Mining via cgminer

Mining via cgminer

Alexander Kurdyumov

Hey there! I wrote this manual for those who want to mine via cgminer (Windows 7/8/10). This program should work properly for ATI Radeon cards. Should work for Nvidia as well, but I haven't tried it myself.

There is a separate manual for Nvidia cards.

Download and install the program

Download cgminer.

Unzip all the files into the folder and find the start.bat file. Click with the right mouse key - Change. You will see the following text file:

Change the data in the text file for the one you need:

Official pool address - stratum+tcp://

Instead of QQQ write the address of your wallet.

You can get MFC address in your MFC wallet which can be downloaded from the official website.

It should look approximately like this:

Save and close.

Now just start the start.bat file:

We started the miner and it is working. However, we see that the video-card is not really running hot and there is almost zero capacity.

To specify the capacity, change keyboard layout to English, type "G", then "I", then specify the capacity of the video-card on a scale from 8 to 20.

The window should look as follows:

Click any key to exit the menu.

Attention! If you close the program, the mining process will interrupt. Just minimize the window.

Tryout. Is it working?

Go to the official site of the pool and open the tab Worker stats. Look for your wallet address and check the speed. If everything is fine, the mining process is ongoing and you will get your award in 8 hours or earlier.