What is an MOT test?

When a car becomes three years old, it is mandatory to get an MOT test manually in order to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive on roads. MOT also tests the car's roadworthiness and exhaust emissions as well as some other components such as the tyres, seatbelts, brakes and lights. All the parts of the vehicle fully functioning, makes certain you get enhanced safety without compromising the performance. A valid MOT certificate is essential for not getting fined or a hefty penalty, depending upon the situation. Therefore it is pertinent to get your car examined by trained and certified professionals who can guarantee you pass the test hassle-free. Facilities with state-of-the-art testing equipment and tools are required in order to carry out repairs and replacements with utmost precision. 

Moreover, apart from the internal components of the car, keeping the external in near mint condition will also help in passing the annual MOT. Minor and major accidents can happen anytime while driving on the roads, resulting in frustrating external damage to your vehicle. Scratches, dents and broken bumpers debase the look of your car and make it much more difficult to pass the MOTs. A good service facility should be able to restore all the external damage and make it good as new.

How To Pass Your Annual MOT Nottingham

Regular servicing of a vehicle is necessary to reduce the risk of internal and external damage, which helps in enhancing the vehicle's overall performance and passing the yearly MOTs without hesitation. Expert technicians thoroughly inspect all the major components and carry out the necessary repairs and replacements with extreme accuracy. Taking a drive with damaged or faulty parts is a safety hazard, and the damage may spread across other connected components, adding to the repairs. Moreover, after removing any damaged part from your vehicle, it should always be replaced with authentic components to ensure maximum performance. 

There are commonly 2 types of Car Repair services that can allow you to safely pass the test.

Car Service (Interim)

After driving for a distance of about 20000 miles in the second year of your vehicle, it is strongly suggested to get an interim car service. In case you drive your vehicle regularly, then opting for an interim car service every 6 months will make certain your car functions properly and at full potential. Interim car service contains various detailed checks that ensure your vehicle is fit as well as safe to drive on any road. Some interim services include -

  • Filter and oil change
  • Inspection of Tyre and wheel 
  • Visually inspecting batteries and brakes
  • Performing external and internal checks, etc.

Car Service (Full )

A full car service is highly recommended after driving every 12,000 miles or once annually, whichever comes first. This full service is thorough and ensures your car reaches full potential and optimal performance with all the components working without any impediments. Some of the full car inspections performed also include interim service as well as other components such as- 

  • Front and rear brakes
  • Coolant system
  • Detailed brake inspection
  • Air conditioning system
  • The suspension system and steering
  • Clutch assembly check, etc.

What is Your car Fails the annual MOT?

In case your vehicle fails the test, then the MOT centre will provide you with a "VT3O Certificate". The certificate will also list the reasons for your vehicle to not qualify for the exam. These reasons/ parts are needed to be repaired or replaced before you appear for a second test, and after passing it, you will be allowed to drive on the roads again. 

What if your MOT Nottingham expired?

It is illegal to drive your car on the road with an expired MOT test. When caught, the driver can be prosecuted and face a heavy penalty. Moreover, car insurance also becomes invalid if you don't have the current MOT. Already booked an MOT and driving down to the test centre can be the only exception for you to drive on roads.