Minigame (also spelled mini game, occasionally called a subgame or microgame) is a short video game often contained within another video gaming, and sometimes in application software or perhaps on a display involving any form regarding hardware. A minigame contains different gameplay elements than the main game, could possibly be optionally available, and is often smaller or additional simplistic than typically the game through which that is contained. Minigames are sometimes likewise offered separately regarding free to market the particular main game. A few minigames can also be bonus levels or secret levels.

Minigames occur variously as gameplay characteristics, or as time fillers while degrees are loading, or as Easter ova even in no video games elizabeth. g. a DOOM-like game or some sort of flight simulator within different versions of Microsoft Excel. Inside the latter case, they are usually called "secret games". In the former case, the successful completing such minigames could possibly not required in order to finish the encompassing game. They are generally included as extra content material to use once the main storyline is done. Minigames occur in addition on other varieties of hardware elizabeth. g. on a new dot-matrix display regarding a pinball equipment or even since time filler on a traffic light source e. g. StreetPong.

Some games, many of these as the WarioWare series (which happen to be called microgames throughout the game), Common Research Laboratories's Video Action, some Cinemaware titles like Defense of the Overhead, David Whittaker's Sluggish Jones or typically the smartphone satire Phone Story contain a lot of minigames strung jointly into one gaming. Some similar game titles, such as Nintendo's Mario Party sequence, are believed party video games, specifically developed intended for multiplayer. In gathering games, minigames typically involve performing an activity faster or collecting more of a specified item than any other gamers to win.