Middle Java Developer

Middle Java Developer


Middle Java Developer

Job Overview:

iSG2 is the team of experts in Supply Chain Management working with TOP international companies in such segments as Transportation, Automotive and Warehousing & Processing management system for metals.

Skills required:

- Java web application development 2+ years

- knowledge of JavaScript

- experience with Spring framework

- good technical English (ability to understand and create documentation, work with tickets)


Nice to have:

- Knowledge of Scala

- Experience with Angular

- Experience with SQL

- Knowledge of JUnit

- Experience with Apache Maven

Preferred personal characteristics:

- Responsibility;

- Ability to work effectively as a team player to achieve goals.

Project description:

Transportation management System (TSM) is built to provide users with the ability to manage metals logistics in a highly visible, flexible, and easy-to-use package. The project was written in Java/Scala, uses SQL database, Angular 6 with rest services and is running on Linux. TMS continues to evolve and new functionality is coming.