Magic Mike's Last Dance will finally hit theaters in 2023

Magic Mike's Last Dance will finally hit theaters in 2023

Have you placed an order for a round of strippers? The third installment of The trilogy produced by Channing Tatum and Steven S. Soderbergh was initially set to air directly on HBO Max, but the tables have now turned and the film will open at the theaters in February 10th, 2023, which which of course is very exciting, considering that it will aid in helping the box office remain afloat. A premiere of this caliber was required to be made available to cinemas in a different way, but it has not been decided until now, after the appointment in the form of David Zaslav as the presidency of Warner.

The CEO of the business, who has in mind making some major changes to the release strategy believes that there is a huge potential for revenue in this film and, consequently, it will be taken to theaters around the world, but putting its release on HBO Max on hold. The time on the day that this third installment will be released is ideal, as it does so on the weekend of Super Bowl and at the gates to Valentine's Day, as a perfect opportunity to enjoy a bit of extra warmth. The first film in the series Magic Mike grossed $167 million globally, and its sequel was worth $118 million, giving this new movie strong chance of being a big hit.

Is this final dance going to bring the best box office?

Channing Tatum declared that this feature film will have certain glimpses from Pretty Woman and that it will feature multiple romantic elements, so it's a slight variation on what we've previously seen in earlier parts. Tatum is in a unique relationship with the character he plays in the film, because he was a stripper who was in Florida during the time of his life and this allows him to add more emphasis on the character's interpretation. Magic Mike's Last Dance full move of the film has been announced to HBO Max after its theatrical release. If it works, we'll probably have to wait a bit.

'Magic Mike's Last Dance': Salma Hayek touches Channing Tatum's abs in the very first image

Last year, Channing Tatum made a surprise announcement that she and Steven Soderbergh were working on the third installment in their cult "Magic Mike" saga set in the male strippers' world. The film, titled 'Magic Mike's Last Dance will mark the conclusion of the franchise and features Soderbergh's first directorial return after having directed the first film, but not the sequel, 'Magic Mike XXL'.

Thank you for your time

The film opens on February 10, 2023 in the United States (8 years after the last one) which is right in the midst of Valentine's Day. And as an appetizer, Tatum has shared the first image of him, with his new companion, Salma Hayek, who we see in the image very concentrated while he touches Mike's abs. Hayek replaces Thandiwe Newton who was reported to have been dismissed from Tatum following a heated argument with Tatum, although she claimed she was not fired.

Initially, 'Magic Mike's Last Dance' was initially announced as an exclusive premier for HBO Max However recent changes in the management of Warner Bros. Discovery, under the leadership of David Zaslav, have led the studio back to theatrical releases. Some of the films that went directly to streaming, such as "Batgirl," were pulled and the third "Magic Mike" could not be saved and was moved for a release in theaters, thus demonstrating full confidence in the saga that was narrated and produced by Tatum.

'Magic Mike's Last Dance' will take us back to Miami and once again has Reid Carolin as a screenwriter as well as producer alongside Tatum, Gregory Jacobs, Nick Wechsler and Peter Kiernan. The film hasn't seen release in Spain.

A sprawling property

The first 'Magic Mike was a total film that was a huge success in the theaters and grossed 167.73 million dollars in revenue worldwide which was a great profit for Warner Bros., having an extremely small budget of 7 million. The second, 'Magic Mike XXL' was too far behind in terms of 117.8 million. However, it's important to note that the Magic Mike brand goes beyond the movies, because Tatum has built upon the success of the movies to launch a franchise of live shows that will be held in Las Vegas and London, including the US tour. In addition, in 2021"Looking for Magic Mike' premiered on HBO Max, a reality contest dedicated to finding an exciting new dancer to join the show 'Magic Mike Live'.

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