Maria's Moving Adventure Pt. 01

Maria's Moving Adventure Pt. 01

"I'm not sure where you want the bed in here?" Mike said.

"I was thinking opposite to window over there on the wall." Maria suggested.

Mike nodded in agreement and they moved the still empty frame over to where Maria indicated. "This sure is lighter without the box spring and mattress installed!" Maria said.

"Do you want to help me with those?" Mike asked.

"Sure thing!" Said Maria

Mike and Maria together lifted the box spring and mattress on the bed. "Finally, that's done!" Said Maria.

"Mike, you look exhausted, why don't you lie down on the bed for a few minutes?" Maria suggested.

"That's a nice idea!" Mike said. So, Mike sat on the side of the bed, and laid down sideways, his feet hanging on the floor. Maria closed the bedroom door and sat down next to Mike.

"Here Mike, let me help you relax." Maria started massaging his thighs just above the knee. "Does that feel good?" Maria asked.

Mike mumbled an affirmative response.

Then Maria got off the bed and kneeled down between Mikes spread open legs and started massaging both legs with her hands, squeezing the muscles and releasing them. "Does that feel better?" Maria asked.

"Very much better!" Mike responded. Maria moved slowly up his thighs, squeezing the sore muscles working the outside, then moving to the inside thigh muscles. Finally, Maria placed her hand on Mike's crotch and started rubbing his obvious bulge.

Mike jumped a bit, startled by her touch, "Whoa!" He said, "What the..."

"It's okay Mike, relax! It does feel good doesn't it?" Maria said.

Well, yeah, but you don't have to..."

Maria answered, "Don't worry about that, the pleasure is all mine, believe me!" Maria continued to massage his quickly aroused penis through his shorts.

"Okay, it's time to slip these off Mike." Maria said, reaching up to pull Mike's shorts and underwear off. Mike arched his hips as Maria pulled his shorts off below his knees to his ankles, then slipping one leg completely out of the clothing.

Mike's beautiful, hard uncircumcised penis stood up as attention, at about a 30° angle from his body, it was about 9" long, and straight as an arrow. Maria carefully grabbed it with her right hand, pulling the foreskin down off the gland, she quickly licked the oozing precum off the beautiful, sensitive tip. "Mmmm!" Maria mumbled, "Tasted so good!"

Then Maria licked around the head before sucking the tip of Mike's erect penis into her mouth, pushing slowly up and down, teasing the shaft and tip with her tongue. "Does this help relax you?" Maria mused.

"Oh god Maria, that feels amazing!" Mike replied.

"I hope you accept my show of appreciation for all your help, but the pleasure is really mine!" She told Mike, "Now, to finish off my appetizer before dinner!"

Maria placed her lips back on Mike's hard, very tasty, straight cock and pushed all the way down, down to his pubic bone, his soft curly hair tickling her nose. She breathing in with pleasure his musky, manly scent, she began a steady, rhythmic motion, up, down, up, down, not too fast, all the way down. Finally, she sensed Mikes' body stiffen, his breathing changed, he arched his back, Maria grabbed onto his hip for control, his penis started to swell, Maria thrust his engorged penis all the way to the back of her throat and sucked as hard as she could. Then Mike came, he ejaculated hard down Maria's hungry throat. Maria pulled back so she could tease the sensitive gland and taste the eruption of goodness from his twitching, pulsing penis. Maria eagerly swallowed every drop, sucking as much cum out as she could before the pulsation subsided. Then she reached down between his legs and coaxed up the final drops of nectar, licking them off the tip as they appeared. "Mmmm, ahhh!" As she smacked her lips, "That was delicious Mike, I should be thanking you for that tasty treat!"

"Oh, Maria, that was incredible!" Mike earnestly remarked.

"Well Mike, anytime you feel the need for release, I'm one floor away from you." Maria added, "seriously Mike, I don't want this to be just a one-time thing!"

Mike agreed with Maria, and promised more for her. "Anyway, it will be our little secret for now," she said, adding, "how about we get ready for dinner."

Mike pulled his pants back up, and Maria opened the bedroom door. Leslie was in the kitchen about to take the hamburgers and hot dogs out to the grill.

Everyone went outside.

It was a gorgeous evening, except for a few no-see-ums buzzing about. Everyone it seemed wanted to sit next to Maria, she seemed to be the biggest attraction at the picnic table. "Tell you what, while you guys decide where I'm going to sit, I will put the hamburgers and wieners on the grill?" She added jokingly, "Yeah, the women always get stuck cooking anyway!" Hey Jackie, is that some beer I see? Can you get me a can?"

