Mens Wedding Rings DO NOT NEED TO Be Boring

Mens Wedding Rings DO NOT NEED TO Be Boring

There is really a tendency among many men to check out mens marriage rings, not from a fashion point of view, but as a good staple which should reflect little, beyond its obvious symbolism of a man's ties to his wife. However the modern man should think about looking at wedding bands, and considering his personal style. This ring is something you will wear, hopefully, for the rest of your life. Why opt for something static? Why not select a style that fits you, and works with you? Luckily, there are various styles available that aren't so dramatically different concerning be unacceptable as a symbol of one's marriage, but unique enough to reflect your personality. Here are three different styles you could consider, and what they state concerning the man who wears them:

Braided rings are a very eye-catching style, and the man who wears them doesn't mind attracting a little extra attention. A braided ring can symbolize the joining of two people together as a married couple; or it might simply be chosen because the interwoven style offers a visual break from the usual plain and less exciting bands. Braided bands can be found in a number of different thicknesses, from a thin band with a tightly woven texture, to a more substantial size ring that has a chunkier series of strips. He might describe himself as a more "masculine" man, and own a series of thick plaid shirts. His wife likely fell in love with his rugged style.

Textured rings offer a wide variety of styles. From pebbled designs that excite the attention and offer a rougher texture against the other fingers, to designs that feature a hand-hammered look, or any other number of raised or lowered features at first glance of the ring. Great site is for the person who's very sensual and enjoys the sensation of a ring on his finger. The textures will give him something to play with as he rolls the ring on his finger. He could be considered a fidgeter who loves to have something to fiddle with in quieter moments, and likely owns a minumum of one pair of silk pyjamas. His fianc�e would probably indicate his imagination among the sexiest elements of him.

Banded rings offer the best of a number of different ring materials, all rolled into one. These rings offer the look and value of gold, coupled with hardness and durability of titanium. Men who wear mens wedding rings with different bands of metal will be the type who will never order a meal at a restaurant without making some change to the choice, and likely includes a wardrobe full of cotton/poly blended clothing. His spouse loves his adaptability to any situation.

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