Lucky Josh part 14

Lucky Josh part 14


Entering a free stall in the unisex bathroom Josh quickly relieved himself, sighing when the pressure was of his bladder.

He was about to zip up when he smelled cigarette smoke in the bathroom.

His cock throbbed a bit and grew as he figured that Jenny must have followed him.

Carefully he zipped up and flushed, leaving the stall to wash his hands.

Standing near the sink was Jenny, her cigarette hanging from her lips, semi dressed in a too short cheerleaders skirt and an open top that really racked her breasts up.

So I was thinking, why bother doing all the work yourself when I can have someone do it for me? Jenny said in a coy and girly voice.

Come on, what do you say Josh, Danni helped Alisha too she continued and pouted with her lips, the cigarette in her hand now.

With a big grin Josh answeredHow can I be of assistance?

Jenny cried gleefully as she closed the distance between them and hugged him tightly.

She quickly let go and took a step back, grabbed Josh by his belt and pulled him into a stall.

Closing the door behind her she tossed her cigarette in the toilet and freed his cock from his pants, switched places and sat down on the toilet, her eyes focused on his growing cock.

Foreskin and shaved, I am going to enjoy this Jenny purred softly and licked his shaft with her warm wet tongue.

Josh shuddered under her careful attention and gasped when she took his cock in her mouth.

Having been sucked by more than a few beautiful women in the last few days, Josh was still surprised at the difference between each blowjob.

Jenny was soft and tender, her throat deep and she artfully deep throated him, her eyes on his face, watching his every enjoyment.

While she continued to suck him, she undid his belt and moved his pants and shorts further down until she let go with an audible pop and saying Yummy.

Think its hard enough now she grinned at him and traded places.

Facing Josh, she gently sat down in his lap, his cock disappearing in her cunt with a little help from her hand.

You are awfully quiet she teased him with a big grin and she got comfortably impaled on his cock.

Yeah, I am not sure what to say, I mean a beautiful woman asks to have sex with me in the bathroom while on the set of a porn shoot, gives me an awesome blowjob before settling down on my cock, I think I am in sex shock or something Josh answered softly.

Jenny pulled Joshs face closer and kissed him softly on the lips.

You think I am beautiful? she softly asked.

He almost made a joke about it but the emotion in her voice made him stop.

Yes I do he answered quietly as he moved his hands behind her back and hugged her.

Jenny went limp in his embrace, resting her head on his shoulder.

Are you okay? Josh asked after a minute or two.

Yeah, I am sorry she said with an emotional voice.

Its just that I have self esteem issues, with my body, my face, everything you know?

Thats why I became a porn star, to become desirable, to feel beautiful she continued.

But you are Josh smiled at her as she sat a bit up again.

Thats what my therapist tells me too but then I look at Asia or Alisha and I feel … less.

How do you think I feel? Josh said softly I am a confident young man but not as handsome as those guys on the set, my dick isnt as big nor am I as skillful as they are.

When you girls came in, you said youd do me based on the stories youd heard about me, not because you liked me or knew me, just because of my apparent reputation.

Actually Jenny grinned when Ash and Danni talked about the party last weekend, I got so hot, not because of what they told us but how they looked when they did, dreamy as if they were reliving the experience and that is special.

Dreamy eh? Josh smiled at her.

Yeah Jenny said and started to twist her hips, teasing his cock back to attention.

So you like me? Josh asked a bit unsure.

Like you? I am way beyond that Josh, I am aiming for what Ashley has with you.

Friends with benefits? he asked surprised, wondering what else they had said about him.

Yeah, I would like that Jenny huskily said as she started to ride his hard cock in earnest.

So would I Josh smiled at her and started to play with her bouncing breasts.

Good she panted and worked her cunt muscles to give him an extra good time.

Oh my god Josh managed to get out when he felt her muscles grip his cock like a vice and stripping his skin back hard each time she rammed her cunt down.

Pressing her breasts against his face she worked his cock just with her hip movements, standing slightly above him, never losing his cock.

You like that? she cooed at him does my sweet friend like a little force on his cock? Hmm?

Oh god yes Josh moaned between her breasts.

Smiling Jenny altered the angle in which his cock entered her and now she moved more forwards and backwards, allowing her to tighten her cunt even more.

Josh felt his cock ache as his foreskin was pulled back to the point of pain each time she forced herself on him, only to feel a moment of relieve when she moved away.

