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Can I contact MasterPoll support?

Check first that your question isn't here!

Contact support only if your question is about the MasterPoll topic and wait for the answer to your question.

🌐 Check the Bio to find out if it's available in your language, otherwise communicate in English.

What does Beta and Stable mean?

If you want to use this Bot as a "public use", use the Stable version of the Bots.

if you want to help us with the Beta Testing or you want to Translate the Bot use the Beta version of the Bots.
It can be offline, check on the Beta Channel.

How can I create a poll?

Start one of our Bots and read the messages. \(O.O)/

(Wait updates for a complete tutorial)

What is MasterPoll?

MasterPoll is the name of the best pollbot on Telegram!

How can I recommend a new function?

Recommend your ideas on the official MasterPoll channel, every month we publish a board specially created for this reason, otherwise you can contact support to specify your needs.

Why doesn't the Bot respond?

The Bot may be offline for maintenance or other technical problems...

Try again after 10 minutes, if the problem persists contact the support.

Can I change the title or the description of my poll?

If there are no votes in the survey, you can do it, otherwise you can reset them:

Sequence 1: click on "Options" button
Sequence 2: click to "Edit poll" button
Sequence 3: click on "Edit title" button
Sequence 4: send the new title and you have done!

How can I share polls?

If the poll is your see How can I share my polls¹.

Otherwise see How to share other people's polls¹.

How can I share my polls

You can share your poll in 3 different ways:

  • Inline mode:
    Type "@MasterPollBot " in a chat and choose the poll to send it. See other in How inline works?¹.
  • Send in a chat: [Premium function¹]
    Go to your poll in the chat with the Bot and click to "Send to...". See other in How can I send my poll without inline function¹.

How to share other people's polls

You can share the people's polls with the "Share" button, only if this poll have the Shareable option.

Poll sent with inline function.

After clicking on the Share button, you will have a way to share this poll!

After you start the Bot you can see this message.
Now you can share this poll with inline function.

How inline works?

You can use the inline functions to share, publish polls or add the administrators to yours poll.

Look at all yours polls

Look at all your polls and click on it to publish it in the chat.

“@MasterPollBot ”

Search for a poll

Write a keyword that is contained in the title or description of a poll and click on it to publish it in the chat.

“@MasterPollBot My poll title”

Share polls

Share polls on any chat.

“@MasterPollBot share cmVneDNmTk9vYmpaVExJaEZnPT0”

Add administrators

Invite the administrators you added to the poll.

“@MasterPollBot administrators cmVneDNmTk9vYmpaVExJaEZnPT0”

How can I join the MasterPoll Beta Testing?

Tip: Join @MasterPollBeta to receive news on new updates to be tested.

Take part in the Beta Testing poll, you will be automatically added to the private list when using Beta Bots.

Who are Premium users?

Premium users are those who help us keep all of our service online!

Tip: You can become a Premium user by purchasing a VIP pack.

Premium functions

  • No Ads: you will no longer see advertisiements.
  • No Ads for your voters: the users who interact with your polls will not see advertisement.
  • Send to: Send the poll in a specific chat without the inline function.
  • No watermark: Get the graph image of the poll's result without watermark.

How can I pay?

When you pay you do not make a direct purchase, but you reload the virtual wallet of the Bot, after reloading you will see your wallet in the Bot Shop and you can buy from the "Buy" button.

When you pay with one of the payment methods¹ after a few minutes you will receive the receipt of your payment directly from @MasterPollBot.

Payment methods

For now only PayPal¹ is available.

Pay with PayPal

  1. You will need to identify your Telegram account by passing your Telegram ID in the payment description, if you have already paid without the authentication, send the transition code to the support.
  2. Pay attention to the fees that PayPal takes!


How affiliate works?

Activate it on the Shop message, with this option you can earn real money that you can use in the Bot Shop.
When the Affiliate option is active you automatically earn money when you voters see advertisement or new users (for us) start the Bot, like a general ref-link.

Note: If you enable this option and you are a Premium user¹, your voters will see the advertisement.

Discounts at the store

Discounts are announced on the update channel.

When there is a discount in the shop, a message like this is displayed:

Prices may change over time.

Translate the Bot

We have created our translation platform for MasterPoll!

Localizzation Platform

Read the pinned message on the Translation Group to know how to access the website