She laid out the rules and some scenarios. "Outer sex only. No kissing and no intercourse with the other man.

You can tongue kiss me, and masturbate while another man licks me to multiple orgasms.

You can watch and enjoy anything the other man does to pleasure me.

You can please me by masturbating while our toyboy pleasures me.

If the other man has a really attractive cock, I might suck him to orgasm while you watch. Needs to be much bigger than yours though. Much bigger!

Or we can stand naked in front of a wall length mirror. You are behind me teasing my nipples. The other man is on his knees in front of me cupping my arse cheeks and licking me to orgasm, ever so slowly.

You can add to my sexual gratification and pleasure and the other man’s pleasure as you think fit you add.

But, remember this all about my sexual gratification and pleasure. I am to please and be pleased. I look after you very well sexually, as you do me, when it is just the two of us.

No mention at all of the other man giving me sexual pleasure and after asking she told me male to male sex was not on her agenda.

After a few of our threesomes it became obvious to me that almost all of the men were bi-sexual and found me physically attractive. Many of them made flirty remarks about my cock.

"Love your cock. Can I have that? That is seriously thick. Awesome, especially with that cock ring. Where can I buy one. What size is yours?" "The very largest possible," I teased back.

We always make a point of making an impression when the third person arrives to tease them and turn them on and to leave no doubt in their mind as to why they are here. Threesome sex and sexual gratification to please my lover first and me secondary.

We have tried things as basic as my lover wearing a very short above the knee dressing gown and being naked underneath, then opening it and flashing her gorgeous body to turn on both men.

Or me licking her cunt when the toyboy arrives and asking him to watch.

Or she sucking my cock when the toyboy arrives and asking him to watch.

On this occasion we decided to vary our welcoming routine.

"Put your cock ring on and get a really good erection under your dressing gown. Then flash today’s toyboy when he walks in. I will suck you to make sure your are really hard and impressive for him.

I love a challenge and the thought of turning on another male with my rock hard cock to please both him and my lover was a real turn on.

We even practiced it a few times for maximum effect.

As today’s toyboy walked in I opened my dressing gown and held his gaze.

"Is that for me?" he asked? "I haven’t had a cock for weeks. You have turned me right on. I want it now, right now."

He undresses for us with maximum effect and we both ogle his huge and semi erect cock hanging out of his crotchless black jock strap.

He kneels in front of me and murmurs, "Very pretty and thick cock and absolutely love your figure-eight cock ring. Mmm, that is a mouthful."

Thus my lover is asking, "Do you like that baby? Are you enjoying having your cock sucked?"

"How long can you hold out for?"

She is also ogling toyboy’s roaring erection very closely.

She is stark naked and displaying her very appealing body apart from a pair of high heels and her favourite perfume. She is watching me very intently as I enjoy another male giving me sexual pleasure.

She is obviously envious and jealous, but very turned on and her face is flushed as she watches her toyboy suck my cock.

"This is not what we agreed on. You were not supposed to have your cock sucked by my toyboy. But I like watching this. Very much. It is a real turn on for me.

"My turn soon. I am going to suck his cock while you watch. It looks much bigger than yours. And I haven’t started on it yet," she teases.

"I am watching your cock slide in and out of his mouth. And watching his technique. I am always eager to learn and improve my cock sucking skills.

"I am impressed with his cock baby. It’s massive. And I haven’t even touched it yet. Wait until I start on it," you tease again.

"What would make it better for you baby? Harder, faster, slower?"

I am very turned on at having my cock sucked by my lover’s toyboy while she watches, enjoys and makes comments.

"Stand alongside me so I can lick and kiss your arse," I tell her.

Electric sexual tension as I lick and kiss her arse while she watches toyboy sucking me. I reach between her legs and tease her vey wet cunt lips with just one finger.

"Is he good baby? How good on a scale of one to ten?" "Eleven," I tease. "Only nine really baby. So far anyway.

"Come and tongue kiss me baby." She does and the dual sensation of a male and female pleasuring me with her tongue down my throat and my cock in a man’s mouth is driving me to the edge of sexual gratification.

Any man experienced in receiving oral sex will often be far better than a woman at providing a head job, I muse as I enjoy his technique, especially with my lover watching.

Strong mouth, lips and tongue manipulating my cock expertly while he has his hands on my arse and applies strong pressure to my arse cheeks with the his fingertips.

"Tickle his balls," my lover instructs. "Then squeeze them." She stands behind me and I can feel her shaved cunt grinding against my arse in unison with toyboy’s sucking while she teases my nipples at the same time. I tense.

I was unsure why, when toyboy arrived he asked for a glass full of ice cubes. Now the reason is apparent as he stops sucking my rock hard and fills his mouth with ice cubes.

The sensation of his hot mouth full of ice cubes on my hot, rock hard cock begging for relief is absolutely incredible as he scratches, then squeezes my balls and then slides his thumb and forefinger along the full length of my raging erection.

