Main Features of Webroot Antivirus Software

Main Features of Webroot Antivirus Software

Anaya sinha

With the expanding use of computers, Internet, computer security issues are popping up and so are mushrooming antivirus solutions in the marketplace. Everyday a new antivirus product is found in the market with a million promises to safeguard a customer's computer.

Webroot is among the earliest and trusted antivirus products in the Worldwide PC Security Market. Its latest Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus is an innovative antivirus alternative and proclaims the qualities of an anti malware too. It scans for virus and worms seeking to harm the consumer's computer. It also keeps an eye upon the internet visitors to the consumer's system as also warns the user against malicious websites containing spyware and worms which may end up being futile for the computer.


Unlike viruses, spywares attempt to steal valuable information from the consumer's computer to send it into a else intended to use it to get unfair functions. In true meaning, it insulates the consumer's personal computer from the trespassers.


The Key features of Webroot antivirus are featured as below:- 

• Easy installation 

• Malware detection expertise 

• Gamer mode

 • Multilayer security


Webroot is light antivirus software so it can easily be installed on a computer without hogging on much distance on a computer. It can easily be set up by the user yet sometimes a user may find some problems in setup. Webroot Tech Support is ready to assist the users in the installation procedure.


The port used by internet root is very appealing & user friendly. It permits the user to navigate through different software with ease. Webroot exhibits its experience especially in dealing with malwares and worms that are being neglected by the other antivirus software. It offers the user 1GB online room to backup the information and to retrieve it as and when desired in any part of the world. Gamer style is an additional feature provided by this Antivirus interface that caters to the consumers with multimedia and music related interests. 

Webroot Antivirus supplies the consumers with multilayer protection against virus & malwares. Continuous scan and updating keeps the user's computer protected from virus threats.


Despite of all of the positive elements, few users are also face issues with Webroot Antivirus software. Following are its few common problems: -


1. Not Able to install/activate its Newest upgrades


2. Problem in triggering the anti virus


3. Not Able to install the updated Webroot version


For the new upgrades of the antivirus software just visit the Webroot activation on it's official website. Still if you are facing some of the above or other problems with Webroot antivirus software, then it's recommended to take assistance of experts rather than self-troubleshooting since it may lead your personal computer to crash or alternative consequences. To help you out, the Webroot Technical Support is the most convenient help available to its clients in such any trouble.