Keep this up Josh Jenny moaned I am getting ready to come now.

Josh kept silent, his breath short and ragged as she rode him to heaven.

Oh fuck, I am coming he gasped as she plowed down on his cock again.

Give it to me baby she cried as she felt his throbbing start and rubbed her clit against his pelvic bone as hard as she could, forcing the final bit of pleasure to make her come as well.

His cum exploded from his captured cock, his balls forcing the load out of him with extreme force. Throb after throb he filled her tight cunt with his semen as he held her close, moaning loudly with each pulse.

Jenny felt his cum shoot in her, the force of his orgasm was extremely pleasurable and with the little help she had given her clit, she felt her orgasm rise quickly.

Before Josh was done pumping her full of cum, Jenny came hard.

Her body tensed for what seemed like an eternity before she collapsed against him, her breath fast and short as her body shuddered in joy.

Next time Jenny whispered lazily after a few moments you can eat me out.

Why not now? Josh asked softly, kissing her neck and cheek.

Because I still have a few scenes to do and I dont want to be too sensitive.

Ah okay he grinned and kissed her deeply, his tongue playing with hers, the taste of her cigarette giving her mouth a distinct flavor.

Slowly she broke the kiss and stood up, grabbing some toilet paper to clean herself up.

Josh did the same and cleaned his cock and lap.

I enjoyed this, more than I thought I would, thanks Josh Jenny said with a sweet smile on her face.

Not as much as I did, next time youll be the one pampered he smiled at her.

I am looking forward to it she said and left the stall to walk back to the set.

Josh waited a few moments before following her and wondered how this day could get any better.

Coming back to the set he was pleased to see that they were still shooting the double penetration of Ashley and knowingly grinned at Burt as he stopped beside him.

He could see that Ashley was enjoying herself and not just acting as her cunt and asshole were pounded by her two male co stars.

Ashley wasnt in the last scene and after a shower came to stand next to Josh who was pouring himself a cup of coffee, poking him.

So what did you think? Ashley said while she poured a cup for herself.

You expect me to have any rational thoughts left after seeing you have sex? Josh grinned wickedly at her.

If you keep flirting with me like that Josh, that silver tongue of yours is going to end up where it belongs, between my thick wet pussy lips.

Unable to resist, Josh said Only a golden tongue should be allowed to service your divine lips.

A wicked smile formed on her face and said really? Well then, you better clear your schedule for today because I am in dire need of a smooth tongue for my ears, mouth and lips.

Hmm Josh said as if he really had to think about it only if you come for dinner to my house as well, you have a fan there who would die to meet you for real.

A fan eh? How can I resist? But until then, you follow my lead, I am feeling wild and horny.

Agreed Josh smiled and pulled her closer, moving her still damp hair from her face and kissed her gently on the lips.

Ashley softly moaned with her eyes closed, the sexual tension in her body obvious.

When she opened her eyes she turned to Danni and the others yelling Im taking Josh for a ride, bye all.

Ashley pulled Josh into the elevator, the doors closing to the sound of laughter from Danni and the others.

God I am so horny, the thought of you standing there with a hard cock waiting for me while I was being fucked, damn, that made me so fucking hot Ashley whispered in his ear while the elevator slowly went down, her hand on his hard cock.

I was so jealous of those men when they fucked you or when you sucked their cocks, I stood there wishing it was me being sucked Josh whispered back, his hand beneath her t shirt, caressing the small of her back.

Can you drive? Ashley asked just before the doors opened.

Yeah I can, why? he asked when she gave him the keys to her car.

Because I need my hands free she grinned at him as they walked to the parking lot.

Her car was a classic Cadillac, an El Dorado Selville 1956, in perfect shape and metallic pink.

Josh stopped when he saw the car and asked You trust me to drive that beauty?

Yeah, shes my pride and joy but I know youll take good care of her as I will of you.

Quickly seated, Josh adjusted the mirrors and the seat before starting the car.

He was almost done when he saw Ashley take of her jeans and boots, leaving only her string and t shirt on.

Taking no notice of his stare, she moved her hand to her pussy and started to finger herself slowly before saying start the car Josh and giving him directions to her house.

Josh enjoyed the drive almost as much as the sounds Ashley was making, the wet sounds her fingers made in her cunt and the moans she produced.

He never took his eyes of the road although he was severely tempted.

When she guided him to a stretch of highway, she sat up and leaned into him, opening his pants and releasing his hard cock, wet with pre cum.

