Lupin The 3rd The Mystery Of Mamo Movie In Tamil Dubbed Download

Lupin The 3rd The Mystery Of Mamo Movie In Tamil Dubbed Download


Lupin The 3rd: The Mystery Of Mamo Movie In Tamil Dubbed Download

Reports have been made that Lupin was hanged in Transylvania, but Zenigata went to see for himself that Lupin was really alive. And he was right, as Lupin was more alive than before. But it's a complete mystery to him on why there was someone else who had the same DNA as him. So he, Jigen, and Goemon set off on a quest in retrieving the "Philosopher's Stone" from Egypt as it's said to be the key to immortality. While Fujiko is working with a mysterious figure name Mamo who wants that stone. As Lupin progresses his journey he'll be amazed and shocked on who this Mamo really is, as well as the guy who was executed instead of him.
In Transylvania, Lupin III, the notorious international thief, is hung and no one is more suprised to learn of that than Lupin III himself, who was alive and well and nowhere near that area at that time. The answer to that mystery, begins to surface when Lupin gets a seemingly ordinary pebble from an Egyptian pyramid for his would-be girlfriend, Fujiko, the mercenary thief, who is in the employ of a mysterious figure known only as Mamo. Intrigued by this bizarre request, Lupin decides to get involved and finds himself in an international chase that has a greater scope and danger than he has ever faced.
I went into this film with an idea of what I thought Lupin was. I am a big fan of the second series that ran in the 80&#39;s, and I was looking forward to seeing this film. Of course, Mamo was made in the late 70&#39;s, but I thought the character would be the same. At first I was a little upset with how Lupin looked; his head shape was a bit different than I had seen with the other series&#39;. Also, Goemon looks and acts seemingly out of character. In addition, he comes and goes whenever he pleases, arriving out of nowhere in crucial plot-points. But I can look past all that, seeing how long Lupin has been around. There are sure to be different interpretations of the characters. What got me in Mamo was the plot.<br/><br/>When we think of Lupin, we think of heists and fun little robberies. In this film there is this midget freak who wants to clone things. But wait, now he wants to take over the world! Good thing jigen shoots him in the face. Oh wait! That Mammo was a clone! He is on to bigger and better things. He wants to nuke the planet yadda yadda yadda but he dies dramatically. It must be the end, but noo Mamo is actually a Gigantic brain who is going to launch to space and return to be a god. Does this sound like Lupin? I don&#39;t think so. It sounds like a James Bond movie on crack. I came out feeling a bit surprised, I must say. Nevertheless, the film has some great action scenes and a waaay over the top Zenigata. I&#39;ve heard Castle of Cogliostro is better, and after seeing &quot;Mamo and his Gigantic brain&quot;, I should hope so.
I&#39;ll tell you this, Lupin definately was far different from &quot;castle of cagliostro&quot; because Lupin in this one was acting a lot more hornier and probably a lot more of being a enormous jerk then you ever imagine. Despite him being the usual clever goofball we know, he seriously wanted to get jiggy with Fujiko really badly and I&#39;m being really serious here! They both would be cute together but both really have different personalities, so that it does show that theres a slim chance that they &quot;might&quot; end up together. <br/><br/>Anyways lets put the lovey dovey stuff aside and i have to say the action was not bad. I wouldn&#39;t consider this movie or the other Lupin movies I&#39;ve seen to be part of the #1 as The Castle of Cagliostro. It had a lot more taste in car chases and a lot of serious action towards it then this one. Mamo was pretty much a rip off of yoda with a white wig and only a brain, nothing really exciting about the villains part lol.<br/><br/>This anime did however ketp me entertained like Lupin acting like an idiot was kinda funny to be honest. Definately wouldn&#39;t recommend children watching this at the same time! I give this 8/10!


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