Marathon №3 "Marathon for Million"

Marathon №3 "Marathon for Million"


Multiply your deposit 20 times with us!

We are pleased to present the final product of our P_S_trade project.

Two previous experimental marathons have helped us to find a clear and stable trading strategy for providing quality signals, thanks to which we can achieve crazy financial results without much risk.

The main goal of the marathon is to make x20 to the deposit by the end of February 2023 (in 2 years).

This marathon is especially interesting for people with deposits over $10,000.

The main strategy is a monthly stable profitable trade of at least 15% with the addition of compound interest magic. Imagine, if you make a stable monthly at least **15% profit to the deposit and then in two years your deposit will grow 20 times! However, the key concepts of this strategy are stability, composure and skillful management of trade situations.

 **At least 15% profit on the deposit per month - does not mean that this is the upper limit of our capabilities. Here is an example of trade on 4 February 21:

The price rose by 25% in just 5 hours, while the risks were minimal. Though, at the moment the market allows you to earn. This will not always be the case.

You can see more of our trades in the portfolio.

Three basic principles of Marathon for Million:

1. The use of two types of trading - medium-term (for catching trend movements) and short-term (fast low-risk trades with a marginal leverage, max. 3rd one)

2. Total risk control by:

  • position management,
  • diversification of trade instruments,
  • compliance of unprofitable limits day/week/month.

3. We give only those trades that we enter ourselves!

By joining us you get:

Access to two closed telegram channels (short-term and medium-term trade channels)

A clear trading strategy that will help in entering the position and its management)

Weekly statistics

At least 15% of the profit per month with minimal risks.

x20 to your deposit in approximately two years.

The price of participation in the "Marathon for Million" (to 31.05.21).

$150 per month

For the whole time - $1800 (50% cheaper than paying monthly).

The price of participation in the "Marathon for Million" (from 01.06.21).

$210 per month

For "all time" - the service will be unavailable.

The number of places in the marathon is limited to 60. Further, the entrance to the marathon will be closed.

The number of "all time" subscriptions ($1800 each) is only 14. We are looking for ambitious, reliable and permanent people for the entire marathon distance. Join our financial journey!

WARNING!! During the day you can enter our marathon for free and check the value of information.

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And now in more detail:

The decision to combine the two trading methods was made on the basis of two previous marathons.

The main reason is that the market changes often. If there is a period when market volatility is high, short-term trading is usually inefficient or even unprofitable.

However, with low volatility, the market stops in consolidation, expectations of medium-term trend movements can take a very long time. In such situations, the medium term is ineffective.

A successful combination of the two trading methods will allow you to confidently maintain the average level of earnings in any market.

Briefly about trading methods:

 1. Medium-term trade:

The main goal is to catch high impulse waves without waiting out the correction.

  • On this trading method is allocated from 50% to 80% of the total deposit.
  • Trading only on the spot (exception, if the main trend has changed to short, in this case, there will be marginal trading with the first leverage)
  • Average profit for one trade - 20-30%
  • Approximate stay time in the trade: from 3 days to 2 weeks
  • Number of trades per month: from 4 to 12
  • Maximum stop: 7-10% on the position (1.75-2.5% to the trade deposit)
  • Permissible loss from trade deposit per month: 15%
  • Enter the position of 25% of the deposit.
  • Trading pairs to USDT

How will the signal be sent to the medium-term channel of the trade marathon:

2. Short-term trade:

The main goal is to catch small price movements (5-10%) after the start of a new impulse with minimal risks (short stops)

  • This trading method is allocated from 20% to 50% of the total deposit.
  • Marginal trading with the 3rd leverage
  • Average profit per trade - 10-30%
  • Approximate time spent in the trade: from an hour to 48 hours
  • Number of trades per month 16-24
  • The maximum stop is 2.5% per position
  • Permissible loss from trade deposit per month - 15%
  • Entry to the position is not more than 50% of the deposit.
  • Enter the next position only after setting the break-even stop in the previous position.
  • Trading pairs to USDT

How will the signal be sent to the channel of the short-term trade marathon:

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