You did good with keeping your eyes on the road, reward time Josh Ashley purred and took his cock in her mouth while he drove.

Nervous and aroused beyond belief Josh focused on driving the car while Ashley gave him a wonderful blowjob.

He moaned loudly and she teased his cock with all her considerable skill, slowing down when she felt him come close.

She came up for a second asking Is it safe for you to come now?

When he groaned an affirmative, she continued sucking his cock while she fondled his balls.

A little later Josh shook in the drivers seat, his orgasm intensified by his need to pay attention to the road, he cried out as he shot Ashleys mouth full with his cum.

She spilled nothing, sucking all his cum greedily as he shot it in her, swallowing it all.

Taking notice of the huge amount, Ashley smiled when she released his cock with a pop.

When she came up she saw that she had an audience in the car next to them.

Two young women were motioning and grinning wickedly at her, their thumbs up.

She smiled at them as she removed her t shirt and played with her tits a bit, the passenger in the other car following suit.

Josh she cooed look at the car on your left.

Doing as she asked, Josh was treated to the view of a pair of breasts pressed against the window of the other car, the girl smiling and licking her lips, winking at him.

Ashley mimicked the movement of a cock getting hard again for the girl and she grinned wickedly before they had to switch lanes, waving madly as they sped off.

That was fun, it made me even more horny Josh, how about you? Ashley asked.

Oh man, you bet it did, your scent is driving me nuts and your mouth is the eight world wonder.

Keep it up Josh she answered putting her shirt back on I love it when you talk like that to me.

Wetting two fingers in her cunt, she fed Josh her juice as the approached her home.

The way Josh sucked her fingers made Ashley even more arousedand she quickly put the rest of her clothes back on while Josh parked the car.

Wait here, Im going to grab a few fun things and some outfits as well as my overnight bag, Im sleeping over at your place tonight Josh, no arguing as there are too few hours left for my arousal to be satisfied in this day, capice?

Josh grinned as he nodded, watching Ashleys fine ass as she ran on her high heeled boots into her house.

Zipping up while he waited, he texted Vanessa telling her there would be a surprise for her tonight and that he would let her know if there were special arrangements needed.

Josh waited relaxed in the car while Ashley gathered whatever she thought she might need.

It didnt take her long, within five minutes she threw two overnight bags in the trunk and sat down next to Josh again.

Done Ashley said with a big satisfied smile.

That was quick Josh smiled and started the car.

I was a little prepared was her answer, her face looking guilty.

Josh laughed and started to drive to the mall on the way to his house.

The mall Josh? she asked why?

I need to get some clothes for my dads girlfriend and I can introduce you to Cam, my girlfriend.

Ah, so Cam isnt my big fan is she? Ashley asked coyly.

Josh chuckled and answered her she is, just not your big fan I was talking about.

Tell me she whined and pouted sexily with her lips.

Soon Ash, soon he grinned and drove on the parking lot, parking the car.

Josh quickly found his way to the store and started to look for Cam, Ashley following him with a anticipating grin.

Cam saw Josh enter the store on the security camera monitor and noticed the brunette that followed him, by the description Vanessa had given it would be Ashley, the porn star.

Making sure her makeup was in order, she tugged her shirt tight and went out to meet them.

Hello lover Cam said from behind a rack of clothes as Josh passed.

Hello beloved he grinned back as he moved the clothes aside.

Cam stepped through the opening and kissed Josh deeply, who responded instantly.

A soft cough broke the kiss and they both turned to Ashley who stood next to them smiling.

You must be Cam she said and kissed her full on the lips.

Cams eyes went wide but her lips responded to the kiss, her hands on Ashleys hips.

A moment later, a breathy Cam nodded and said Yes and you must be Ashley.

With a big smile Ashley nodded back and gave Cam a size s Mr. $500k T shirt.

She read the text on the T shirt and smirked before she saw Joshs face and then laughed loudly.

Sorry love she grinned when she was done laughing and curious bystanders looked away.

Thank you she said to Ashley who was still grinning madly.

Ill wear it after work, I dont think my boss would like it if I wore it here.

Speaking of work Josh smiled sourly I have to get a set of outfits for Angela, a gothic industrial one and a metal one, both suitable for the Forge but extra slutty or kinky and these are her sizes and gave Cam the note.

Shoes as well? Cam asked looking at Angelas sizes.

