handle your pussy baby! Get it from the back and tear it up like it's yours!" she demanded as she slowed down a little bit so that she could stand up to her feet.

I stood up and took a deep breath as she looked at me and laughed as I turned around and spanked her huge ass for good measure.

"You like that big ole donk don't you!" she exclaimed as she made it bounce for me a little bit. She spread her legs even more for me and reached back and opened her ass cheeks for me. Her asshole looked so inviting and couldn't stop myself from sticking my tongue in her asshole.

"OH SHIT BOY! I'VE NEVER HAD A TONGUE IN MY ASSHOLE BEFORE! FUCK THAT FEELS SO GOOD BABY! OH MY GOODNESS! SHIT!" she cried out as she cupped me around the back of the head while I wrapped my arms around her thick thighs and licked her asshole from front to back. She was moaning in pleasure and the more I tongue her asshole the more she tried to smother my face with her huge ass and I wasn't complaining. I spanked her a couple of times and wrapped my tongue around her asshole to make her let out a growl in pleasure that literally shook the rooms of her house. Once I pulled my tongue from her asshole and stood to my feet, she reached back and spread her pussy lips for me so that I could push my dick back inside of her from the back.

As I slid my head back inside of her, she groaned in pleasure as I gave her huge ass a nice spanking as I started to pound her hard and deep from the back. I looked at her as she threw her head back as she threw that ass back at me violently. She was handling my huge dick like she was falling in love with my dick. Her huge ass was bouncing off my washboard abs. I gave her a couple of more spankings which made her yelp in pleasure.

I had spanked her so many times her ass was red that went well with her redbone complexion. Her hair was stringy from all the sweat between us and I wasn't complaining one bit. I put my hands on each side of her wide hips before I went to hammering her pussy as hard as I could. I was listening to her groans of pleasure that turned into primal screams of lust. I made sure that she was going to be walking funny for the next few days. I was going to put her on a walker if I had to because this pussy was so addictive! I know this would not be my only time fucking her and I wanted to fuck her as much as I could.

I could feel myself throbbing. I knew that she could feel it too and from the way she poked her butt out for me I knew that she wanted me to cum inside of her. I spanked it a couple of more times as she threw her huge ass back against me and refused to let me stop.

"Cum in your pussy baby! Cum in your pussy like it's yours baby! Cum for me baby!" she cried out as I fucked her a couple of more times and did as she asked me just before I released my huge load inside of her.

"Whew chile!" she exclaimed as I pulled my huge dick out and she looked at it pussy juice coated shaft that she took back inside of her mouth and sucked the rest of my load from my huge head.

I didn't say much of anything as she handed me a couple of baby wipes to clean myself off. I cleaned myself off and put my suit back on before I put my shoes back on and tied them and grabbed the keys to the church van.

"Boy when you want some of this pussy I'll be waiting for you!" she exclaimed. "I won't tell anybody."

"Yes ma'am." I replied with a smile since I had to take the church van back to the church and get in my car so that I could see one of the other girls in the church. Maybe I'll drive the church every Sunday after church.