Марихуана Махдия

Марихуана Махдия

Марихуана Махдия

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Марихуана Махдия

Наркотики в Тунисе Обсуждение любых тем, связанных с Тунисом. Так как же все-таки обстоит дело с проблемой наркотиков в Тунисе? Мы когда-нибудь встретим Новый год вдвоем, в шерстяных носках и с кружками горячего шоколада. А потом уснем, тесно прижавшись друг к другу,чтобы прожить так всю оставшуюся жизнь. Вернуться к началу. Каждый день и не по одному разу. Некоторые знакомые мужа курят тоже. Говорят, что у них это дешево. Но полиции боятся. Сколько здесь живу, земля слухами полнится. Самыми разными. Очень многие туристы говорят, что им предлагают, но не встречала ни одного, который бы признался, что купил. С другой стороны слышала версию, что это, дескать, такой ход полиции, кто повелся и пошел покупать, того - в кутузку. Обкуренных на улице не вижу. В злачных местах не бываю, поэтому 'оперативной обстановкой' там, на предмет обкуренных не обладаю. Среди знакомых мужа и моих, никто не курит гашиш. Шишу - да, сплошь и рядом. Интересно, а насколько ухо туриста настроено на отличие произношения гашиш и шиша? Сколько раз был в Тунисе, всё время это было. Конечно большая часть этих людей работает на полицию. Шишу же курят дома при помощи кальяна, при этом никто не прячется Знаю, что какие-то таблеточки покупают в центре Суса, но что это, без понятия

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Марихуана Махдия

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Марихуана Махдия

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Марихуана Махдия

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Cannabis in Tunisia – Laws, Use, and History

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Марихуана Махдия

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Until , no differentiation was made between possession and usage, and the minimum sentence was a year in prison. The laws were protested by human rights activists and eventually changed. For example, it not only punished those who used or possessed drugs, but also those who attempted to use or possess them. Consumption could also be punished, even if there was no evidence of possession. The court had the right to force an offender to undergo treatment at a public hospital too. As such, the law was amended in mainly as a response to overcrowding in prisons. They were also given more powers regarding sentencing, and could take into consideration mitigating circumstances. In May , a court handed down the first modified sentence, a suspended prison sentence and a fine. This was applauded by human rights activists — who also highlighted the need for further reform. For those caught importing or exporting drugs, the punishment is even harsher — a minimum of ten years imprisonment, extending to a life sentence. There is also a fine for these crimes — 20, to , Tunisian dinars. Despite these severe sentences, drug trafficking is still common in the country — largely due to the import of hashish from Morocco, via Algeria. The law also forbids the cultivation of cannabis, either for personal or medicinal purposes. Cultivation is regarded as a serious offence as serious as sale or supply and is subject to the same sentencing. In , Tunisian authorities claimed to have eradicated cannabis cultivation entirely. In the past, cannabis was consumed widely across the country, for medicinal purposes as well as recreationally. However, it was made illegal in , and since then, the country has not introduced any special dispensation for patients requiring cannabis for medical reasons. By , the Tunisian government claimed to have eradicated all types of cannabis cultivation in the country, along with hemp. However, evidence suggests that hemp and cannabis are still grown in the rural communities, and along the border with Algeria. In a public survey, they asked respondents about their thoughts on a variety of laws in the country. Despite the tough laws, cannabis smuggling is still rife in Tunisia. This is due to its geographic position. Hashish is trafficked through the country from Morocco via Algeria , and from various sub-Saharan countries too. In addition, European traffickers are now smuggling drugs into the country too. The authorities operating at the border are also reportedly open to corruption. As such, smugglers view it as a risk worth taking. The people of Tunisia protested against government corruption and poverty, among other things. This happened just weeks after he expressed support for a group accused of burning police posts. Prison overcrowding remains a serious issue in Tunisia, largely thanks to the sentencing for drugs-related crimes. There have been some notable arrests in the past. He was given a sentence of one year for being found in possession of cannabis. Some cases are rather more tragic than others. Graphic photos of his injuries were shared online, which the police later claimed were caused during the autopsy. For example, it seems unlikely that there will be a medicinal programme in place any time soon, and the likelihood of recreational use being decriminalised is slim. However, from a human rights perspective, it is welcome news that Tunisian anti-cannabis laws have changed, giving judges the ability to act with discretion on a case-by-case basis. This is likely to reduce overcrowding in prison, and prevent offenders from receiving a minimum one-year sentence simply for using a small amount of cannabis. In case any kids get this while doing research: Stick the fingers in your danger zones. Tunisian cops maybe stupid, but they know their search drills…. Your email address will not be published. Sensi Seeds 21 Nov Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The Sensi Seeds Editorial team has been built throughout our more than 30 years of existence.

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Марихуана Махдия

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Cannabis in Tunisia

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