Yeah, I think so but make the heels like youd wear on stage, to be on the safe side.

Cam grinned at his remark and looked at Ashley and said Want to help me select the outfits?

I would love too, where do we start? Ashley responded with a sly smile, her mind already on a few purchases she might want to make in this store.

Josh grinned and counted himself blessed again with a woman like Cam before heading to the lounge area near the dressing rooms after the women had left him, bend on a shopping spree.

A little more than an hour later, Josh was woken out of his slumber by a poke from Ashley.

Hey sleepy head she smiled at him were done, Cam is packing our purchases up.

And you need to pay she finished with a naughty grin.

Josh grinned and got up.

Got what you wanted? he asked when they walked to the cashier.

Her face lit up and nodded but remained silent.

At the cashier Cam was waiting with four big bags and three large shoeboxes.

Her grin matched Ashleys and she quickly leaned over the counter to kiss Josh.

What was that for? Josh asked surprised.

Oh for some sweet nothing youll be giving me she replied with a smile.

Josh smirked and paid for the clothes, leaning in for a quick kiss and whisper see you later tonight my love.

Cam nodded and licked her lips provocatively before turning around and walking away to assist another customer.

The bags disappeared in the huge trunk of Ashleys car and although Josh was tempted, he refrained from peeking inside them.

Some of that well be wearing later tonight Ashley teased when she sat down next to him.

Cant wait Josh grinned and drove them to his home.

The trip was short and uneventful, both chatting about clothes, what was a turn on and not.

Josh was happy to hear that Ashley loved to wear boots during sex as he found himself developing a little fetish for them.

In his mind he was already dressing her and Cam in the most sexy fetish clothing he could imagine. His grin betrayed where his mind had wandered off to because Ashley laughed and poked him saying I want to be where your filthy mind is.

So do I he answered as he parked the car next to Angelas compact sports car.

Nice house Ashley said as she got out and got her bags from the trunk.

Its my dads, you remember him from the party right?

Oh yeah, I sure do she grinned, walking with him to the front door, both packed with bags.

Before Josh could get his keys, the front door opened and Vanessa stood in the doorway.

Dressed in a red three piece designer business suit, she looked hot, the high heels finishing her sexy but competent look.

Holy shit she exclaimed when she saw Ashley Cam wasnt joking.

Immediately her face turned red and the door opened further to reveal his dad, dressed in a new suit too.

Both Josh and Ashley grinned at Vanessas reaction before greeting them both.

Its good to see you both again Ashley said I hope you dont mind but I twisted Joshs arm into making dinner for me tonight so I hope I am not interrupting anything special she continued, smiling a wicked grin at both Jonas and Vanessa.

Special? Jonas asked before her comment hit home and he laughed.

Ah, no, we are off to a meet but we did shop for clothes this morning together and it was Jonas waited for a moment with a sly grin on his face fun to put it mildly.

Vanessa turned even redder and pulled Josh further in.

Whispering she said I asked for a souvenir and you bring in the hottest woman in porn?

Yeah, only the best for you Vee Josh replied, hugging her close.

I could just die she whispered so softly that Josh had to strain to hear her.

Josh kissed her on her forehead and said meet your greatest fan Ash, Vanessa.

Ooh, I hoped it would be a beautiful Latina firecracker but this is even better Ashley purred and stepped closer to Vanessa.

Can I play with her tonight? Ashley asked Josh luridly as she stood in front of Vanessa, her lips almost touching Vanessas.

Im sure something can be arranged Josh grinned and winked at his dad.

Jonas nodded and said although I would love to see what happens next, we must go.

Aww Ashley smirked and placed a chaste kiss on Vanessas lips before turning to Jonas.

Tonight then.

Tonight Vanessa said softly and followed Jonas to the car.

Josh closed the door and sagged against it, laughing.

Ashley laughed as well and said you should tape it for her, well make it really special, a private porn for her.

Shell love it Josh said and gathered the bags and led the way to his room.

Ashley let herself fall on his bed as Josh sorted the bags for her and Cam.

So Josh, tell me she said, making herself comfortable is it true that tomorrow night youll be having an orgy here with Cams band?

Orgy? Josh asked looking up yeah I suppose so, why?

Is it invite only? she asked coyly.

You want to come?

Hell yeah, I love Latina pussy Ashley exclaimed sitting up.

Then by all means, I am sure they wont mind Josh grinned.

