MFCoin mining via rented Nicehash capacities

MFCoin mining via rented Nicehash capacities

Vadim Rodin

Open the referral link above and register. It is pretty simple.

After the registration is complete, log in and go to your profile by choosing the relevant option in the upper part of the page.

You will see your bitcoin address for loading your account.

Load your account (I would recommend an equivalent of $30-40) and wait for the transaction to be confirmed (around 30 minutes).

In the meantime, let's set up our pool.

Click the green button to add a new pool.

Type in all the pool settings.

Username of the pool: any, mine is MFCoin

Algorithm: Scrypt

Host name:

Port: 3330 (this is important, other ports may cause losses)

Username: your MFCoin wallet

Password: any

Click the green button to add the pool. Changes were saved.

Now your pool is all set up and there is balance on our account. Let's buy the capacity.

Go to the online market and choose Scrypt.

If you are in Europe choose the option "Fixed" in the left part of the site.

Pool - choose the pool you created earlier.

Limit - maximum speed that you want (100MH/s = 0,1GH/s, minimum 0,2GH/s)

Amount - how much you want to pay for the executed order

Estimated time - you will see the estimated time your order will take with the capacity you chose.

Place the order.

Choose "See only my orders" and the system will show the process of your order execution, speed (can be higher than the one you asked for since real miners can connect to the order), current balance and end time.

Fixed order is more convenient since it at once estimates a competitive price for the capacity. If the order was not created, the price could have been outbidden and you need to start the procedure all over again.

You can also watch your order from your profile.

The terms and conditions do not require the executor to take care only of your order so the speed may vary and in some rare cases you might need to cancel the order and place it again (if the price was outbidden).

Good luck and lots of profit!