"No problem, here you are!" said Jackie.

Jackie handed her an open beer, and she took a sip immediately.

"So, who is having hot dogs, who wants hamburgers, and who wants both??" Maria asked. Hands went up, Maria counted them off.

"What are you having Maria?" asked Leslie.

Maria replied, "I don't know about you guys, but I've been dying for some nice juicy wieners all day long!" Everyone including Maria chuckled softly.

"Well, you can have some leftovers before you turn in tonight too!" Charlie said, "just come on up before you go to bed!"

"Thanks Charlie, I appreciate the offer." Maria answered. "I'll probably take you up on that offer!"

"There will be plenty of leftover wieners for you downstairs too Maria!" Leslie chimed in.

"You guys, you're killing me with kindness!" Maria responded.

"Okay, I think these hamburgers and dogs are done, come and get em!"

Maria ended up sitting between Jackie and Leslie on one side of the picnic table, with Bill, Charlie and Mike directly across. She teased Bill, Charlie and Mike by rubbing their crotches with her feet under the table while carrying on a conversation the Jackie and Leslie, and while talking with Bill, Charlie and Mike, she would use her hands to squeeze and rub Leslie and Jackies' cocks with her hands.

After dinner a campfire was started, all sitting around the picnic table the fire, they chatted long after the sun set, about different issues, their faces all aglow from the orange flames dancing in the dark. Finally, Leslie asked the question.

"So, don't you like hamburgers Maria?" asked Leslie, who had made the burgers.

Maria answered, "I like them just fine, but today, I'm really craving wieners." with that, she picked up one of the remaining hotdogs with her fingers, slipped it all the way in her mouth to wet it down, then swallowed it whole without struggling at all. Maria proudly smiled, "I bet I could win a few hotdog eating contests that way huh?"

"Maria, you seem to be very proud of your, ...ahem, 'Oral Skills' with wieners?" Mike politely said.

Maria bowed her head down, and a bit embarrassed said, "No, not really, I know I'm far from perfect, but I keep trying, after all, practice makes perfect!"

"...And you do like to, ahem...'practice?'" Charlie interjected.

"Every chance I get," Maria said proudly, "I make the most of it."

"Okay, I have a question", offered Mike, "how many here sitting at this table had the chance to experience Maria's 'Oral Skills' today?" Slowly, everyone around the fire raised their hands.

There was silence at the table, everyone looked at each other and then at Maria, then Leslie said, "Well, I don't know about everyone else, but I think we have a real treasure here, we hit the jackpot with you Maria!" Leslie added, "Hopefully, we can all share this treasure amongst us and not try to be too greedy."

Maria quietly slipped her hands under the picnic table and began fondling Leslie's bulging crotch to her right, and Jackie's crotch to her left. Neither man said anything.

Jackie moaned slightly, then added "Welcome to your new home Maria!"

Maria smiled, "Thanks for making me feel welcome guys! adding, "Now, are any of you guys ready to give me some 'dessert'?"

"Come and get it, darlin'!" Jackie said, "I've been thinking about you all day!" adding, "You don't mind, do you?"

"Maria, do you mind them watching?" Jackie asked.

"I guess I don't mind, that is they don't mind watching and waiting for their turn?" Maria answered.

"We don't mind, really!" everyone said in unison.

"Okay, let the fun begin!" Maria added, "come on over here big boy, and stand in front of me." Maria turned herself around on the seat and sat down in front of the bonfire that had been started, she licked her lips, as she started to undo Jackie's pants she said, "It's dessert time fellas!" smiling a broad smile!

Maria pulled Jackie's shorts down to his ankles, and Jackie carefully stepped out of them. She grabbed Jackie's semi hard cock, looked around casually, and began her feeding routine.

First, she removed a stray pubic hair that was stuck to the gland tip and tossed it aside, then she placed the tip of his penis in her mouth. "Mmmmm!" She moaned, tasting the precum flowing out onto her tongue.

Slowly, she worked down his shaft, licking, sucking, working her tongue, she took his cock deeper, and deeper as Jackie's cock got harder, and longer. Illuminated in only the flickers of the dim orange light from the campfire and the lingering summer dusk of the setting sun, the men moved closer in to watch the action, soon cell phones were out with LED lights illuminating Maria's feeding frenzy spectacle.

Jackie gazed skywards, into the soon to be star filled sky, his hands laid gently upon Maria's head, stroking her auburn hair.

