Lumi + MobileGO integration

Lumi + MobileGO integration


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Another crypto project drew attention to the MGO. Lumi crypto wallet has added support of our MGO token! Feel free to try their service, because developers claim high security and ease using. This wallet has been offering its services since November 2017, and works with more than 20,000 customers.


There are two versions of  Lumi wallet which you can choose based on your needs.


The first one is a Mobile version. Lumi wallet combines account security with a very friendly user interface. The most important thing is that every process connected with your personal data happens entirely on your device. It is a necessary point that needs to be done to make your use as private as possible. The main idea is that no one can access your mnemonic except for you because your private key is not created on servers, it is created on your device. It is about security.

Lumi wallet meets the needs of both beginners and advanced users. You can store BTC and ETH in one place, as well as also keep your tokens here. Lumi has an intuitive interface and allows you to do many things with only one or two clicks.

And the second is Web version. Lumi web version is very different from mobile one. By creating an account in Lumi web you create a wallet on our backend and it is kept there encrypted by your password. We do not keep your passwords, be attentive to write down you backup in order to be able to restore your wallet if you lose your accounts credentials. Such type of wallets are available to use from anywhere knowing your wallet ID and password, so you do not need to keep your private key always with you.

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