Who else is going to be there? she forged on, taking her clothes of.

Josh sat down in his desk chair and looked at Ashley slowly getting naked before answering.

Megan and Melody perhaps, unless they have other plans he paused for a moment my dad and his girlfriend Angela I suppose, I think that is it.

Megan she said with a grin nice.

With a playful gesture Ashley threw her string at him and spread her legs, revealing a very wet pussy.

Thirsty? she cooed as she spread her lips with her fingers, her clit already big and ready.

Josh got up and walked towards her, his eyes taking in every piece of her beautiful naked body.

Her nipples were hard and erect on top of her big breasts, playfully teased by her fingers.

Like a parched man in the desert Josh answered, licking his lips and kneeling in front of her.

His hands moved from her feet up to her thighs, the sensation of her smooth skin beneath his fingers stirring his loins even more.

You have such beautiful skin Josh whispered as he caressed her thighs with his hands, bringing his face closer to her cunt.

His breath on her pussy caused her to shudder a bit, so high strung she felt that she had to refrain herself from pushing his face in her cunt.

Ashley felt herself burn with irrational desire for Josh, his tongue would bring her sky high in short order, that she knew.

As she had discussed with Sarah and Danni at the party, there was something about Josh that made sex feel like something new and exciting, even for jaded women like them.

It wasnt his age or his looks, or at least not just his looks, it was the total package he represented and Ashley wanted to taste everything he had to offer.

Josh was softly caressing her thighs still, his nose close to her clit as she heard him smell her deeply, her pussy still untouched by him.

His hands moved up and with soft strokes he made his way up to her breasts, massaging them gently before pinching her nipples with the slightest touch.

A gasp escaped her lips and she leaned more back, her back arched so her breasts stood out even more.

So soft Josh whispered and breathed gently on her clit, her body almost trembling in anticipation.

His tongue felt like a warm erotic blanket on her thick lips and as he moved his tongue up to her clit, she breathed deeply, exhaling in a sigh when he softly sucked on her clit.

The warmth of his mouth and tongue sent shivers through her spine and with his second lick, she let out a loud moan, urging him on.

Josh paid no attention to the sounds Ashley made as he took his time exploring every nuance of her pussy with his tongue.

Her taste and texture enthralled him even more as he delved deeper, stretching his tongue as far and as deep as it would go.

The response was an increase in the production of her juices and with a grin Josh spread the extra moisture through her slit.

He felt his face getting wetter and his cock harder as he increased the frequency of his laps, the soft moaning sounds coming from Ashley increasing his own arousal.

His tongue favored her right or left side lips on the upstroke, ending with a soft flick against her clit while his down stroke was with more force through the middle.

Ashley started to move her hips to his rhythm, trying to increase the slow building sensation that told her an orgasm was on the way.

Feeling Ashleys hips buck, Josh increased his speed and pushed her legs even further apart, listening to her ragged breathing as an indicator on how close she was.

The muscles in her legs started to tense and her breath staggered a bit when Josh suddenly stopped his tongue work and blew softly against her clit.

The sudden change of sensations almost made her come but a frustrated gasp left her mouth as she felt her building storm turn down a notch.

Josh waited a few seconds before licking and sucking her clit again and Ashley understood what he was doing, with each tease he increased the tension in her until she would really blow.

She felt the inner pressure for an orgasm grow steadily as her body started to betray her.

After the fifth time he had almost made her come she felt her entire body start to shake with tension, her breath erratic and her clit almost hurt with the need to release.

Feeling her body on the verge of collapse, Josh finally pushed her over the edge.

With a soft suck and teasing tongue over her clit, Ashley lost her strength in her arms, falling back on his bed as she started to shake and scream in delight.

The warm fire that started in her pussy spread through her body as a wildfire.

Every nerve shot up in pleasure as the heat passed, her breath was in gasps and her body felt as light as a feather.

Her hands touched her body in all her erogenous zones as she bathed in her climax, increasing the pleasure she got from it and raising her arousal to extremes.

The soft licks Josh gave her pussy during her climax extended the sensation until it finally had run its course and she felt tired and heavy but very satisfied.

Oh my god Ashley whispered softly when she felt his face move away from her pussy.

Tears flowed freely from her eyes down her cheeks as her hands softly caressed her sensitive lips and clit, causing a few more shudders of pleasure.

Josh had sat down on the bed and leaned over to gently kiss her lips.

