Lucy's Awakening

Lucy's Awakening

Lucy's awakening -- Chapter 1

Short description: Daughter discovers that her dad has a Mistress

Disclaimer: This story is fiction. Any resemblance of real people or places is coincidental. All characters are 18 year of age or older. Do NOT read if you don't like femdom, lesbians, watersports, anal play, humiliation, chastity play, masturbation -- Really you don't like masturbation? What are you doing here? -- or various other elements of BDSM. Some or all of these elements may appear in different chapters. 


Lucy had told her dad that she would be at the university all day but hey, some lectures were just too much of a suffering on a nice sunny day with summer around the corner -- even a lecture by Professor Brown. She had quietly left the lecture theatre and changed into her running cloths at her friends dorm room on campus. She left her backpack at her friends and just took her house key with her. Running in her comfortable but tight running gear she knew that her 24 year old, tall, strong, and fit body would turn heads -- men and women's heads. She smiled to herself as she thought about getting home letting her long curly hair down and being totally naked in the house. Lucy loved having the house all to herself. It was a two story house with a nice private garden so you could be naked inside the house and even in the garden all the while enjoying the sun. Her dad would be at work until at least 6PM and it was only lunch time. 

Lucy opened the door quietly. She loved the silence after all the noise on campus. Downstairs was open floor planning more or less and on her left was the kitchen and on the right was the living room. The sun was streaming through the windows warming up the house. She took her running cloths off and ran her fingers over her breasts and buttocks all the while admiring herself in mirror by the front door. She thought about being caught naked like this. Not by her dad as he would hardly bat an eyelid but by a mail man -- or woman -- bringing a parcel with something that had started to vibrate. Oh, she better have a shower and take care of her horny mind with some nice streaming water. She thought about watching some porn on the big screen in the living room but no matter how much her dad would not care she didn't want to be caught like that. He was from Legoland as she stereotyped him to her friends and thus had no hang-ups about sex and had explained it all to her and given her good books to read when she started asking questions. There was no Lucy's mum. She had been from the Carabian and had died when Lucy was young. 

No matter open minded parents or just dad, Lucy still wanted her privacy when it came to sex. Not that she had had any -- with another person that is. After all what she wanted would not be easy to achieve. She was running her fingers through her trimmed pubic hairs teasing her clit. That was when she heard something. The door to the basement stairs was to the right after the living room and it sounded like someone was coming up the stairs she was sure she heard a women's voice. Lucy's instinct took over. If her dad had a woman in the house then she didn't want to meet her in the nude. Lucy ran past the living room and the door to the basement stairs and up the stairs to the landing. She was going to hide in her room but she just had to peak down stars and see this woman. Her dad had dated a few women after her mother left them years ago but he had never really taken any of them home. 

If curiosity had not nailed her to the floor then what she heard did. 

"Stay on all fours all the way to the kitchen" said a woman's voice. 

"Yes, Mistress" she heard her dad reply. 

Fuck, her dad was playing BDSM games. He was skipping work for sex. Ups, Lucy thought, not like she should be throwing stones in a glass house, now should she, skipping lectures and all. Lucy peaked down the stairs. The woman stood straight and tall but not as tall as Lucy, she was bare footed in grey yoga pants with a loose fitting t-shirt. Her hair was dark and curly and pulled in a ponytail. She was probably in her mid-30s and thus about 10 years younger than her dad. Lucy didn't really want to but her eyes were drawn from the gorgeous body of the woman her dad called Mistress and to her dad. He was naked except for a black collar around his neck. His Mistress was holding a chain that was attached to the collar like her dad was a dog. A happy dog clearly. 

"I am looking forward to my lunch. Not sure you should be." She said. 

"Thank you Mistress." 

"Good pet." 

Ups, as they moved towards the kitchen, Lucy could see that her dad had more on than just a collar. He had a silvery cage round his cock and balls. Some sort of chastity cage Lucy later discovered as she set out on one internet search after another to discover more about what she had just seen. Her dad was also dragging something behind him on a chain attached to the chastity cage, something that looked like a big rubber ball. What gave Lucy the biggest shock though was what her dad was wearing on this buttocks. He had red angry stripes across his bottom and there was a bit of blood too. Lucy had to put her hand to her mouth to stifle her gasp of horror -- no not horror -- surprise and later she had to admit arousal. Her dad and his Mistress disappeared into the kitchen. The wooden landing went around over the kitchen entrance and the front doors. Lucy tip toed and lay flat on the cold wooden landing above the kitchen with one hand between her legs and the other on her ass. Lucky the door into her dad's bedroom were open so she could stretch her legs into the bedroom and rest her toes on the carpet. Curious like a cat you are, her dad had often said and it was true, Lucy had never denied that. The voices carried up to her clearly up from the kitchen. 

