MidMo Ballers Ch. 02

MidMo Ballers Ch. 02

Paintball club (part 2)

Author's note: This story is built on situations and characters developed in a previous chapter. Please go back and read the first installment.

I woke up horny as hell after dreaming about that little teen girl at the adult store, but it was a work day and there just wasn't time to do anything about it. I didn't need another shower, not after the one the previous afternoon, but my wife liked her morning shower to wake her up, so I was treated to her bare body showing in the mirror while I shaved. She turned the water off and wrapped a towel around herself as she stepped from the large walk-in shower to the sink. She reached around me, pressing herself against my back and butt. "Someone's horny already this morning," she whispered as she wrapped both hands around my dick and slowly stroked my morning wood. She leaned her face closer to mine and nibbled my earlobe. "Too bad we don't have time for a little quickie. For some reason my pussy is already tingling."

"Yeah? Why is that?" I whispered back, wiping the last of the shaving soap from my face and then turning in her arms to face her.

She pulled the towel from around herself and let it fall to the ground. She pressed herself against me as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I could feel her nipples hardening where they were pressed into my chest and her curly pubic hair pressing against my hard-on. "Because I've been thinking about a promise I made yesterday."


"You didn't forget, did you?"

"Forget what promise?" I asked, practically admitting that I had forgotten.

She pressed her lips to mine for a few moments and then rubbed her nose against mine playfully. "The promise to wear that bustier today."

"Oh!" I answered, recalling now that promise and exactly how she looked in it.

"I'm still trying to figure out how to wear it without showing everyone in the office my tits. But then, maybe that's what I should do? Let the office see my sexy tits?"

I chuckled. "That's an interesting thought, but we both know you won't, and it's a good thing. You wanna keep your job. Besides I'm not sure you'd have the courage to actually leave your boobs exposed like that all day."

"You're right of course," she said with a sigh. "But it was a pretty exhilarating thought, at least for a moment. God, can you imagine how David would react if my tits showed through my blouse? He'd probably come unglued."

I chuckled again. "Yeah. He already practically can't keep his eyes off your cleavage. You'd think that after two years he'd get used to seeing it," I answered, thinking about her twenty-eight year old co-worker that seemed to have a thing for her big breasts.

"It's because his wife has such little tits," she giggled as she stepped back. She lifted her hands to her big thirty-eight D's and cupped both mounds, lifting them and squeezing them to make her nipples poke out at me. "He just wants to get his hands on some real titties!"

"You are so bad!" I said as she laughed and leaned towards me again. We kissed briefly and then she pushed me out of the way of the sink with a smile on her face.

"Go get dressed. I've still gotta do my makeup."

"Yes ma'am," I said jokingly as I stepped from the bathroom. It didn't take me long to dress, then it was off to the kitchen to pack lunches for both of us. When my wife finally did come out, I was stunned. She always dressed nice for work, but she had to do some serious digging in the closet for what she had on. I remembered the mid-thigh length black skirt from several years ago, but hadn't seen her get it out for quite a while. When she bought it she really liked it. It wasn't until a friend pointed out that the slit up the back extended high enough that if she bent over far enough you could see her panties. It seemed like after that she rarely wore it, and never to work. The blouse I had seen in recent months, most recently for one of our date nights. The light beige button down blouse only had half a dozen buttons, none of them going any higher than the middle of her chest. She had several bras that were cut down low enough in the front and pushed together enough, to allow this blouse to show a significant amount of cleavage. I'd never seen her wear it to work though. Down at the bottom of the deep vee I could see a little of the white lace peeking up between the beige material. The frilly deep V-neckline also had a significant amount of material that hung down in wavy flowing folds that hung down over her breasts.

She grinned at me and pushed the flowing folds up into the V of creamy white cleavage, allowing me to see that her nipples and areola most certainly DID show through the thin material of the blouse. "I'm going to have to be awfully careful or someone is going to get an eyeful."

"You can say that again." I nodded.

"Who knows. Maybe David will get a little peek at a lot more than he expects."

"Don't do anything to jeopardize your job sweetie. We don't need that kind of trouble."

"What kind of trouble? It's not like I'm intentionally showing anything off."

