Mags Lybolt - A Successful Entrepreneur

Mags Lybolt - A Successful Entrepreneur

Mags Lybolt

About Mags Lybolt

Mags Lybolt is a seasoned entrepreneur and an accomplished author. Magdalena understands the dedication required to create and run a business, author multiple books, and be an amazing, attentive mother to her children. With an MBA in Business which she obtained from Purdue University, Mags had abundant knowledge of the business world, with an emphasis on marketing and technology. By her late 20s, Mags founded and established a lucrative business in the Marketing sector. This was especially significant as many other businesses were either closing or failing to launch due to the recession that the United States was experiencing at that time.

Having such a profound aptitude for business development, Mags was struck with inspiration when working closely alongside physicians. As the marketing planner for a Physical Therapy company, she noticed the incredible results her work was yielding and that many physicians were not taking advantage of proper marketing of their businesses. Therefore, Mags decided to strike out on her own and develop a business to fill the need. With her knowledge and experience, Mags made quick work of helping physicians market, develop, build, and expand their business. She was able to open seven accounts in the first month of operation, with considerable success. The firm grew rapidly and was very successful. She then decided to pursue other business opportunities (selling this one) once she had accomplished the company’s goal.

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