The question was obvious on his face but he waited for her to speak, giving her time to recover.

Moving upright again, Josh caressed her wet cheeks and played with her hair, waiting patiently.

Confused at her emotional state, Ashley wondered what had happened.

Josh had given her one of the best orgasms she ever experienced, true but that wouldnt make her feel as happy and sad as it did.

Then she understood, she knew exactly what had caused her emotional state and why.

Ashley smiled and her teary eyes sparkled when she met his gaze and said I know your secret.

Secret? Josh repeated confused.

Yeah, the thing that you do so women like me flock to your cock, wanting a piece of you.

Josh watched Ashley roll over her side, getting more comfortable on the bed.

I figured it was just luck, being at the right place at the right time he answered after a bit.

Some of that got you started, sure Ashley said but now you are on a roll arent you?

Nodding slightly at her last statement, he watched her unzip his pants and take out his hard cock.

How many women have had the pleasure of your cock these last few days? Ashley asked grinning as her thumb started to rub his pre cum over his cockhead.

A soft growl preceded his answer fifteen I think.

Ashleys eyes went wide and a huge grin formed on her face.

The glee could be heard in her voice when she asked and most of them more than once right?

Yes Josh moaned as her hand massaged his shaft.

Youre such a slut Ashley joked and turned on her side God I am so glad weve met Josh.

So am I Ash he answered tenderly.

Oh no she said quickly and started to jack him hard no mushy stuff now, just hard core sex talk.

Ah fuck Josh moaned and fell back on the bed, his cock getting a furious hand job.

Thats more like it Ashley cooed now since I have you under my control, answer me this, what are your feelings for me?

Right now or in general? Josh panted as he felt his balls start to tighten.

Both she smirked as she positioned herself a bit better against him.

Right now its desire, lust and greed he quickly answeredand in general, I love you like a sexy sister, like a best friend, someone whom I can trust and love with all my …

The last bit came out in a orgasmic cry soul.

Ashley almost stopped jacking him when she felt his cock pulse, so intent was she listening that his orgasm caught her by surprise.

Quickly she recovered and jacked him through his climax, his semen shooting all over them in long and thick blobs.

His breath was quick and ragged and she felt his body relax after the intense orgasm.

Moving up she took his still hard and spend cock in her mouth and gently sucked and licked his head.

Josh felt her lips on his cockhead and moaned loudly as she played with it.

After a minute she let go of his cock and said I could suck your cock for hours you know, I love the feel of it, the size, the way your skin feels on my tongue.

With a sigh she rolled of the bed and stood in front of him, his cum dripping from her breasts and belly.

Did you mean it? The part about loving me like your sexy sister? Ashley asked quietly, crossing her arms around herself.

Josh managed to get semi upright and looked at her sexy figure standing in front of him.

Yes I did, I love you, not like I love Cam but close and similar I guess he answered confidently.

See, thats your secret, you give women what they need or desire the most.

Ashley was smiling but her eyes showed she felt vulnerable and Josh wondered why.

I have no family left and I find myself missing them more now that I am getting older.

Turning a bit, Ashley looked out his window and continued I love being in porn, I love sex and I love my life but family, family is what is missing you know, people who will love you no matter what, its different with friends, no matter how close they are.

Josh quietly got up and closed the distance between them, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulled her into a tight embrace.

I never had a big sister but I am pretty sure I could use one Josh said softly and waited a moment, cupping her ass cheeks and feeling her up before continuing with a grin especially if she knew how to deal with a lecherous younger brother.

Ashley hugged him back with a fierce strength and said And just like that, you give me what I long the most for without asking anything in return.

What? A lecherous brother? he grinned.

A brother, family she corrected him but was smiling as well.

You realize that this brother comes with a dad right? Josh continued as he moved a few inches away to better look at her face.

Who might not approve of his only sexy daughter being in the adult industry he smirked at her.

A coy smile appeared on her face and she pouted her lips in the most arousing way saying I am quite sure I can arrange something with she paused for dramatic effect before continuing dad that would make him approve.

Josh let go of her and laughed, starting to strip out of his cum stained clothes.

I am sure you can he said and when the last piece of clothing disappeared in the laundry bin he took her arm leading her into his bathroom for a long playful soak.

Feeling refreshed and clean again, Josh had quickly dressed in jogging shorts and a shirt before heading down to the kitchen.

Ashley decided to relax a bit more at the pool, grab a few rays of sunshine and maybe a bit of a swim while Josh prepared dinner.

