Meet Nicegram

Meet Nicegram


Welcome to Nicegram – fast, secure and nice messaging app. Imagine the mix of powerful Telegram API, careful code optimization and unique features that deliver a whole new level of experience you can’t refuse!



Nicegram returns you the joy of pure communication:

- Forget about unnecessary censorship. You will no longer end up in a situation when someone knows better which groups, channels or bots you should or should not interact with.

- Get more focus with Folders & Tabs. Group chats by topic you want, or split them by type - channels, bots, private and more. Be productive on the messaging fields!

- Hide unused Tabs. Decide whether you need to hide or show Contacts and Calls tabs at the bottom of your app.

- Switch between seven accounts. Multiple accounts now mean more than three, that’s limited in a standard Telegram app.

- Instantly Save Messages to your Cloud with a single tap.

- Make your messages Nice. Format text with URLs, hide long and scary links in a pretty words. Now, creating fancy posts isn't a dream.

- Lost a Pin, But Not Forever. Retrieve any hidden pinned message in any chat, now it's possible.
You're an admin and want to get rid of the pinned message that plays on your nerves? You can simply hide it just for yourself, not only for everyone.

- Admin like a boss. Restrict users faster than a bullet. Long tap a message and proceed to an exception menu. Control exception duration down to the second.

- Nicegram is not only NICE. It is SAFE to use. Don’t just take my word for it. Go and check yourself the source code at:

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