Maria went deeper, her nose buried deep in his pubic hairs, she deeply inhaled Jackie's rich musky scent, still mixed with the fragrance of 15 year old single malt scotch. Maria began long, regular strokes, all the way down, she grabbed both his testicles and managed to pop both into her already filled mouth, much to the surprise of everyone watching. She turned her head slightly to see the reaction, but one testicle popped loose, and then the other escaped her mouth, so she resumed her rhythmic strokes. Soon, Jackie's legs began to tremble, his body tightened, his penis began to swell. This time Maria pulled back so only the gland tip was in her mouth, which she worked furiously with her tongue. Then Jackie erupted, the base of his cock moving up and down, the bottom of his cock. Everyone watching could see the rhythmic expanding, pulsating, contracting of his cock as the spurts of semen moved through into Maria's hungry mouth and down her throat. Maria's cheeks expanded with each mouthful, then she would swallow, and her mouth would fill again three more times. Finally, the pulses subsided, and Maria was left with one last mouthful. She disengaged herself from Jackie long enough to open her mouth and show everyone that it was still full of one last mouthful of white, warm, fresh semen, "Then she gratefully swallowed the nourishing contents, letting out a satisfyingly audible ""Mmmmm! Ahhhhh!" "That so good!!" finally opening her mouth to display that she had swallowed every drop.

Maria returned her attentions to the penis before her, and began suckling on Jackie's semi-flaccid cock. Maria worked on squeezing out every precious drop of nectar before she finally let go, before asking, "Who is next?"

Jackie picked up his pants and moved away to the picnic table to put his pants on. Maria asked, "Can someone hand me a beer?"

Jackie answered from the picnic table, "Sure, here you go!" then he handed Maria a beer can.

Maria popped the top open and took a sip. She swished the beer around in her mouth, then gargled the beer and swallowed in one gulp. "There, sterilized!" adding, "All traces of semen have been washed down, now can somebody feed me more?" She demanded.

Leslie was the first to react, he started by removing his pants right there and announced, "It's my turn!" then smiling nervously, he walked up before Maria while everyone was watching.

Maria looked up at Leslie and smiled, she picked up Leslies' flaccid penis in her right hand and put the entire shaft into her mouth and started sucking and teasing it until it became its fully erect 8" of a beautifully straight cock. She worked her mouth back and forward, pushing the entire length down her throat, deep into her esophagus, the bulge of Leslies' cock appeared visible down her neck. Maria continued her long strokes, burying her nose deep into his pubic hairs taking in his manly aroma.

Everyone was watching intently as Maria performed her magic on Leslie. Mike moved behind Maria and reached down around to caress her hardened nipples. Maria took her free hand and while still sucking, unbuttoned her blouse. Mike gently slid her blouse down her soft shoulders and Maria let the sleeves fall past her wrists to the ground, leaving her perfectly shaped breasts exposed in the warm, nighttime summer air. The glow from the campfire dancing across her half naked form. Soon Charlie, Jackie and Bill joined Mike feeling Maria's supple breasts, and playing with her hardened nipples, hands were caressing her all over which really turned Maria on. She sucked harder and faster. Soon, Leslie's 8" cock swelled, and he released his warm, sticky milk into Maria's hungry, waiting mouth. Maria gulped audibly as she fed on more nutritious semen. The men were too preoccupied to have noticed, until they all heard Maria's gulping noises. Maria continued sucking until Leslies cock became flaccid and unresponsive. Leslie backed away, his deflated, spent penis dropping as if dead, out of Maria's hungry mouth.

"Who's next?" Maria asked, smacking her lips. "Bill, Mike, Charlie???" adding, "Don't be shy, now!"

She smiled at them.

Charlie started to reach for his belt, he starting to unbuckle it. "Well, here goes!" adding, "No rude comments, please!" Leslie moved away as Charlie took his place. Maria quickly pulled his blue denim shorts and underwear past his knees, and Charlie quickly stepped out his shorts. Maria had not seen Charlie's cock fully revealed until now, and freed from the encumbrance of his clothing it was really a magnificent cock that was presented there in front of her. Maria took Charlie's semi-stiff penis in her hand and looked up and smiled at Charlie, then kissed the tip of his cock, licking the precum off her lips.

"Mmmmm! Maria said

Then Maria put the soft tip of Charlie's penis between her lips and started sucking and licking, caressing with her tongue and moist lips.