She had smiled when he told her he would cook and she could relax, saying that he would do the chores tonight.

The kiss she gave him before he left was anything but sisterly but she knew he wouldnt mind.

Down in the kitchen, Josh checked the dinner board to see who would be joining tonight for a communal meal.

Good idea from Vanessa he thought as he checked the names, seeing that everybody would be in tonight.

Dinner for nine it was and after checking the supplies, Josh decided to make his version of the Cajun recipe, chicken jambalaya.

Megan was the first to arrive from her work with Lindsey in tow, chatting like mad women.

Look Josh Lindsey almost screamed when she came running towards him holding out her latest art work I got an A.

She beamed with pride as Josh seriously looked at the painting she had made of her mother.

It was an excellent likeness with a few artistic liberties like a pair of fairy wings.

Its incredible Josh said with genuine amazement, the youngster was definitely talented.

Moms gonna get it framed she purred as Megan stepped up behind her.

Hi Josh she said and leaned in for a good kiss.

Hey dear Josh answered after the gentle but smoldering kiss.

Smells good, we are going to freshen up now, dinner is at eight? Megan said smiling.

Yeah give or take a few minutes he replied oh and Ashley is at the pool should you wish to catch up.

Megan blushed for a second before nodding and pushing Lindsey out in front of her out of the kitchen.

With a big smile Josh licked his lips and watched them walk away, chatting like mad again.

He was done cutting the chorizo and chicken breasts into small parts when Melody and Angela passed by the kitchen, only to stop and peer around the corner when he threw the chopped chorizo in the oiled pan.

I could watch this all day Angela joked as she hobbled into the kitchen.

So could I said Melody as she sat down at the bar next to Angela.

Josh smiled at the two women and left his food on a low fire for a moment to quickly kiss both of them.

Thats a proper hello Angela grinned and poked Melody who was still staring at Joshs ass.

Eh yeah Melody said startled and blushed when Angela winked at her.

How was your day? Josh asked, his back to the women as he continued his cooking.

Productive Angela answered Mel took me to the hospital for a new cast and a x-ray and after that we went for a nice lunch, some shopping, followed by an intake conversation with a therapist.

Therapist? Josh asked.

For me Melody answered I need to face my fears and be more confident.

I see he answered, his mind going to their conversation yesterday morning.

Dont worry Josh she smiled Ill still be your training partner.

He laughed and turned around saying more than that I hope.

Blushing she nodded.

Angela grinned saying Come girl, give me a hand and well let Josh get on with dinner.

Melody helped Angela get up and together they made their way to the stairs.

The two women were barely gone when the front door opened again and Josh could hear his dads laughter mixed with the higher pitched laugh of Vanessa.

Oh, smells good Vanessa said as she and Jonas entered the kitchen.

Indeed Jonas agreed, opening the fridge for a beer.

Josh Jonas started as he handed Vanessa a beer and sat down at the bar Ive got to hand it to you son.

Josh turned around, looking at his dad who had a naughty twinkle in his eyes.

Not only did you make some gorgeous new friends in a new country within a week, you also managed to set up one of the most rumored about new ventures in town.

I had several of my high end business partners on the phone today, all demanding to know more or even pre order your product, just to be among the first.

You have a name in town already and I am not the only one to profit from that.

Jonas paused and looked at Vanessa saying You tell him Vee.

The use of her nickname raised an eyebrow with Josh but he decided to comment on it later.

The director of Origin records called your dad for a favor, to be one of the first in his own video, hoping that he could persuade you to make that happen Vanessa started giddy.

Your dad was kind enough to mention in that conversation that you started to manage a band as well and before he could say anything, the director offered to set up a demo session for our band with perhaps a record deal to follow.

Josh was stunned into silence for a moment, looking at the two smiling faces at the bar.

Congratulations he almost yelled and ran over to Vanessa, picking her up and spinning her around while placing a wet kiss on her cheek.

That is great news he said after he put her down want to wait until tomorrow to tell the rest of the band? Make it a special announcement?

Oh, good idea, wicked even Vanessa grinned, hugging Josh once more.

I could get used to this Josh grinned and winked at his dad who turned a very dark shade of red all of a sudden.

Oh, Ashley is at the pool so if you want to chat alone for a bit, you better hurry Josh told her.

Vanessa grinned and dashed out of the kitchen, taking her beer with her.