"You better stand up now so that you can cock for me but just because I removed the chain does not mean you can put an apron on. Now fry me up some nice lunch."

"Yes, Mistress." 

Lucy hoped that her dad's wonderful fry-up would not spit too much hot oil. She rubbed her pussy harder and ran her fingernails across her ass. She wanted stripes like her dads on her ass. Fuck, was she a submissive slut? Maybe like father like daughter. 

"Lucy's dad, Nick, had received worse canings than this but never in his own house. He was turned on more than he could imagine. What if Lucy came home and found him like this? She would never let him forget and tease him with her big smile for the rest of his life. His cock was straining against the metal chastity cage and there was precum dripping down from it. 

"You have some interesting cook books -- lots in other languages."

"Yes, Mistress, Danish and Norwegian". 

Nick tried to focus on his cooking and hoped that the oil would not spit onto his cock. 

"Have you been to all of these countries? And by the way make sure that the precum makes its way to your mouth -- after it drips on the floor."


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Mistress." 

"And don't you forget it." 

"No, Mistress."

"I have been thinking about you a lot my pet and the wonderful time we had together. I think we should go on a few more dates and I should meet your daughter. But remember, I will also be working and you will be paying. Understood?"

"Yes, Mistress, I loved our time together and want us to get to know each other better."

"Good, my gorgeous pet. You know that if we go down this path then that would mean a trip to the local tattoo parlour, piercing and tattoo?"

"Yes, Mistress." 

"Well as you are preparing me some lunch I better get you some." 

"Thank you Mistress."

Lucy was about to cum. She got up of the floor, making sure not to slip on the wet spot she had created and drying it up with her running cloths though that was kind of pointless as they were wet from her run. That is when she heard something wet hit the metal dog bowl. Wow, was she putting water in a dog bowl for her dad. She got back down on the floor. 

Sarah felt so good squatting over the dog bowl and relaxing. She was in love with Nick but she needed time, burnt too many times. Nick looked great and was in great form for his age. Specially, mentally as he was so tuned in and with it and oh so submissive and would eat out of her hand. The caning he had taken before was one of the better ones she had given. Warmup with spanking and the strap but then the cane. She had used three different canes, breaking them in. Nick had brought them for her so it was only fair that he would help break them in. And what wonderful cuts they had left. She had videotaped the session and also taken some photos. Would make a great addition to her online site. 

"Ah, that was good. I really needed to pee. Make sure to add some dog food to that and a raw egg or two." 

"Yes, Mistress. Your lunch will be ready soon."

"Thank you pet. You can have yours as soon as mine is ready, just add what I said and eat and drink it all up."

"Yes, Mistress." 

Lucy heard her dad get what she assume was the dog food and eggs out of the fridge. Was he really going to eat dog food in Mistress' pee soup? She heard him scooping the dog food out with a spoon and breaking two eggs on the edge of the dog bowl. Fuck he was going to do it. Fuck she was wet. This time she made it back to her bedroom. She didn't fully close the door as she had not oiled the hinges like her dad had told her to do. She got out her vibrator and butt plug from her wooden chest of toys in her cupboard. Her butt plug had a nice gem on the bottom making her butt selfies really hot. Not that she shared her selfies with anyone. Usually she would lubricate the butt plug with some anal lube but this time she stuffed three fingers into her pussy and used her ample pussy juices as lubrication for the butt plug. The beautiful metallic butt plug glistered with her juices and it slid up her ass beautifully, into her ass that was sticking up on the bed as she pushed her mouth into the pillow to stop her cries of pleasure. She didn't need the vibrator. As soon as her fingers started to rub her clit she came in a mind blowing orgasm. 

Lucy's lovely bottom was framed beautifully by the camera app on the phone that was in someone's hand in the doorway of Lucy's bedroom.

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