I stepped over to her and gently smoothed the material down over her tits and then grabbed them through the blouse. I could feel her hard nipples pressing against my palms. "You are turning into a VERY naughty girl all of a sudden."

"I know. Don't you love it?" she said with a giggle before leaning towards me and kissing me. "Now. What's for breakfast?"

We had breakfast and headed off to work to start our days. I couldn't help but wonder if my wife would really partially flash David. I'd met him at the last Christmas party. He was in his late twenties, kind of thin and lanky with an equally tall, thin athletic wife. She'd told me that every time they had to work in close quarters, she felt like he was always trying to look down her blouse. I didn't know if he was or not, but at least my wife felt like he was. With what she had on today, if he did, he was in for one hell of a view.

I kind of forgot about my wife, being buried in my own work. That was until I got a text about eleven o'clock. I pulled my phone out and checked, thankful that I did it in my office and not in some public place. I'd recognize my wife's pussy anywhere. But this anywhere was sitting in an office chair without any panties on. A second text came moments later. "Just couldn't resist taking them off, especially with this skirt. Think about that before you get home tonight!"

My first thought was, who the hell was she flashing? With the slit up the back of that dress, it wouldn't take much to hike the skirt high enough that her pussy would show if she bent over far enough. My second thought was that maybe she needed to talk to someone. I forwarded the picture and the following text to Shelly, asking her if she could come over and see us tonight.

"I'd love to come over and talk, or maybe more than talk? Looks like someone is horny as hell."

That wasn't exactly what I expected, but at least she was going to come over and talk. I felt like I needed to get a handle on this. I texted my wife back. "Love the view, but is that the place to be doing this? Don't get yourself in trouble."

"The only one I might flash is David, and he's just interested in my tits."

She answered back. "But since you're interested, I have my skirt pulled part way up so that I don't leave a wet spot on it, but that isn't helping my chair. At least it's leather. If you were hiding under my desk you could almost lick my pussy my skirt is so far up." A few moments later I was treated to another picture, this time from the side. Her skirt was indeed slid up far enough that her bare ass was sitting on her chair, the tops of her stockings clearly visible. I wouldn't be at all surprised that if David looked straight down at her over her desk that he'd be seeing her pussy. I decided not to answer... for now.

It was late afternoon when the next text came. The image was of her chest, the hanging material pulled to one side so that her nipple was clearly visible through the thin top. "Can't wait for you to suck this."

At five past five the third text came in. It was a picture with her phone being held up in the car, my wife clearly in the drivers' seat. Past the steering wheel I could see her skirt hiked all the way to her waist, her pussy completely on display to anyone that might walk by the car, and her blouse unbuttoned so that both nipples were pushing out the front of the half open blouse. "This making you hard yet?" was the text following. "What would you do if you came home to this?"

She had beat me home, and when I walked in she was moving about the kitchen wearing exactly what she had in the text. Her skirt was pulled back down, but her blouse was open, the white lace and her bare tits were fully on display. She turned toward me and allowed me to step right up against her, my hands reaching up and cupping both her breasts. I could feel her hard nipples pressing against my palms and the feel of her hands working on the belt of my dress slacks. In moments my pants were sliding down my legs. I felt her push my briefs down and free my already rock hard cock. "Someone's horny."

"Like I wouldn't be, after those texts?"

"I was hoping you would be. You know why?" she asked softly as she rubbed her hand gently along my hard dick.

"Because you're horny?" I asked, sliding my hands down from her tits. I gently pulled her skirt up a little at a time, working it up until it was bunched up around her waist. I slipped one hand between her legs, letting my fingers gently stroke her exposed pussy. "Oh yeah. Horny as hell," I whispered. I continued to stroke her lips, letting my fingers dip between them, searching for and finding her clit.

She sucked in a sudden breath as my finger stroked across her hard nub. "OH fuck," she gasped.

"Yep. Definitely turned on," I said as I slipped my fingers out of her pussy. I reached both hands around her to her bare ass and cupped her cheeks. I lifted her, pulling her against me, as she pulled her hands off my dick and reached up to wrap them around my back for balance. I felt her legs wrap around me as I stepped towards the big wooden kitchen table. I set her ass on the edge and reached up to coax her arms from around me, laying her back. She unlooped her legs from around me and let me spread her legs, lifting them until they rested on my shoulders.