"Fuck that is magic I almost scream, nearly there baby. Close. Very close. I’m cumming, cumming," I groan as I experience a fantastic orgasm.

"How good was it really," she asks.

"Eleven," I tell her, knowing that she will rise to the challenge and do her best to make me envious and jealous.

"Your turn now baby. I am going to enjoy watching you perform. Show both of us how really good you are and what a good performer you are."

She kneels in front of him, teasing and feeling the weight and gauging the size of his cock with her hands before she licks the full length of his cock along both sides and then the tip of it.

"I enjoyed watching you fuck my man with your mouth. You are very talented and well hung. I expect even more pleasure than you gave him.

"I love the way your cock hangs out of your crotchless jock strap and the way it straddles your arse. Will you give it to me for a souvenir?"

I watch fascinated as my lover hungrily takes his huge and very engorged cock in two hands.

"I almost need three hands," she teases for my benefit, hoping to make me jealous."

Sit sits him in a chair and smiles, "Love your huge cock, love it in my mouth, and the feel of it on my lips. And I love my man watching."

A mew like groan came from her throat.

"Much bigger than you baby. Much. And rock hard just for me."

Her hands grasp like vices against his hips as she rams her mouth along his cock, shoving back and forth inside. Her voice was strong with triumph. "You love it."

"Yes, yes!" he was almost screaming with pain and pleasure. "I love it."

"Good. Hold the moment. This all about my sexual gratification. I will bring you off later. I expect you to tease and lick my cunt with your tongue. I am multi-orgasmic. Give me half an hour of orgasms and I will give you something special."

She sits in the chair and they reverse positions with him kneeling in front of her.

He is obviously determined to tease her and he starts by licking her very erect nipples.

"My cock likes that and I think your man does as well. He has a raging hard on again already from watching you suck my cock."

He then put some more ice cubes on his mouth and dipped his two index fingers in the ice.

He teases the tips of my lover’s nipples with his icy fingers then commences licking her already soaking wet cunt with his icy tongue. I watch fascinated as he forces some ice into her cunt lips with his tongue.

The look of pleasure on her face was priceless as she tensed, shuddered and moaned, "Don’t stop, that is so fucking good, so good, I’m cumming."

He then put some more ice in his mouth and put his hands under my lover’s glorious arse and lifted her off the chair as he drove his icy tongue into her cunt.

This time she screamed as she tensed, shuddered and then moaned, "Don’t stop, that is so fucking good, so fucking good, I’m cumming again."

After three repeats our toyboy, now very much in command, said, "I am going to lay on the carpet in front of that full length mirror. I want you sit on my face and suck your man’s cock so I can watch in the mirror. He has been masturbating while he watched me pleasure you.’

He was correct I had been masturbating and I was close to orgasm again.

My lover sat on his face facing over his head while he held her arse in two hands as he manipulated her cunt over his lips.

She was just the right height for me stand while I masturbated with just the tip of my cock in her mouth and watched our tomboy lick her cunt.

She knew me well enough to realise I could not hold out any longer "Cum with me baby, cum with me baby," I urged and she did, twice with a huge groan.

"I am to please and be pleased," she smiled as she stood up. "I have been well pleased. Now it is my turn to please our toyboy while my man watches and enjoys, he might even join in.

"Come and lie on our massage table, face down first. Love the way your sexy male arse hangs out of your jock strap," you smile as I watch you tease his arse with a huge vibrator and then run it up and down his arse crack.

"Like that baby? Now roll over on to your back. Are you ready to cum for us? We have been going for more than an hour."

She takes his arms and ties them with cord above his head to the table. Then she parts his legs and ties them to the bed.

"Your cock is still rock hard after all that time," you smirk as you run the vibrator along his inner thighs. Would you like my man to tease your nipples or play with your cock?" you tease as you softy bite his nipples while squeezing the vibrator against his erection.

"Can I have both? But I want you to bring me to orgasm. I am hanging out for it, I am nearly there."

You pass the vibrator to me and I turn it to full volume and hold it length wise along his cock using two hands while my lover licks his nipples.

"Do you like two people bringing you off. Your face says you do, and you are very excited and tense. Is this better than a real fuck?" You tease as you take the vibrator from me and tell me to pinch his nipples.

"Pinch them so it hurts.

"Are you ready to cum for us baby?" my lover asks rhetorically as she briefly uses the vibrator on him then pours baby oil over his raging cock.

"I am going to give you a hand job before I suck you to orgasm. Keep pinching his nipples." She rubs the full length of his cock very, very hard with two hands, then squeezes and scratches his balls with one hand as she fills her mouth with his cock. "Am I good baby, are we good?"

"Fuck yes, the very best," he screams as tenses, shudders and has a huge orgasm.

"I love the way your cock hangs out of your crotchless jock strap and the way it straddles your arse. Will you give it to me for a souvenir?"

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