When she was out of earshot Josh turned to his dad and said spill it big guy.

Jonas took a sip from his beer and grinned I have you to thank for it Josh.

When you showed up with her favorite porn star and told her she would be around tonight, well, our dear Vanessa got herself so aroused that she needed some relieve and being the gentleman that I am, I offered to assist.

Joshs grin matched his dads and said Ill just bet you did.

He was about to ask for more details when a timer went off, reminding him of the food he was preparing.

Saying he was going to shower and relax for a bit before dinner, his father fled the kitchen laughing leaving Josh to grin at his back.

Dinner was coming along fine when Cam finally came home.

Oh I missed you so much she said as she flung herself into his arms.

His reply was lost in the frenzy of the kiss she gave him, passionate and hot.

Soon his hands were caressing her ass and started to move up to her breasts.

Cam moaned in his mouth and pushed herself away from him a bit saying how much time do we have?

Josh quickly scanned all the pans on the stove and said ten to fifteen minutes.

Good Cam grinned as she let go of Josh, pulled her panties down from under her skirt and pushed him on a chair.

Smiling, Josh didnt object at all and let her pull down his jogging shorts.

Grabbing his cock she looked at it with smoldering eyes before turning her face back to his.

I want this in me now she said firmly and climbed on his lap.

Josh simply lifted her up and slowly sat her down on his cock.

Her hands assisted until his cockhead disappeared in her wet hole and she wrapped them around his neck.

Better? he asked when she slowly sank down his shaft.

The heat from her cunt was incredible and she whimpered a little until she reached the end.

Yes Cam sighed and started to ride him, her cunt was wet already when he entered but after a few bounces it absolutely soaked.

Oh shit this is good she said and increased her speed.

Will this happen every time after I have visited you at work with a friend? Josh teased her.

Hell yeah Cam grunted.

Her breath came faster and she had closed her eyes, her face lit up in a state of bliss.

Josh felt her juices slowly drip down between his legs, his gaze fixed on her nubile body ramming itself down on his cock.

Its not that I am jealous she suddenly panted, looking him straight in the eyes I just really needed that fat cock of yours in my cunt.

Never thought you would be jealous my love Josh grunted back at her.

Good because I really am in need of some quality sex tonight and you are going to give it to me a gasp caused her to pause for a second oh yeah fuck this is good.

Just the two of us? Josh asked innocently.

Cam laughed and slapped the back of his head Hell no, I want Ash there as well.

Oi Josh exclaimed after the slap and quickly grabbed her ass and stood up.

He let her sink all the way down on his cock before holding her there.

Her feet dangling in the air, suspended on his cock and hands she grinned at him.

Wrapping her legs around him, she tried to push even harder down on his cock.

Nice Josh hissed in pleasure and pushed her back against the fridge, fucking her hard.

Oh baby yeah Cam gasped as the shift in position benefited the stimuli her clit was getting.

Soon she was panting in his neck and he could feel her cunt starting to tighten.

Close? he asked quickly and when she nodded he increased the force and speed in which he rammed his cock in her.

Now she cried as he felt her tense and then go limp, her body shaking against his as he continued to fuck her.

Oh shit oh shit she moaned as wave after wave of heat passed through her, intensified by his relentless assault on her cunt.

Josh was getting very close to coming as well and just before he did, he moved his hands around her shoulders, pulling her down hard as he pushed up with his hips.

Trapped between Joshs body and the fridge, Cam rode the thin line between pleasure and pain as he forced himself further in than was pleasurable.

With an animalistic cry he came, holding her close as he shot his load in her.

Each pulse made him shake and Cam felt every shot enter her.

The sensation was so sexy that she forgot the less pleasurable part of her position for a moment and focused on his orgasm.

When he was done and sat her down she said the way I felt you come this time was amazing.

It was an amazing orgasm my love he said still out of breath.

Yeah mine too she grinned.

Josh gave her a warm smile and was about to pull his pant up when Cam stopped him.

One sec love she said and knelt in front of him.

Pulling his foreskin back, she took his cock in her mouth letting her tongue slide all over it.

Josh felt his knees weaken as she gave his cock a good oral cleaning.

Letting go with a pop she smiled at him now you can pull your pants up.

Thank you dear he smiled back and what about you?

Ill go find Ash or Vee for that she said laughing and walked out of the kitchen.

Shaking his head, he followed her luscious figure until she was out of sight and went back to his cooking.

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