Man Sexual Difficulties and Treatments

Man Sexual Difficulties and Treatments

Sexual dysfunctions are fairly common in males in most cases these could be easily treated. Simply, sexual problems that face men talk about any risk that stops a guy or perhaps the couple from enjoying satisfying sex. Since your sexual response cycle has four phases - excitement, plateau, orgasm and backbone; any problem that impedes the standard functioning with this cycle can be defined as an intimate symptom in men.

The three major types of sexual difficulties are -

• Low libido (libido)

• Erectile dysfunction or impotence (difficulty achieving or maintaining a bigger harder erection)

• Ejaculatory dysfunction - (Premature, delayed or inhibited ejaculation)

Of these, erectile dysfunction which is commonly called impotence, is among the normally reported sexual problems wherein men face the consistent being unable to achieve or maintain a bigger harder erection of the penis sufficient to accomplish intercourse or other chosen sexual activity. It's estimated that ten percent men suffer from impotence problems however only a few receive treatment. Male impotence is reported more in men above Forty years of aging. For the reason that elderly males are very likely to have problems with issues that may impede the physiology of sexual response, however age has nothing regarding sexual dysfunctions.

Factors behind lack of staying power that face men.

The main cause of lack of staying power that face men may be physical or psychological problems.

• Physical causes might include physical and/or health conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart and vascular (circulation) disease, neurological disorders, hormonal imbalances, chronic diseases like kidney or liver failure, side effect of prescribed drugs, smoking, alcoholism, and substance abuse

• Psychological causes can sometimes include performance anxiety, work or home related stress, depression, sexual boredom, marital or relationship problems, worries about sexual orientation, and outcomes of a past sexual trauma.

Dealing with sexual difficulties related to impotence problems?

Due to the advancements in medical science, various treatment options for male sexual difficulties have been developed. However, before you visit a health care provider, it's advised you bring certain lifestyle changes like give up smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, reduce panic and anxiety through meditation, yoga etc, and remain fit and slim with regular physical exercise.

When changes in lifestyle neglect to produce effective results, your medical professional may recommend oral erectile dysfunction treatment drugs like Viagra (Sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil) and Levitra (Vardenafil). Of the drugs, Viagra is the oldest and something of the extremely trusted drugs. In response to sexual stimulation, the action of oral impotence drugs dilates the sleek arteries in the penis to ensure that more blood may rush in. The resulting engorgement of penis with blood causes men to realize hard and firm erection sufficient to perform sexual activity. Oral impotence prescription medication is the first-line therapy for impotence treatment and are considered to be good at most men.

Other erection dysfunction treatments include - vacuum pumps, penile injection, hrt and surgical implants. These procedures are understandably much less convenient as oral male impotence treatment drugs.

Precautions to consider while using oral male impotence treatment drugs

Many of the most important precautions include:

• Always consult a health care provider and take the medicine from the prescribed dosage.

• Never use impotence drugs together with any form of nitrate medicine.

• Use ED treatment drugs with caution when taking alpha-blocker medicines

• Avoid the use of ED treatment drugs if you have normal sexual functioning.

• ED treatment drugs shouldn't be utilized in men in whom sex is considered risky.

This article gives you the vital information on Male sexual problems along with what could be the possible treatments for sale in market.

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