I hope you like the lemon, it took me longer than I expected to make.

Asuka looked at the packages Kaji had put his clothes at.

"You don't have to go," she said kinda sad.

Kaji gave a heavy sigh.

"I got a open challenge. If I were to back away now, I'd never hear the end of it." he said finally.
"Well…Can I wish you luck in my special way?" she said, snuggling against him.

Kaji gave a smile and gave her a kiss and slowly began to track his hand down her back.

"I love you," she said.
"Love you too." he replied.

Slowly, he began to undress her and removed all her clothes. Kaji gave Asuka a kiss and leaned back, bringing her over himself. Then, he made his hot cock enter her dripping wet genital area, also known as VAGINA. (Also, run up sentences rule) He began to fuck her faster, increasing the tempo of the thrusts into her.

"Ooooh, Kaji…." she murmured as she closed her orgasm. The said orgasm tricked his too.


"And here we are at the first official drinking contest of century! Our contestants, Kaji and Misato have already taken two sips from their beers and are ready to start on our mark. Our judges today are Vegeta and Sakura," said the announcer.

At the same time, Cumfacial Cowboy named Carl was sharing autographs when a man with gray face and golden eye lashes turned around.

"So it has began," he said.

Though, it had absolute nothing to do with story.

What DID have something to do with the story was that Misato and Kaji faced each other on the table where bunch of drinks was ordered.

"So here we are!" Misato said, kind of happy.
"YES." Kajiresponded.
"How do you feel?" she said."
"Well, small diarrhea, but I'm okay. "he said.
"No, I mean about us fighting." she said, placing her hand over her face.
"OH! Ha Ha. I knew that" he said, blushing a little.

Kaji raised the cup and emptied it with one go. He tried to smirk at Misato to show he was doing good, when he saw that Misato was already drinking fourth one.

"Holy shit!" he thought and began to drink the drinks like crazy.
"And we are officially off! Misato's in the lead, though Kaji is starting to come closer each moment. It's the stamina and speed which decides who can drink most in long term." said the announcer.


Thanks to the infamous PLOT DEVICE, the two contestants came to gentleman’s agreement about the fight.

Kaji and Misato were kissing each other with tongue after getting aroused. He ran his hand down her back and rubbed a little lower. The judges seemed aroused too. Kaji licked Misato's neck and slided her skirt down. He smiled and moved to rub her pussy throughout panties. Vegeta was really erect, as Sakura was busy rubbing her pussy. Kaji moved to rub on Misato's tits a little and kissed her.

"Let's do 69." he said.

He laid down, his penis sticking out in all its erect length. The two judges were busy rubbing themselves at the same time. Kaji moved his hands down and brought Misato down near his cock, while he removed her panties. He put his face close to her pussy and began to lick a little as she started to suck his cock. While at the same time, the judges were masturbating harder.

"Wanna join in?" Kaji finally said.
"Can we really?" Vegeta asked, suprised.
"Sure, right Misato?" Kaji said, looking at the slightly drunken woman.
"Right." Misato replied.
"Umm, so what position will we have?" Vegeta said finally.
"I blow you." Sakura said, stroking his side gently.
"I know one we could start out with. If Misato rides me, you could Vegeta hump her behind and I could lick you off Sakura. We could start like that. And then do something else later..." Kaji finally spoke up.

Kaji took hold of Misato and moved her down on his cock, inserting it into her pussy. Vegeta bent over Misato and slowly rubbed his cock against her anus and inserted it.

"Go for it Sakura." he said to the other judge.

Sakura did as she was told as she got in place at front of Kaji's face as her pussy was in full view now. He took hold of Sakura's sides and slowly began to lick the pussy to which she replied with a moan. He began to move Misato up and down his erect cock, while Vegeta was thrusting in synchronized movement from her behind. Kaji licked more of Sakura, probing his tongue into her pussy, circling it with his tongue.

"Are you gonna cum soon Sakura?" he asked.
"Almost." she moaned.

Kaji gave a smile as he moved Misato up and down, with bigger tempo, while still licking harder Sakura's pussy and Vegeta humping Misato from behind. The girls gave moans as they came. Kaji drank all Sakura's juices as he shot all his hot cum into Misato's cunt as Vegeta did so into her ass too. Misato gave a moan as she came harder than before.

"So, anyone want to go for round 2?" Kaji asked, still kind of erect as he moved Misato up a little.


The four of them were wondering of their next position. Kinda frustrated, since they were still horny as hell.

"I know! You girls do 69 and me and Vegeta will change places, I'll put mine into Misato's bum and he puts it into Sakura's bum." Kaji finally spoke up.

The girls gave a grin and went into position, Misato being lower and Sakura leaning over her, kissing her lower lips. Sakura could taste the mixture of sperm and pussy juice and it aroused her. Before she could ponder this very long, Vegeta inserted his penis into her anus. Kaji did the same with Misato's. Slowly, both of the guys began to pump in and out of them, while the girls were pussy eating each other’s pussies out.

"Ooh, Sakura your ass is so tight." Vegeta murmured.
"Misato's tight too." Kaji moaned.

Kaji slowly ran his hands along Misato's sides as he continued to increase his tempo of his deep thrusts into her tight anus. He gave a groan as he came into Misato's anus, which triggered Vegeta's orgasm aswell.

"I've got one more position in mind if you are interested. Sakura lay on your back, I'll insert mine into your pussy and you'll suck off Vegeta. I'll lick Misato at the same time." Kaji said after sometime.

Sakura laid down and Kaji inserted his cock into her cunt. Vegeta placed his cock close to her mouth and gave a smile. Misato then placed his hands on ground and pushed his ass high into air. Kaji spread Misato's ass cheeks a little and gave a good lick of both of her holes as she moaned. He then began to pump into Sakura's cunt, when Vegeta began to fuck her mouth. She started to suck him off as she moaned from being rammed. Kaji licked more of Misato's ass, while beginning to ram into harder into Sakura. He began to increase tempo harder and faster.

"Ohhh... Sakura…" Vegeta moaned as his dick was being sucked.
"I'm gonna cum soon..." said Kaji as he raised Sakura a little, making him enter more into Sakura's cunt.
Kaji gave a good lick on both Misato's ass and pussy. She gooed like a baby as she came in his mouth. Sakura moaned too as she reached her climax aswell.

"Where do you want my cum?" Kaji asked, slowing a little.
"Anywhere." Sakura replied.

Kaji grinned and got to other side of her head.

"Then suck us both off." he said.

Sakura began to lick both of their cocks and put them in her mouth, sucking on them and jerking their erect length. Both of the guys groaned as they came into her mouth and covering her face. She swallowed all she could and Misato and her shared a kiss where they exchanged cum.