McDonald’s Rally Team: Italians are ready for the Silk Way Rally and unbelievable andventures in Russia and Mongolia

McDonald’s Rally Team: Italians are ready for the Silk Way Rally and unbelievable andventures in Russia and Mongolia

Telegram: Cross-Country Rally News

McDonald’s Rally Team will take part in the Silk Way Rally 2021. The passion for riding led two friends Davide and Aldo and their sons Max and Andy to seek adventures together. Davide Camurri is the team manager, he will take care of the service and Massimo Camurri is one of the three riders with Aldo Winkler and Andy Winkler. 

Massimo Camurri answered the questions of the Cross-Country Rally News telegram channel.

Team: McDonald's Rally Team
Rider: Aldo Winkler (KTM 450) 63 y.o. Turin (Italy) Instagram: andywinkler502
Rider: Andy Winkler (KTM 450) 29 y.o. Turin (Italy) Instagram: aldowinkler
Rider: Max Camurri (KTM 450) 28 y.o. Imola, Italy. Instagram: ridewithmc
Sponsors: McDonald's, Nikon, Bell

ССRN: Massimo, could you tell us more about your team and youself?

M.C.: I was born in Italy, raised on motorbikes since I was 4 y.o. I have a good experience in Italian cross-country rally-raids, I was 2nd at Italian championship under 23 in 2012. 

Massimo Camurri

My teammates are Aldo (dad, 64y.o.) and Andy Winkler (son, 29y.o.) They were born in Turin. Aldo raced in the Dakar Rally 8 times. They wanted to go for rally raiding together, as it is one of the best feeling to to experience together as father-son. Andy is a motocross champion, also raced in Supercross AMA.

Aldo and Andy Winkler

We have a service team led by my father Davide Camurri - team manager, Bayarsaikhan Bor and Fabio Zanone are mechanics. Davide will be driving our van with all the stuff, from Italy to the race and back. We have a super cool Ford Transit specially equipped! 

Davide and Massimo Camurri

ССRN: Have you ever been to Russia or Mongolia?

I travelled a lot with my father around the world, we have been in Russia and Mongolia 7 times by car driven from Italy. We have also travelled across Mongolia on bikes.  We were amazed by Russian and Mongolian people and landscapes.

Some Russians asked me about a very popular Soviet movie "Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia". I've never watched it before, but I will search online and watch it on my way to the race. I hope our new adventures in Russia and Mongolia will be unbelievable as well.

CCRN: Could you tell us about the preparation for such a long race?

The preparation is never enough as we have our own companies and finding the time to prepare is hard. We did a lot of motocross, and we went to train in Dubai with Sam Smith. 

Massimo Camurri

Me and my dad Davide will drive the van to the race start, so it will be an adventure into the adventure. The other members of the crew will arrive via airplane to Omsk. Inside the van we will bring all the tools to fix the bikes in bivouacs and all camping stuff. 

It was very hard to prepare and take care of everything. This year is difficult to organize something like this due to COVID! As me and Andy are young we have not received the vaccine yet. All the other members of the crew are already vaccinated so they should be good. 

We were lucky to buy that KTM Rally, so we didn't really have to prepare the bike much, as it's almost ready to race from the factory! The goal for the team is to bring all the bikes and riders to the finish line, and to enjoy this adventure of a lifetime.