I looked down at my sexy wife, laying with her body half exposed on the kitchen table. I'd often fantasized about having her like this, and even tried a few times to make it happen. Each time she protested that the table was where we ate, pretty much killing the mood by the time we got back to the bedroom. She never quite understood that eating was exactly what I had in mind! I looped my right arm around her thigh and used my fingers to stroke her wet pussy lips while I enjoyed the view of her half naked body in front of me. She looked back at me, almost expectantly, waiting silently.

She shifted her legs to move her feet to my shoulders as I lowered myself to my knees in front of her, her knees splaying farther apart to give me access to her wet slit. I leaned my face closer to her and licked slowly up her slit, tasting her wet juices. I reached the end of her slit and pressed my tongue between her lips to find her clit and stroke slowly across it. "So. Did David get an eye full?" I asked before I dipped down for another slow stroke.

"He did. On accident at first. My arm brushed the material out of the way when I was reaching for something. I could see by his eyes that he saw. I could feel my whole body trembling as I did it again, this time on purpose. I walked back to my desk when we were done and took my panties off right there. That's why you got that first text."

"Did you let him see more?" I asked as I continued to slowly slide my tongue up and down her wet slit, pressing between her lips so that I could stroke over her clearly excited clit.

"Oh god," she moaned as I flicked my tongue back and forth across her clit. "I did. I walked back to his desk with no panties on and dropped a folder. It took a LONG time for me to pick up all the papers, the whole time my ass was pushed out at him. From the size of the bulge in his pants, he didn't miss seeing my pussy."

I pulled my face from her pussy and stood up. "Did it turn you on doing that?"

"OH god. By the time I got back to my desk, I just wanted to stuff my fingers into my pussy," she said as I rubbed my head up and down her slit, coaxing it into the entrance to her depths. "I finally had to go to the ladies' room and finger myself," she whispered as I slowly fed my cock into her pussy. "If I could have, I'd have done it right at my desk." She moaned as I pressed fully into her, my fat cock stretching her vaginal walls and my head pressing against her cervix. I'd only started, and I could already feel her legs trembling slightly.

"If you had, would you have let him watch?" I asked in a whisper, reaching up to her tits and squeezing both of them.

"Oh god," she moaned. "I should have. I should have let him watch me climax."

"No way to do that at work," I whispered as I started stroking into her, sliding my dick in and out of her. "That wouldn't be good. Maybe you need to invite him and his wife over. I bet you could find a way to do that here."

"Ohhhh fuuuuck," she groaned as I plunged my cock into her faster.

"Just think about all the time you have to plan it, to figure out how to innocently have him see you naked, or playing with your pussy?"

"Ohhhhhh fuuuuck yes," she moaned as I pushed in and out faster, her pussy clamping around me and her legs trembling as her orgasm started to wash over her.

"Maybe you can think of a way to get his wife naked for me to see?"

"Oh fuck. Get them both naked," she moaned. "God, you are so bad," she squeaked as she came around my thrusting cock. "I wanna do that so bad now."

"UH huh." I grunted as my body bucked and jammed my cock deep into her. I felt a surge of cum lance into her pussy before another jerk spurted more into her. I stood jerking and twitching for at least thirty seconds before I had full control of my body again. "Are you going to try and show him your naked breasts? Accidently I mean?" I asked breathlessly as she lay twitching and shuddering occasionally.

"If I can think of a way."

"I bet they don't turn down the invitation if you do," I whispered just loud enough for her to hear.

"You wanna fuck his wife, don't you?" she asked, looking at me. "After playing with that clerk at the store, you wanna fuck a nice young woman."

"The thought had occurred to me," I admitted. "Okay. Yes. The thought turns me on," I said after she stared at me for several long seconds.

"I thought so," she said with a small grin. "I think that's what you really want. You don't mind me showing off to David as long as you get his wife in return."

I shrugged with a sheepish look on my face. "Yeah. You're right."

"I hope you don't mind me fucking David then."

"I kinda thought that was your plan to start with."

She thought about it a few seconds. "It is now."

"Well. You'll have to be inventive. They'll have to think it's their idea."

