Market Instruction

Market Instruction

The Saleer Team

@SaleerBot is a popular Telegram bot that provides users tools for working with cryptocurrency.

One of these instruments is Market. Market is a P2P service for cryptocurrency exchange that allows trading Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero. 

How to purchase cryptocurrency?

  • Enter the bot and press Start. The bot will send you a greeting message.
  • Then press Market button and accept terms of use. Then bot will ask you to choose the fiat money we will be working with. 
  • Then press Buy and choose the cryptocurrency you want. 
  • I will choose Bitcoin, for example. The same actions apply if you need any other coin. 
    After you choose a cryptocurrency, the bot will show you the exchange rate for the coin at the current moment, and will ask you to choose the exchange method. There are five basic payment systems available: Sberbank, Tinkoff, QIWI, Alpha Bank and Yandex.Money. Then you have to enter the amount of money for purchasing. You can enter the amount in fiat money or in chosen cryptocurrency as well. 
  • After you enter the amount, the bot will automatically choose the best offer for bitcoin sell and send you seller’s description: their rating, reviews, the number of successful transactions. If you find the offer suitable for you, press Begin the Transaction. To find an alternative offer you should press Next. After your confirmation of transaction the seller of cryptocurrency have to confirm it in the next 5 minutes. Otherwise, the transaction will be aborted automatically.
  • If the seller has confirmed the transaction, you will receive the requisites for payment. After transferring the money to the seller, you must confirm the transaction in the bot. When the seller verifies the payment, he will transfer the cryptocoins to your account in the bot. 

How to sell cryptocurrency? 

Cryptocoin sell in @SaleerBot works just the way the purchase works. 

So I’ll write a few differences:

  • Add money to your account in the bot by pressing WalletAdd Money. You’ll receive an address and a QR-code for sending cryptocoins you want to sell. 
  • To sell coins you have to press Market and Sell options in the main menu.
  • After choosing your payment method and setting the amount of your cryptocurrency, you have to correctly specify your requisites and terms of the transaction
  • After receiving the payment from the buyer, it is necessary to confirm it in the bot and the coins will automatically will be sent to the buyer

What are Market orders?

An order is your announcement about buying or selling a cryptocurrency at a certain rate, with a given number of coins. You can place an order in the Market - My orders menu and then click on Create an order button. In addition to choosing a cryptocurrency, its rate and limit, it is necessary to write your requisites for receiving funds and terms of trade in the order.

By using orders, each user can create his exchange service, earning money by buying and selling coins.

Why the @SaleerBot bot is safe to use?

The Bot acts as a guarantor of security of transactions between sellers and buyers. After making a decision to buy a cryptocurrency, the required number of coins is frozen on the seller's account. If the payment was correctly processed, and the seller is not in a hurry to send you coins, you can open a dispute via bot. Bot support will check chat with the seller and the correctness of your money transfer. If everything is all right, the support will send the coins to your account, and the seller will be punished.

The support of the bot guarantees the safety of your transfers, and besides that, the support is completely free!