She eagerly engulfed his cock down to his musky pubic hairs, then reached with both hands around and grabbed his butt cheeks to hold on tight. She began a steady in and out piston motion with her mouth, working her tongue around the tip and down the shaft. She made sure that she was in control. She was thoroughly enjoying this evening, with an abundance of nectar being provided by her new housemates. Soon Charlie began to stiffen up, his breathing changed, his penis swelled quickly, and started pumping his deliciously warm salty-sweet-slightly metallic milk into Maria's eager, waiting mouth. She held as much as she could in her mouth before having to swallow, then let her mouth fill once more with his nourishing contributions. Finally, Charlie stopped ejaculating and Maria removed his penis from her mouth which left much more room for the treasure it contained. She proudly opened her mouth to show everyone her reward before closing her mouth and slowly swallowing with a smile, and an audible gulp, followed by, "Ahhhhh!" as she smacking her lips with delight!

"Okay Mike, I think it's your turn" Maria reminded Mike, with a smile. Mike let go of Maria's nipples and moved around to the front. "Don't go away Bill", Maria said, "I'm saving you for last!" she said, smiling at Bill.

"Thanks Maria." Bill replied, he decided that he would take Mike's position behind Maria and would fondle her breasts and teasing her sensitive nipples until she finished with Mike. Anyway, it would give him a nice view of the action too.

Mike wasted no time in dropping his shorts and removing his underwater. His cock was already rock hard and stared Maria squarely in the face like a pink, one-eyed snake.

"Well, I see someone is happy to see me!" Maria wisecracked.

"Hehe, that's for sure!" Mike replie


"Well, I'm still hungry, are you going to feed me Mike?" Maria said.

"You can count on it Maria!" Mike replied.

Maria wasted little time, she opened her mouth and within a few seconds Mike penis disappeared between her hungry lips and down her well lubricated throat. "Mmmmm!" Maria moaned, she pulled out long enough to remark, "Cock tastes so damn good!!" Then she rammed Mikes' cock back down her throat, burying her nose deep in his pubic hair, inhaling deeply his musky man fragrance. Maria began thrusting deep, then pulling back, teasing around the head before thrusting all the way down again. She grabbed Mikes' testicles with her hand and gently massaged them, then on her next deep thrust, carefully popped each one into her already filled mouth, swirling them around with her tongue, closing her lips tightly and pulling back until each testicle popped out. Then she stopped sucking for a moment, and licked all around Mikes' sensitive scrotum, eagerly popped each tasty testicle in her mouth, then started sucking harder, as if to try to drain out the tasty contents directly from his balls.

"Ouch!" Mike said, "That's starting to hurt!"

Maria eased back, she released her tight grip that her mouth had on Mikes' sensitive, ripe hanging fruit, and began a sincere and earnest attempt to drain away every single last drop of semen Mike had left. It was not long before Mike began the telltale trembling, breathing changes, and of course, a sure sign, his penis began to swell in her throat. Maria went deeper this time, she wrapped her arms tightly around Mikes drawing him tightly against her face, his butt cheeks forced towards her, her face deep into his groin, and forcing his swollen cock deeper down her throat.

Mike erupted. He came hard and let out a loud cry! "Argh!!!!!!" His knees buckled as he lost his balance, held up only by Maria's strong grip.

Maria could feel his penis pulsing it's warm, nourishing milk past her tongue and down her throat, she could feel the warm sensation of his semen exploding deep in her esophagus and trickling down into her belly, but all she could really taste was his cock. Maria held her breath, licking the base of his penis furiously until his orgasm subsided, then pressed down with her lips while slowly pulling his penis out, squeezing every last drop out from his spent member. Finally, his cock head popped out of her throat and the back of her mouth and she could taste the last few drops of his delicious, warm cum. Maria sucked hard to get those last drops out.

Mike looked down at her and smiled, "That was incredible Maria, thank you!"

Maria replied, "No Mike, the pleasure was all mine, adding "Thank you for feeding me!" Then Maria looked to Bill behinds her. "Are you ready Bill?"

"Mmmm, love your tits Maria, I sure am now!" Bill replied.

"Then drop your drawers, and get over here, because I'm still hungry!" Maria replied, with a broad smile.

Bill moved in front of Maria. "The problem with this," she said, as she fiddled with his zipper, "is that I probably burn up as many more calories than I consume doing this!" She smiled at Bill. "There! ...I got it unstuck!" And she quickly zipped down his denim shorts and Bill wiggled out of them. "Well hello mister friendly!" She said, as Bill's hard twelve-inch erection greeted her, bobbing in her face.

A collective gasp was heard by everyone when they saw the size!! "Oh shut up!!" Bill said, embarrassed.