Manual for mining MFCoins for owners of computers, laptops and tablets with Windows 7-10

Manual for mining MFCoins for owners of computers, laptops and tablets with Windows 7-10

Sergey Stepanov

This is the manual for those who do not have NVDIA, ATI or AMD, but have a computer, laptop or tablet with Windows 7-10 and do not have time to go into details.

Technically, you can mine from any device with a current price of not less than USD170. Naturally, the more powerful (and sometimes more expensive) the device is, the more coins you will mine. Most users do not know the settings of their computers and are scared to try something new. Exactly who I was three days ago – but today I am one step ahead with my first MFCoins mined.

Let's start, no doubts here! So, the first problem the newly-baked miner faces is the wallet installation. Most browsers nowadays have their own security systems and can block the wallet file when you try to download it. Some would ask why it happens in the first place, but it is a topic for a whole new article. Let’s put it like this: MFCoin is a new phenomenon, that is the basic reason. In order not to interfere with informational security of our favorite browsers we will download the file with the wallet via Internet Explorer only.

This is the direct link to the downloadable wallet file, it is not zipped or placed in a package. It is a program that just needs to be launched and after that it will stay in Windows active processes but will not remain in the registry. Only your antivirus can catch and block it, so better deactivate it in advance and after that feel free to start downloading. Some of you will not be able to deactivate the antivirus if you do not have the rights of the administrator: in this case, you should contact the seller of your device.

Let's play it as if we do not know the characteristics of our laptops/tablets and use the easiest means of mining – CPU – by using computation capacity of the processor without exploitation of the video-card graphic processor (GPU). Most office machines do not have good video-card capacity anyway so this way is perfect for those who want to mine from their office machines.

You just need to download a program that will send the coins to your wallet.

This is a zipped file, you should unzip it to the folder in disk C:\

Create the folder there and name it, say, mfcoin.

Place the four unzipped files in it, open Windows Prompt (command line) which used to be in the standard Start menu before, but in more updated software versions can be searched via a relevant function (Search).

Let's not go into details about the command line since it allows us execute commands that hardly anyone remembers or knows and let's just type a path to the folder with our crypto-currency miner.

It usually looks like this:

С:\ (root catalogues of disk C, just FYI)


However, after command line launch it is usually the catalogue with all of the user's files that opens, e. g.: C:\users\sasha\

We need our catalogue: mfcoin!

No panic here! Let's remember our IT classes in high school and DOS commands.

Command cd.. (change directory) takes us one level up from the sub-catalogue to catalogue 

E. g.:





This is how the result of twice-executed command on changing the catalogue looks. Basically, catalogue-directory-folder represent one and the same notion. Now we are in the root catalogue and we need to find the path to our file: minerd.exe 

It is plain and simple!

С:\cd mfcoin




Now we need to start the mining program after specifying the wallet address. Those who managed to install the wallet can find its address in the tab “Get the coins”.

Then we need to copy the below-mentioned link to the command line:

С:\mfcoin\ (here)

minerd --url=stratum+tcp:// --user=(address of your wallet without parenthesis) --pass=123456 --algo=scrypt

Let's go!


Let's enter the pool:

And check the statistics.


If you managed to do it, you will see the address of your wallet and your statistics in the pool.

So that we do not have to start the process with the command line all the time, our OS can help us make this process automatic. We need to create a .bat file by opening a Notepad and pasting the following link there:

c:\mfcoin\minerd --url=stratum+tcp:// --user=(address of your wallet without parenthesis) --pass=123456 --algo=scrypt


Then name the file with Latin letters and save it with the extension .bat

For example, mymoney.bat

Then copy the file itself and place it to: Windows – Autostart.


Good luck!