(MFC) Nvidia-mining for the lazy ones

(MFC) Nvidia-mining for the lazy ones

Hamster Ily

Hey everyone! Today you are lucky enough to come across this manual which will open the secrets of MFC-mining via the Nvidia video-card on the official pool with the help of CudaManager even if you knew nothing about mining before (Windows 7/8/10).

Action plan:

1] Download the program for your system (x64x86

2] Create an address inside the wallet and copy it


I hope you have ciphered the password and still remember it. If you do not have a wallet yet, download it!


Open the tab “Receive Coins”, click “Add new address” in the left bottom corner and type in any tag you want (it does not affect anything). The award from the pool will be sent to this address.



Then copy it with the help of the context menu (so that you can insert the data from clause 3 to the "Worker Name"):


3] Start CUDA Manager and input the data of the pool where we are going to mine:

Nickname: choose any you want, just a name for the profile created by you

Stratum: stratum+tcp://pool.mfcoin.net:3333

Worker Name: your address which you created and copied in clause 2

Password: 123456

CPU Assist: as you wish



Click "Add Miner to Manager". Our settings have been saved and appeared in the left part of the page.


4] Launch:

Open the context menu, choose your profile and click "Start Selected Miner". That’s it! If you followed my instructions you are done!


5] Tryout:

Now let's check if the whole thing was a success and you managed to join the pool. Open the webpage with all pool workers and search for your address (created in clause 2). If you find yourself there, then you can feel you are a true miner now! Tine to wait for the first batch of coins in your wallet!


My Telegram account for questions and communication: https://t.me/freehamsterparty


P.S. If this manual did help you, you can support the author and send some MFC on this wallet: MstbXbSAhff3NUjP8fvQxoVUcSVw8Pc8Nv


Good luck with mining!