"Trust me. Once he sees my bare tits, he'll agree to damn near anything I suggest," she said with a giggle. "You men are so damn predictable."

"And his wife?"

"I have an idea," she said with a smile.

I pulled my now softening dick from her and helped her off the table. She walked around the kitchen, her skirt still around her waist and her blouse open, finishing dinner. I sat in a kitchen chair, my pants around my ankles, watching her, watching my cum running down her legs, my dick slowly getting hard again as she looked over at me frequently.

Lacy decided to stay in her stockings and bustier, and nothing else, "just for me." I honestly think it has to do with her suddenly newfound love for being sexily half naked or all the way naked. We've spent many evenings sitting in the family room watching tv, but this is the first time I could remember her walking around and OPENING curtains instead of closing them. Not all the way open, but open enough that you could get a brief glimpse as she walked by the window. I wasn't quite as comfortable with the naked in public view thing, so I pulled on a pair of sleep shorts, which were loose enough she had easy access, but still covered me if someone showed up at the door.

I'd almost forgotten that Shelly was coming over until the doorbell rang. I answered the door and Shelly followed me in.

"You probably need to close the curtains on the front of the house," she said to Lacy as she sat down on the sofa, leaving a space for me to sit between them. "Not that I'm a prude, but you don't need a visit from the police. In this town, just because you're in your own home does NOT mean that they can't accuse you of exposing yourself. Especially if a child should see you."

"Yeah. That would be bad," I agreed, getting up and walking to the living room. I closed the curtains and then walked back to https://pro3xplain.com/2014/05/%D8%A7%D9%86%D8%B7%D9%81%D8%A7%D8%A1-%D8%B4%D8%A7%D8%B4%D8%A9-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%AD%D8%A7%D8%B3%D9%88%D8%A8-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%AA%D8%AD%D9%83%D9%85-%D9%88%D9%82%D8%AA.html










the family room, headed to the sliding glass door.

"That one you can get away with leaving open. It's on the back of your house so only you and your neighbors can see in. If you don't mind your neighbors seeing you half dressed..." Shelly said. "So. Tell me what's going on. I said I'd check on you today, but the text I got from Ben was, well, interesting."

"Where to start?" my wife said. "After you left, I decided I wanted to go get one of the same kind of vibrator that was used on me in the fort. The more I thought about buying it, the more I thought about maybe flashing some guy. That's all it was going to be. I wasn't going to wear panties or a bra, so I could pull up my shirt or my skirt and give someone a little flash. If I got really brave, I only had to undo one button and my skirt would fall all the way off."

"Okay. That's not so unusual. I'd expect Gabrielle to do something similar."

"Gabrielle?" I asked quickly.

"One of our club couples. Gabrielle and Eddie. They weren't there this weekend. They don't appreciate that kind of action. They're more into teasing with public exhibitions.."

"I don't get it."

"They'll team up with another couple, swap partners, and then go out and flash each other in public places. The idea is to show your partner your wares without showing the whole world. I doubt there's a store in town that they haven't flashed in."

"That kinda sounds like fun," my wife said with a grin. "And after. I mean after they tease, they switch back or they have sex with their partner for the night?"

"Usually they couple up with their partner for the night. Sometimes after that, they get back together and do some shared action."

"Sounds like you know from experience," I suggested.

"I do. Eddie got me completely naked at Home Depot one time. Not that it was that hard to do, given what I had on. But it did lead to some really great sex in the parking lot."

"That does sound sexy," my wife agreed.

"So. Let's get back on track. You went to show off. How did that go?"

"I didn't have the nerve to do it. Ben finally got me to bend over and pulled my skirt up to show my pussy, and then after that he actually broke the button off of the skirt so that it fell down with a guy standing just a few feet away. I had to bend over to pull it back up."

"Sounds like a pretty successful flash. How did you feel about it?"

"God it turned me on soooo much. Ben took me over to a rack and got me this bustier, and had me change into it right there, right in front of the guy that I'd flashed my pussy to."

"Another good flash opportunity. I'm not seeing the problem yet."

"The problem was that she got the idea to flash me to the salesgirl. She went over and asked her to show us men's vibrators and then talked her into helping show me how to use it."