Magick of Sex : Part II - She's Got Him All to Herself!

Magick of Sex : Part II - She's Got Him All to Herself!


The Magick of Sex : Part II - Shes Got Him All to Herself.

It was almost Noon, when Jason; or as he was now called, Kitten; roused from sleep. He thought about why he was in this small appartment room...Oh yea... haha... my Challenge... he laughed. As he laughed quietly to himself, he felt a head laying upon his chest, and silky strands of hair strewn about his chest. He looked down and saw Mistress Vs Raven hair and her nice body half covered by the sheets. Hrrmmm... she sighed in her sleep. He got up, quietly, and covered her in the sheets.

He walked into the kitchen. Hmm... I wonder what she likes? Jason said. He heard some rustling in the back room... Blunt. Mistress V said. You toke? Jason said, throwing his voice down the hall. You bet. Now... roll me one, or Ill beat your panzy ass.

It was fortunate that HE TOO smoked bud. He was an expert roller, knew just the right tightness to the roll. He also was an acomplished herbalist. He got to his task, seeing the Hash next to an Incense Burner. Heh... Female? he asked, working his mundane magick. Hmm.... I think thats Sweet Alabama.... so yes.

After a few seconds, Violet switched on the Television and turned it to channel 22. That was the Public Access Channel. Wheres Mistress A? Jason said. Shes got a Photoshoot for Hooters and Cooters. Then, they watched the TV...

--two great triumps in our world this month.... First, President Puller announced today that Poligamy is to become legal, as it interfears with certain religious services beliefs to NOT legalize. Secondly, she also stated that Marijuana is to be legalized, but with the following restrictions....

As he rolled, he noted the two accomplishments in his world. sweet! now I can have two wives! he thought. Just then he was finished. He handed it to his Mistress. Enjoy, Mistress. he said, hoping she would.

She lit it and took a hit. Perfect.. Wow... this shits great... she whispered. would you like some, Kitten? she offered. He nodded, and extended his hand to grab it. She extended it to him, and he took a puff on the blunt. yep... great stuff. he thought.

After a few minutes, they were both stoned out of their brains.Jason was just batting away at nothingness, and Violet was thinking on the best way to fuck a girl without a dick.

After a while... they were both horny as hell, and soon enough, when Jason wasnt looking, Violet crawled next to him, her snatch inches away from his right cheek. SLAVE! she shouted. He jerked his head to the right, and his nose jammed up her slit. WMMH? he said, the vibrations of him speaking excited her more.

Fuck me. she whispered. What was that? he said, for he really could not hear her. Fuck me..! FUCK ME NOW! FUCK ME WITH THAT HUGE MANPOLE!!!! she shouted, all at once jumping ontop of him. He fell foreward, and being that they were both still naked from last night, her cunt slammed ontop of his dick, causing her to squeal.

He nodded and Yes, Mistress! he shouted, enthusiastically. He pumped into her, slowly at first, but then he increased his speed and force. Uuuuunnnnnnggoooooooooooddddesssssssss!!!!! she shouted, and bucked into him, their pubic bones bashing together in a sweet pleasurepain.

Kitten cupped her ass in both hands and stood. He gripped her and wrapped her legs around his waist. He stumbled a bit, trying to balance the extra weight. Fuck.... Yea! Uuhn, Ye Gods, you are TIGHT! Kitten grunted, Mistress Vs cunt clenching his cock like a fucking vicegirp.

Fuck me! FUCK me! FUCK ME, Damn you! she shouted, clawing and scratching at his back. Uuuh-y-yes, M-mmistress.!! he stammered, as he was inching closer and closer to the edge of cumming deep in her Fucktunnel. He slipped a thumb in her asshole, ushering another cry of pleasure from her. Aaaaa...! So full..... Dont you dare fucking come yet! she shouted.

He squirmed and slowed his pace, as to avoid cumming in her. She slapped him. DAMMIT! DONT SLOW DOWN, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! Jason had an Idea. He threw her in the air, turning her in the air, and as she fell back down, her ass was impaled harshly, blissfully, painfully.

OMIGOD!! Aaaaauuuuauauuuuu!!! she shrieked. After that, her girly juices covered his stomach. Hearing that Goddess-like voice of hers scream in pleasure like that drove him over the cliff... Aaaahh! ONE Aahmnn TWO Ooohhh THREE Shhhhiiiiiiitttttt! FOUR!

.... Sh--shi..... Shit.... Youre... a ... a God. Mistress V sighed, out of breath. Kitten was proud of himself... he was a Sex God to someone. Mistress enjoyed Kitten fucking her? Kitten asked, an innocent tone to his voice. Yes... very much... Youve been a good slave.... Ill give you two things. Any two things she said, petting her kitten.

Anything...? he thought. I.... Will you.... Kitten wants a .... a kiss. he said, meekly. And, when he finished his first wish, Okay... Violet lifted her pets chin and kissed him on the lips, making passionate contact with his lips...

After a while, Violet ended the kiss, Jason adaze... Mmmmmnnnn.... the both sighed. Jason looked into Mistress Vseyes. He knew that hed be hit for this... but... ... I... I think I love you, Violet. he said, still half dazed. She smiled, weakly... she didnt want that... but it felt good. It felt good to hear those three Magick words. ...What else would you like, Jason?

.... Food.... he said, still dazed. Sure... what would you like?she asked. No... I want to make you lunch.

She nodded, a bit confused... but whatever.

Surprise me. she said, smiling a little.

With that, Kitten got up and went into the kitchen.... She was gonna have Spagghetti and Hashballs.

To Be Continued...

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Blessed Be Her Lips....

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