MFC mining via Android (weirdos only)

MFC mining via Android (weirdos only)

Rj Progin

MFC coins get more and more popular. I totally understood it after I got numerous questions on how to mine via Android. I would like to point out that, whatever smartphone you have, whether it is a S8 or a noname for USD60, you will not be able to mine efficiently either way. Just read the article up to the end.

Installation of the mining app

There are numerous apps inside or outside the Android-market which can help you become a miner with the help of your smartphone. Some of them are just exchange rate games, others try stealing your money from your crypto-wallet. However, I would like to present you a real deal app, and that is Crypto Miner.

The program is super user-friendly. Type the following link in the "Pool URL": stratum+tcp://

Type the address of your wallet in the "User" field. I used my test wallet. You can see the instructions on how to launch a wallet if you follow the link.

Your "Password" shall be 123456.

Do not alter the "Algorithm" if scrypt is the option there.

"Threads" is the number of cores of your mobile processor. If you really plan to mine, specify a number of cores which is one core less than the maximum.

Choose high priority.

All the other options are available for a PRO version. Check the address of the wallet and click "Start Mining". You will see something like this:

Then the mining process starts. The problem here might be lack of connection to the pool. Check if the address in the User field is right.

To make sure everything is working properly, wait for the first log to appear:

acepted 1/1 (100.00), xx khash/s

Then look for your username in this list. If it is there, the whole procedure was a success and you are currently mining coins.

Why weirdos?

Such capacities are not enough to mine even 1MFC within couple of days of non-stop mining. Mining shall really load your smartphone processor to the max and in the end it will most likely die due to high temperatures and non-stop work at the breaking point.

If you want to enter Freeland with some coins in your pocket, better buy them from those who sell or use other ways of mining without killing your smartphone.

P.S. If you are willing to transfer a couple of coins to the author, here is my wallet ID: MdQfqP5b3VyNT2LLKYjhZ6xbwoXKonvfMb